So, what happened?

ANd she can’t do that without her combo. She can’t deter flankers without her combo.

She has bad healing and is a tank mainly in her ability to create space, 6 meters of it.


Do you think it’s impossible to Peel, without killing the enemy?

Take a shot every time blizzard contradicts themselves

you´ll be dead


No. But it is impossible to make them peel if there is no risk of them dying.

Winston can peel against Genji, but only because if Winston stays Genji dies.

There needs to be a threat, and an ability to follow through. The Brig nerfs take away a good chunk of the threat and most of the followthrough


Even with shield bash lower potential if a genji gets combo plus you have team he is going to die. Which is peeling for the team I’m sure the other healer can help brig kill a stunned flanker.

This didn’t work so well for Roadhog when his damage was nerfed.


Sounds like you are underestimating Peeling that doesn’t kill the enemy.

It doesn’t need to. But the threat that the enemy will die has to be there, otherwise there’s no reason for the enemy to leave.

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In a game where healing is stronger than damage, burst combos are all that matter. It doesn’t matter how much overall damage you can do if it’s all healed, blocked by shields, vaporized by defense matrix, etc.
And Brig’s burst combo starts with a hard CC.

Peeling only works if A) you have an ability that’s able to so greatly defend your ally that the enemy must kill you first to attack their priority target (i.e. Defense Matrix), or B) you are a sizable enough threat to necessitate killing you first at the risk of death if you are ignored

Brigitte does not match option A. Her shield is too small to be effective at forcing peeling due to defensive properties, so she needs to be able to generate enough threat to draw the attention of her enemies.


So dropping a Tracer to 40hp, and either forcing a recall or retreat isn’t threatening?

Hog doesn’t have a shield, brig isn’t fully reliant on her damage to be useful like roadhog, roadhog hook isn’t as powerful as brig shield bash. Brig can provide armor for the team. A knockback. Her ult is ten times better than road his. Brig isn’t a ult battery for the enemy team. Comparing roadhog damage nerf to brig is silly. When providing more utility. Has a better ult, can still combo people. Is a healer.

Healing is not stronger than damage. Every healer except ana on a single target, without using their abilities, is outdamaged by any 2 DPS. Mercy Moira Ana on any one target, without abilities, is outdamaged by any 2 DPS. Any healer on one target is outdamaged by one DPS

Not really, when Tracer can be right back with full health ammo and mobility while Brig is still waiting on her stun.


Brig can just toss and armor pack, flip up a shield, and have a knockback ready.

And this is all of course assuming the teammate is nearly incapable of doing anything.

She can’t, for one. That’s the point. But Everything you describe is a Supports ability; what Blizzard is removing is her ability to be a tank. Without her ability to tank, Brig is too weak of a healer to warrant running.

Brg has repair pack and shield bash and whip shot that’s a lot of defense forcing the enemy to deal with you.

So you’re expecting Brig to waste her entire kit just to deal with one Tracer?

That’s the problem.

The heroes that can counter Tracer or were designed to do so either have to waste a lot more resources than Tracer is putting in, or they are having to put in a lot more work and effort than Tracer is. If they fit any of those two bills, they aren’t counters. Winston puts in less effort than a Genji has to in order to nullify his value so he is a counter. Bastion puts in less effort than the Winston to counter him.

So why do Brigitte, McCree, and Roadhog all have to work harder and expend so much more resources to just contain Tracer?


Knockback was just used to bring Tracer to 40, her shield doesn’t protect her sides or back and Tracer is more than mobile enough to exploit that, and while armor pack is useful for protecting a target against Tracer that isn’t going to make Tracer leave.

If focus fire is all it took to kill Tracer, Brigitte would never have been needed to counter Tracer.


The problem is assuming your teammate is a braindead vegetable.