So uhhh... Where are the skins?

That’s the key bit of wording here. People made assumptions and are now disappointed. Don’t confuse promises with assumptions.

How does that saying about assumptions go again?

Do not expect new legendary or new epic, we will only have these “recolors”, if anything new from the OWL and that’s it.

I don’t know but I have a better saying for you instead.
If you deliberately misled people just to look good, don’t act surprised when they are pissed.
You’re basically saying the citizens trusting the word of a politician have only themselves to blame when the lying, cheating and stealing politician is actually the main problem.


That would be handling expectations and communicating effectively with the Overwatch community.

And we simply can’t have that Sinpai…


It says Remix Vol. 1.

Maybe Vol. 2 will come next week with a new set of six? But thinking about it, that’s perhaps a little ambitious.

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Vol.2 is anniversary
Vol. 3 is summer games


Afaik they said “this year”, not “next event”.
They will probably release a lot of skins together with 5v5 sometime in autumn or winter.

Idk how you were mislead. It was pretty clear it was anniversary event but with just recoloured popular legendary skins.

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Why are you coming up with these analogies that have no direct correlation?

What was assumed was never promised in the first place.

The saying goes 'When you assume you make an A$$ out of U and ME.

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uh this shouldn’t need to be said. They are working on new skins, and they will release them when they are ready/when they feel is appropriate. In fact, they’ve basically already said just that.

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Honestly I feel like it’s the lack of transparency, especially right after they promised more transparency which has annoyed me the most. That and the fact that this event has consumed arguably the best event of the year.

AndyB said that when they promised more legendary skins, “We weren’t just talking about the remixed Legendary skins.”

The keyword is just, which means the remixes do count toward the total. The team is going hard on OW2 now, so I wouldn’t expect too many new cosmetics before then.

What they said “lots of new legendary skins this year”
Then it was elaborated in the other thread (by AndyB) “the reskins don’t count” he said that wasn’t the case that these would count.

So since these next 3 events are likely all reskin. We will get:
-And probably a buttload of legendaries with the beta/launch of OW2 (if it comes out this year who knows)

The “maybe” is more like some 72% right now. They indeed seem to want to rush it. Beta’s happening and then another one some time later. Usually betas happen relatively shortly before launch of a game, and it’s kinda random to have two betas and then not release for another year or two. That said beta has been separated from any form of PvE. If you go through such effort to get beta out, the final product is really likely to not launch with PvE either. And then we’re told the “remix” event is gonna take over Anniversary and Summer Games too. Unless it ends up stretching over the rest of the year, it would seem Halloween Terror is planned to be the first event of OW2 (pressumably with a lot of those skins they promised).

So yeah, maybe don’t expect OW2 this year, but be prepared for it.

When OW2 releases, aka sometime this year. Since his statement heavily implies that.

I mean OW 2.0 will launch for 100% this year around Q3 / Q4 (the next 6-8 months from now).

They already officially confirmed that PvE and PvP are getting released separately so we can experience the PvP portion first and the PvE later.

The Remix Events gave us now a good time window when the 2.0 patch could release. It’s sometime after the Remix Event 3 and the Halloween Terror 2022.

About the beta stuff. Blizzard is usually hosting 2 Closed Beta and 1 Open beta before the launch of a new game. So we can expect 2 betas between April and July and the third open beta in August after the end of the Remix Event 3. After that I can imagine that they aiming for a September release.

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Hahaha, first time I heard someone call this “patch 2.0”, but that’s some accurate description.

That’s what I said.

Do they, though? Pretty sure D2R had one closed beta with three classes and then one open beta with five.

Late September, that’s for sure. My problem is that, even if the decision to split both Pv’s and release sooner was rushed, the thing should be in the online shop by now (cause you know it’s not getting a physical release). Can only guess it’s gonna pop up with the closed beta happening soon. Unless they extend the “remix” for three more events or something.

i really thought the “players are entitled for wanting a triple A company to deliver on what they promised” talking point had fallen out of fashion by now, even for the most boot-licking contrarians out there. don’t you have a corporate apologia filled op-ed in some gaming outlet to write?


no offense…but “this year” is not the same thing as “next month”…

Probably in OW 2.

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