Sojourn was accidentally buffed again

Revert all her nerfs and just decrease Railgun damage by like 30%. She would be a perfect character. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy do they insist in keeping the Railgun damage the same??? They argue it is part of her “identity” but that is a terrible excuse.

Now they nerfed her primary damage in turn. Do they want to make her a railgun bot??


Widow: 76 is here to stay I guess.
I just wish I knew why they thought “Widow but slightly different” was a good new hero idea.


Is it April Fools Day already???

Early April Fool’s patch notes???


Source: Emongg and Flats’ stream, where they have the official patch notes open right now.

I’m starting to think Blizzard actually thinks Sojourn is totally fine and needs no nerfs at all, so every time they respond to massive player feedback suggesting otherwise they try to get sneaky and not really nerf her in the process.



I think you nailed it. They don’t think Sojurn nuking someone every few seconds is an issue.


Didn’t she get 10 energy for headshots?

No it isn’t LOL. Before you could get 10 energy per headshot and 13 with mercy pocket. Now its a flat 5 no matter what. Yeah vs armored targets its a little better, but if ya’ll actually thought about it, you would realize its a nerf, because now its steady and predicable.


Prior to this, Sojourn’s primary fire damage was 9 and earned 5 energy per hit on non-armored targets, and 10 charge for headshots.

It is now fixed at 5 charge, regardless of whether you’re hitting a headshot, damage-boosted shot, or an armored target.


I think this still is probably overall a nerf. She isn’t benefitting as much from damage boost or crits on her primary fire as far as energy charge goes. And the primary’s damage was reduced so on a squishy you would have to land 23 shots now as opposed to 20 (before factoring in things like healing or her railgun fire).


How is it a buff?

Her energy gained per headshot against armored targets was nerfed from 7 to 5
Her energy gained per headshot against all other targets was nerfed from 10 to 5
Her energy gained per headshot with damage boost was nerfed from 13 to 5
Her energy gained per bodyshot with damage boost was nerfed from 6.5 to 5
Her primary damage per bullet went from 10 to 9
Her energy gained per bodyshot against armored targets was buffed from 3.5 to 5

She was nerfed in every way except 1.5 more energy per shot against armored bodyshots. Big whoop… nerfs everywhere else, couple that with her recent spread nerfs, these are big changes. Less damage & less railgun


So how many people are on the blizzard balancing team?
who and how many thought this was a good idea?
Did they actually test it?
Do the people testing the changes play the game on competitive and if they do what rank are they?
Just some basic questions I would like answered because it looks like they are picking numbers out of fin air.
the problem was never the rate she could charge her rail gun it was the amount of damage it could do

I do think this is actually a nerf, but it’s a pretty mild one all things considered. Her core functionality is still very powerful.


Pre patch:

  • Bodyshot: 5 energy
  • Headshot: 10 energy
  • Armor-Body: 3.5 energy
  • Armor-Head: 7 energy
    Multiply all by 1.3 when Mercy damage boost and/or by 1.25 when hitting a discorded enemy

New patch:

  • Any damage: 5 energy

But, yeah, this is a buff :unamused:


Someone told them they needed a railgun weapon and couldn’t help but make it do anything except do 200 dmg.

This is a global nerf, and only in specific circumstances is it advantageous for Sojourn. She gets nothing with any damage buff, and there are a lot of those.


You can’t farm their head hitbox with a mercy boost for 13 damage a shot.

Overall a nerf but a slight buff against Orisa who is likely to be dominant now. Orisa’s fortify and her natural armor no longer reduce energy gain. So likely, she’ll be a farm target unless she twirls her spear. Not like you could gain headshots against Orisa anyway while she fortified. Also a decent nerf to Mercy Sojourn combos.