Sombra is gonna get nerfed I feel it in my bones


With these changes coming, she’s going to become even more of a nightmare to Tanks. I can already see it coming and it scares me to know she’ll be bopped again



You bring up stats like they are always what nerfs and buffs are based upon


oh god no, not again


That’s not far off of Doomfist’s pick rate - and guess what happened to him…?

It’s not about pick rate. It’s about her CC oppression combined with her insane value in high levels. She is the most picked DPS in pro play and she’s simply an extremely unenjoyable hero to verse. Who the hell wants to be denied the right to play the game for 6 seconds? And why should a hero like that ever be at the top of the hero roster?


I wouldn’t call it “denied the right to play” you just can’t use all your abilities, only your primary/secondary fire.

She’s also only got 1 CC on CD that can be inerupted by any damage. She’s also very weak without any team coordination


please tell me what exactly a reinhardt/hammond/doomfist/genji/lucio are going to do while hacked. it denies their right to play the game and it is fundamentally awful and boring design. it’s that simple.

  • Sombra is not used in OWL Contenders anymore. She is not seeing use in Pro Play (biggest influencer)
  • Sombra in ladder play is not seeing a decent pickrate or winrate. She’s still lackluster there.

They aren’t going to nerf a hero who sits at the bottom of both scenes.


The fact her damage remains relatively unchanged against armor with this newest patch (because it sits at neither below 6 or over 10) and her ability to hit Tanks relatively easy, and take away most of their means to defend themselves


Refer to point #2:

Doomfist fit both. He was picked quite a lot and had a very high winrate for the pickrate he had.

Sombra is neither, nor has she been even close. :man_shrugging:

Literally if it doesn’t affect GM or OWL, they don’t care. lol.


Well I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see


Rein- Primary fire
Hammond: Primary fire
Doomfist: Primary fire
Lucio: Primary fire

A mentioned above


woah dude rein swinging his hammer around at point blank !!! really effective !!


Reading is hard apparently. Or youare from the future when the patch comes out


That’s like 1/3 of his mechanics
He also does 90 damage per swing so it’s pretty significant.

Not to mention, for a rein to be hacked, either mean he’s A) alone(bad team synergy/positioning) or B) has no one backing him up (bad team work)


yeah, it’s a significant mechanic when he can actually use his shield to engage the enemy up close.

and no, a swing is 75 damage.

and no, it is easy to hack a rein even in pro play. why exactly do you think sombra’s pick rate is at its highest in pro play? im pretty sure the coordination and skill is above that of your platinum ladder games.


She’ll finally be close enough to viable to be worth picking, but yeah people are going to whine her into oblivion.


I’ve given up on Sombra :frowning: . Everyone else (that doesn’t play her) doesn’t want her buffed and would freak out if she became viable. It’s really irritating to hear people complain about hack but be fine with with actual oneshot kills.

The biggest issue for me is anything I do with Sombra could be done better by another hero without the drawbacks :confused: … Sadly people are so hungup on hating her that I don’t think we’ll ever see her brought up to be viable.


I get it, characters with a ‘Silencing’ ability in games like this are going to be met with a lot of hate, but it’s not fair for Sombra that any chance she gets a shot at viability simple whining gets her shoved back down. I mean, 2CP is the only mode she performs well on so far and people want that taken away from her as well


She needs a total redesign. She’s either completely useless or an absurd hard counter with very little in between. I want to play a skill based fps, not rock/paper/scissors.