So, what happened?

Another example of Bliz saying one thing and then doing the exact opposite.


Nope, saying that they want to keep it strong, doesn’t mean they won’t nerf it if it’s op.


What happened from A to B?


it was OP that’s what happened from A to B.
So now they are trying to balance it.
Trust me, they don’t WANT to make Characters unplayably bad or good, they actually try to keep them fair. But I guess that’s something new to most people, because “I don’t like this remove it” or “I love this don’t you dare to change it” are such widely seen perspectives.


The delete Brigitte movement? :weary:

Again, no ill will towards them. Blizzard is the problem. They should have listened and acted accordingly. This is well beyond what most reasonable people wanted for Brigitte’s nerf. It is really closer to actually just deleting her from use.


Devs changed their minds.

Because they are human, not immortals who can do no wrong.


Brig is actually still really strong in GOATS because of the buffed healing, if your fav Hero gets nerfed, learn new ones or get better.

Apparently +0,67HPS is “buffed healing”. I see no harm in taking away some offensive power to make her a healer, but at least properly buff her healing. The “50% less cooldown with 50% less healing” on her Repair Pack would be a bigger buff.


Honestly, she doesn’t feel bad to play on the PTR. The change just made it take 1 more hit to kill solo, but your generally fighting in a clump anyway so the nerf isn’t terribly noticeable in that situation. It is a bit noticeable in a 1v1 where you need to get 3 hits before starting the combo instead of just 2.


how is that a +0.67HPS buff? you don’t only buff the raw heals but also the duration AND cooldown. Really doesn’t seem like a small buff to me.

That face when you maintain a perspective for nearly 9 months, make fun of the other side, and change your mind once professionals start rallying people to the aforementioned not even 2 weeks later.

Fam, I am not immortal either; however, I believe I could manage it a bit better than that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The cooldown is the time it takes for it to refresh. The effect doesn’t stack. So basically instead of needing to refresh every 1.5s you can do it every second, which if you attack a little bit… Not that useful.
The duration also is only worth if you poke damage and wait for the effect to fade, which also don’t happen.
The healing was 80 in 5 seconds (so 16hps), now it’s 100 in 6 seconds (so 16.666…hps).
So basically the only real “buff” is the amount healed, which is almost nothing.


If we didn’t think devs could be convinced to change their minds, why would we be on these forums?

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dude, I was a defender of brig mains too. But I never said that Brig isn’t overturned.
Defending the Hero doesn’t mean you defend its current balance.
I personally just didn’t want her to be deleted and also didn’t want to dive back.
And can you log off when you don’t have any arguments left and not go after people personally? Thats just pathetic.

The duration has increased to 6 seconds, and the maximum heal has been increased to 100. 100/6 is 16.67, up from the 80/5 which was 16 HPS.

Since Inspire doesn’t stack onitself, while the duration is longer and it procs more often it’s not physically building on itself, it’s just slightly increasing the duration of the heal, but not the amount beyond the initiall .667 HPS increase. If Brigitte is brawling, you’d never notice the difference.


that’s still misleading because even if the other buffs don’t influence her HPS they still allow brig to have a wider range of playstyles. (not having to do damage as often)

That is not the point, the point is that they maintained a perspective that was better for balance for a really long time before just deciding, “screw it” shortly after making fun of the people who wanted her changed. Like, do you genuinely not see the issue? I want them to change their minds on plenty of issues and that is healthy. And for what it is worth, I am relatively glad they decided to nerf her. However, this is clearly not the way. If I am wrong and she is still a meta darling, I will seriously eat a lot of crow, but that is just not going to happen. I doubt even some of the most avid Brigitte haters wanted her worthless.

I hate Genji with the passion of 1,000 burning suns, if they nerfed him into the ground, I would be disappointed because that is bad balance and the game should not be dictated by knee jerk reactions. In that specific regard, I am alluding to the developers. Obviously people hated Brigitte for long enough that it spiraled into one of the most childish movements imaginable.


She can afford to do damage one second less often.


Devs also said they didn’t want CTF and DM to be in the game but here we are.


From what I understand it’s even worse than .667 buff. It’s still 16hps all the way up to the last tick which is 20. That means if you refresh Inspire often I don’t think you ever get that mythical 20hp heal.

It’s rather hard to really test though by just eye balling it. But it really does seem like the fractions are rounded down till it hits a threshold.

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