So are we not gonna talk about the coding

Screenshots are there take that as you will.

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They probably have all the code for old abilities saved elsewhere but its not attached to the current game code meaning they would have to go in and specifically re-create the character with their old abilities and that is only assuming they didn’t change the way they handle certain functions or maths meaning those would have to be redone for their new standards

This would make more sense to me if he just said this.

Okay, I’m the last guy you’d call to get some coding done, but shouldn’t shield generator still be there? I mean, it’s a different model (even if it is jus a modified teleprter), it’s just the way it acts that got overwritten, right?

I know sigma has a shield generator voice line but…

i dunno.

So from what I get people are in a “fight” about the Versioning System they used to Code. People who have a Clue about Versioning Claiming that they could easily just call up a old version of Overwatch just with all its bugs and glitches, vs the People who think Working on the Game Overwatch itself is like working on a Workshop Game Mode itself.
But from what I get both sides are wrong, Sure Blizzard might still have the Old and even Original Version of Overwatch (which I would be suprised if they wouldn’t) but from what I get out of the Forum Post made by the Devs
They made changes to their Versioning System not just the Game itself so even if they would have the Old Versions of Ow “TED” wouldn’t be able to Understand them any more since they made changes to it.
And to be honest I wouldn’t expect a Vanilla Version of a First Person Shooter… in the end it’s just a shooter not a RPG Like WoW.

assets like images, animations, models, etc. probs not so much because those would be stored as binary files, which isn’t really something that can be version controlled well and takes up more space than code (text). if you’re version controlling them, any slight change = entirely new file rather storing the modification of it in order to have that version in history. esp for a gaming company, you’re probably making a lot of asset changes too --> space fills up quickly. so it’s not completely unreasonable to replace rather than back up esp for stuff you know you won’t go back to using.

and solution to “space filling up quickly” isn’t simply “buy more drives” because when you clone the repo to continue working on it from another machine or another directory or whatever, you’ll have to copy the entire history (which will be massive with binary files in there). and if you clone only the latest push without the history or without much of the history, you’re basically acting like it’s been dumped anyways.

Shield Generator isn’t Vanilla…

what can you expect from multi billionaire small indie company ?

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Why would you write all these words about a subject you clearly know nothing about, this isn’t how version control works in software development, well maybe it is for an amateur student who noone taught Git to yet?

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There is versioning for binary files, it’s a little slow in Git’s system (LFS) but in Perforce or PlasticSCM you can version hundreds of gigabytess of game files quickly.

You are talking about problems that a little indie guy in his bedroom would have when he’s on a tight budget and looking at free version control solutions, not Blizzard, of all companies. They are more than capable of version controlling terrabytes of Overwatch binary files in house, if they wanted to.



tbf, it’s not like many companies in general will need as much asset versioning as a gaming company would to need a versioning tool capable of that and can get by with a corporate github/gitlab/bitbucket/etc. but fair on your point about blizz being able to afford such a tool.

Also something i thought, they are a multi-billion dollar company, and doing this?

Like… :grimacing:

because having a very rudimentary understanding of code is atleast better than none and since i’m not really a programmer and there was no one yet offering any perspective on it so i said something.

do you know how you get an answer the fastest on the internet?
it’s not by asking, it’s by stating something false and have someone correct you.
you should try it sometime.

I very much doubt that there is no version control. It’s pretty much impossible to manage big software projects without version control. He must have meant something else. (Source ?)

Scroll up, a link is in the forum somewhere lol

You say they don’t have copies of their old code??

By the way they worded it, it seems so, maybe jeff had bad wording :man_shrugging:

was there ever physical copies of the game like on consoles?

I have the disk version on console, so yeah

I also have the disk pc version lol