So, what happened?

You think a triple role hybrid that’s really effective at all three roles, with an excessively high winrate at all all skill tiers, that makes a large selection of heroes nearly unplayable, is “better for balance”?


Not damaging often would be kind of wasting her potential. Best case would be using this when you’re running away.
I think they could look more on her Repair Pack over Inspire to make her more of a healer. As people complain a lot, it’s frustrating that someone almost dead get insta-healed, so there’s a suggestion of reducing both heal and cooldown on half, making it a more reliable tool.
Also personally what makes her “unkillable” as many say is exactly the Inspire+Shield combo, which should be fine if they limited how much heal she gives herself with it (like Lúcio).

Brig isn’t good at damage, quit deluding yourself. She can afford to be run as damage because the tanks are dealing twice as much by themselves.


To be fair she’s only a double role hybrid, don’t forget Tanks do a surprising amount of dmg. If anything that is the real problem with the Goats meta.

Some tanks do as much or more dmg than DPS, while still having the HP totals and boost of being a tank.


As hundreds of people on this forum have already pointed out, the healing buff is so miniscule that it’s insignificant. It needs to be bigger to make up for such a severe nerf.


Considering that’s the role she was almost exclusively picked for at high ranks. That’s an untrue statement.

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I’ve seen it used at lower ranks. Lower ranks always try to emulate higher ranks if they can.

She is not effective at DPS. That is just absurd. Why do people keep saying that?

Eh… Maybe not the correct phrase. My point was that Tracer was highly dominant at the highest level and needed to be checked. Removing her check is going to create a lot of problems. She was LITERALLY centralizing the meta at the highest levels. And their solution to that was to create another hero that overcentralized the meta. That was the first mistake and it should have never been made.

However, until they put more checks for Tracer, having her run around is going to be a lot worse than the highly counterable Brigitte. In other words, a lesser of two evils scenario. They do not want to nerf Tracer, and they seem to not want to give her a hard time outside of Brigitte. They catered Hanzo’s storm arrow nerf to her. Like, c’mon, that is ludicrous.

Large selection of heroes unplayable? Huh? As in just Tracer? What?

See, this is the problem, you just cannot have a nice conversation with extremists. I have no idea why I even bother.


It really isn’t. While she fulfills the damage role, literally every tank in GOATS is doing twice as much. Her damage is irrelevant; her stun is where she’s used, for dropping the enemy Reinhardt’s shield.


Well yeah, pretty much if Brig can get in range of a 200hp hero for half a second, she can drop them to 10hp.

Which is an extremely obvious fact.

And I have no idea why we have to debate simple facts.

So if a melee hero can get into a melee range, she shouldn’t be able to punish people in a melee range?

For the record, Melee bash melee whip shot, the 190 damage you refer to, takes 2 seconds and wastes Brigs strongest ability, her shield bash., before knocking said target out of range. Every DPS does more damage in the same time without the ability constraint, as well as most being able to headshot and of course do it from Range.

The reason Brigitte takes the DPS slot in GOATS is that between her, Moira and Lucio, there’s so much AOE healing that damage that anyone takes just doesn’t happen. Her one-shot combo merely prevents certain pesky flankers from doing anything to pull apart her team’s formation, or… just existing in general, really.

Remember, in Overwatch, you don’t win by dealing damage, you win by staying alive.

The devs is collective people, I’m sure they have arguments on balance on regulate bases. Granted this also means not all devs are on same page when it comes to balance.

Triple role an. Brig tank support hybrid. She plays like a brawl tank with healing ability. If we consider brig a dps than all heroes except mercy are dps hybrid.

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If that’s the case, then she has no need for an instakill combo.

Other than her “instakill” combo being the only thing that lets her take space. No one denies it does a ton of damage, but it doesn’t make Brig a DPS when she literally does half as much damage as any of the tanks.

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Rein has an insta kill combo two swings fire strike. D ca boop into rockets, roadshow hook headshot melee, zarya with charge, Hammond pile driver into shooting.

Tanks deal considerable damage and can perform combo kills just like dps can. Why should tank support not be able have a combo?

Perhaps devs wanted her to be a backline defender. Where she is one of the best Peeling heroes in the game.

Also, one wouldn’t expect a hybrid hero to have the full capabilities of a non-hybrid.

Also instant kill is a hanzo, widow headshot you know because their insta death theirs no time between headshot land.

Do you guys hate the devs or something? At this point, it isn’t constructive criticism but just plain spite.

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