Sombra is gonna get nerfed I feel it in my bones


I’d rather the rock/paper/scissors.

It was how this game was originally advertised lol


Lol you’re argument goes out the window when you try rank shaming.
And of course, 75 DPS really is quite useless isn’t it?
She does have a decent pickrate in higher tiers but her winrate isn’t obscene and pretty balanced along with he pick rate. High pickrate AND high winrate is not balanced, but hers isn’t as so.

And the higher coordination that’s obviously not prevalent in my platinum games (silly me, how can anyone below top 500 ever speak of the game???) would allow her to hack “easily” but in higher tiers? They should be and are more than capable to stop her hack cast, especially if the rein has a team backing him


75 DPS isn’t really a lot to be scared of when your range is only 5 meters. Sombra isn’t particularly easy to stop since they lowered the time to hack, as well as the addition to changing the Hack sensitivity so she can cherry pick the Rein out. Once that’s done, even if she’s dealt no damage, she’s deprived the team of the shield and her team can go ham.

Of course a well coordinated team can counter that, but only in the highest of tiers will you see that level of play


Just fixing your statistics to be relevant in balance discussion don’t mind me:


But she’s not viable and is a trash hero, u shouldn’t nerf trash heroes


Actually, in Masters (where rankshamer is in), Sombra has a .78% pickraterate and around a 52% winrate.

Which is bad because that’s on the same level as the heroes who are must-picks or almost must-picks. In that rank, you need at least 50% winrate to maintain that rank. Other heroes with decent pickrates have 53%+ winrate.

Even Reinhardt, a literal must-pick, yields a higher winrate.

That means she’s:

  • Barely ever picked
  • Does not win often when she is picked
  • Is outshined by other DPS such as Genji in pickrates and in winrates

Yet, somehow…Genji is the epitome of balance and he’s fine.

OP just doesn’t like Sombra, and wants to inflate her “oppressiveness” (which it’s not, it’s a kit that’s countered by chip damage), and try to justify why she should be nerfed.

“CC Oppression” is such a garbage lie, tbh. So much oppression that she can’t oppress anyone enough to be effective :joy:


As I said, in lower tiers the hack is easier to pull off, though her pickrate/winrate isn’t that gray in lower tiers anyway.

75 DPS isn’t a ton of damage, sure, but even still, a well positioned rein is going to have a team behind/with him to aid him. Whether it be extra healing for the focus fire, or another tank to step in and help.


I smell a rework but not really a nerf.


There’s a reason rock paper scissors isn’t a competitive game with a dedicated pro scene.


Which even furthers the point she’s not “OP”.

Yeah, she’s got a hack that’s “oppressive” but Sombra herself can’t follow it up with much, she requires good teamwork to make it effective.

Most heroes with ACTUAL full loss-of-control stuns(flashbang/sleep) have good abilities/combos to follow up and finish the target off(FTH/Nade+Shot+Punch)

Yet those stuns are okay right? They are actually “stopping you from playing the game”



The people complaining about Sombra’s “oppressive” CC seem to forget that McCree has a hard stun…and has the ability to follow up to kill you. Even if you are a tank now because of the FtH buff.

But it’s okay for McCree and not for Sombra. Because Sombra is so oppressive that you can’t shoot back or anything, or move, right?..



They already did it before remember?

She was nerfed even before it got there just because “she might”, and got implemented even after her pick rate fell off a cliff (Her winrate didn’t actually improve)

There’s precedence that they would tho.

I wonder if there’s a betting pool on whether Sombras going to get another nerf before OWL.


Considering they’re on an anti-GOATs binge…I don’t think she’s getting a nerf soon. :man_shrugging:


You know that you can still play while hacked right? Your hero probably has at least one weapon that they can still use, and it’s probably better than hers.

Because she’s needed to keep all those ults in check.


Unless you get solo EMPd as Zen


She is going to get a balance change for sure, which doesn’t necessarily mean nerf. I think hack is getting a nerf and her primary is getting a buff.


If I solo EMP anyone then that’s a mistake.

But even hacked Zen can still fight back with Orbs of Destruction, he just can’t start a new volley.


but solo EMPing Zen is fun
you should try it


If i get less than 3 with an EMP then that’s usually a big fail on my part.


If a Sombra nerf is the change Blizzard decides to go with, I will quit, because that would be the single biggest disconnect any company has ever had with their entire community.