So uhhh... Where are the skins?

Lol what?

Nothing was promised. That’s the point. Assumptions were made.

“more legendary skins than ever before” which certainly isn’t proving true four months into the new year :slightly_smiling_face:

i have this feeling that they may be talking about a battle pass system in overwatch 2…

IF it comes out this year.

of course i may be wrong but if im not i hope the battle pass system isnt draconian or obnoxious

But the year ain’t over yet so it still stands

just a reminder: When the dev team dropped the new event with less than half the normal content (and were PRAYING nobody would notice), AndyB made this response as an attempt to put out the fire. LOL.

Stop calling everything Blizzard says a “promise”

I don’t think the word “promise” has ever been said/typed by them.

Your let downs are your own creations.

Anniversary remix was presented as a big special event to make up for the removal of other events.
Turns out it’s just a standard anniversary.

That is called swindling. If you don’t have anything new, just say so. Or don’t.
Quite frankly, if they’d have said “events are removed for this year except for anniversary” people would have been pissed sure (especially when we don’t understand the reason behind it).

But here, it was presented as “No we don’t have usual events, we have something better.”

Yes, it’s a let down. And it wasn’t of our own volition, Blizzard deliberately chose to communicate in this manner. That’s called manipulation.


No, it wasn’t.

You guys put things into your heads and then get let down when it doesn’t come true.
We can all read the same thread. Nowhere was what you said even implied.

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You know what?

You are right, Blizzard didn’t play with their communication. There. You win.

Now, let me complain about the lack of events this year that were replaced by a unique standard anniversary event. Because it enables the team to allocate more time and attention to the upcoming PVP beta. When it’s literally just a push of a button.
Or am I also wrong to grieve the death of seasonal events? Should I be understanding because they are so overwhelmed they cannot even take the time to set a DateTime value?


Still got 8 months to go. They could just release 120 new skins on December 31st, that would still fit the criteria…

They’ve already said to not expect much for OW1 because they were working on OW2, which they’ve since broken from to bring us the PvP stuff sooner.

As I said before, your let downs are your own creation.

Personally speaking, to me this is just a video game. I am at an age where I don’t get wound up over meaningless things because there’s far more important or troubling things in life to worry about.

Life’s too short to get angry over something like this. In the long run Overwatch will still just be a game that I’ve played in my lifetime and probably not something that I’ll take with me to my grave.

At the end of this year, better buckle up and wait or leave. Even this is an assumption though and I bet we end up being wrong.

I agree that they were clear new skins weren’t coming when they described the remix events.

But I still hold that it’s pretty misleading to say “We’re sorry there weren’t new skins this event, but you’ll get a lot of skins this year” and then to turn around a few months later and say “Oh, by the way, we’re not going to be doing any new skins for most of the rest of the year, it’s all just recolors. But those count towards the ‘lots of new skins we described.’”

After the first event, they really should’ve said something like, “To manage expectations, we won’t be releasing as many new skins because development time is going to be focused on OW2.” That would’ve been a LOT better than getting people hyped, only to feel let down by the recycled content.


Not expecting much still means expecting something.

And I was expecting Blizzard to perform normally.

I don’t expect my car to get updates, but I still expect it to roll after I put some gasoline/electricity in it.

They have no time to waste and concentrate on Overwatch 2. But still take the time to remix some skins for their anniversary event.

How about using that time to not give us new skins that wouldn’t change anything anyway but at least keep the seasonal events?

As for the “bringing the PvP sooner”, it just gave me ptsd of people applauding when Blizzard announced Starcraft II would be sold three times and would be shipped without LAN.

The whole purpose of Overwatch 2 was to develop the lore and PvE. They are not doing us any favor. How about just working normally on Overwatch 2 and releasing it when it’s done instead of always communicating about how they’re so attentive and so passionate they’re actually doing us a great service.

I’m pretty sure at this point they could release every hero separately, make them unlocked by money and telling us they did it because they care and wanted to release the game as soon as possible.

And that’s just not what was initially announced.
In fact, since we’re talking about it, have we news about the price? Is the PvP going to be free as was intended, charging only for the PvE?
Or are we going to have to buy for the whole game?

Maybe we will have to pay for PvP and PvE separately? That wouldn’t be surprising. See? My expectations are low. But if they do it, I’m still going to speak up about it. Because that just should not be.


you can get angry at multiple things over a specific period. you can even be upset with multiple things at once - i wasn’t aware that it’s either/or :woozy_face:

I don’t know how to comment on lying to the community, but I share the same issues with just recolors of skins and promising more content. This is the anniversary event! We should at least get one original skin.
To those saying Blizzard is busy with OW2, keep in mind Blizzard is a multimillion dollar company ( which has made billions of dollars) with multiple teams. I’m fairly sure they can pull out 6 skins for an anniversary event.
And lastly, here’s a possible solution if there’s no ideas for new skins. Host a skin contest! The community has always been filled with tons of creative artists that can create art that looks just like the concept art for ow, why not take advantage of that? Host a contest for skins, sprays, and emote ideas and let the community TELL Blizzard what we want! Just an idea though, just figured I’d put it out there :-p

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That’s the funny thing about a year you know, it’s 12 months long :slight_smile:

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I just stopped expecting anything regardless of what was said, that way you don’t get disappointed. So I’m not even expecting OW2 to be released this year. :joy:

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Where did I say that you couldn’t?

I specifically said: “life is too short to get angry over something like this.”

I didn’t say “Life is too short to get angry over multiple things”

Would do you good to just stop and read and then re-read until you fully understand it.

Idk about that one but I can’t imagine how you would interpret it that way that the other skins would also come with this event.

When they talked about those skins, I am quite sure that they were talking about OW2 (beta).