Smurfs don't exist

You should be worried about how the game affects everyone, including stuff like the average quality of games, things that really annoy people and making sure the most people have fun.

Saying a problem isnt a problem because its not a problem for you personally…doesnt make the problem go away.

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Wow. Thanks. I might figure out how I should actually care about what you think now.

Also, ironically. Say you are a problem doesn’t make you go away either.

Guess no one wins.

Why dont you suggest a solution?

A solution to something I don’t think is an issue?

Are you ok…

The point of your post seems to be “its not a problem so stop complaining”

How do you wish to achieve that?

As I said elsewhere, report them at the throwing of games or get on with your life.

Well, considering the existence of many posts in this thread, the solution of “do nothing” hasnt worked. Do you have an alternative solution?

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Nope. Nothing to solve. Play the game, or don’t play the game. Up to you.

Excellent, i’m glad you posted that in a thread that clearly highlights there being a problem :slight_smile:

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So I’m not playing stacks of… anyone in every game?

Intentional disrupting behavior does exist even if its malicious. Smurfing (Intentional deranking then climbing with the chance of maintaining a boosting service in stacks) does exist and will exist in every competitive game until the ultimate heat death of the Universe.

You really should just mute him and move on, you know what he’s about and you’ll never change his mind on it.

That is because Mr Russ is just a condescending muppet, and annoying him is fair game.


‘Murder’ does exist and will exist until the ultimate heat death of the Universe.
‘Stealing’ does exist and will exist until the ultimate heat death of the Universe.
‘Wars’ exist and will exist until the ultimate heat death of the Universe.
‘Cancer and disease’ exist and will exist until the ultimate heat death of the Universe.

I guess the solution for everything that’s wrong according to your logic is, “oh well, just ignore it. Don’t bother ever looking for solutions or try to make anything better.”

Denying the problem doesn’t make them go away

I don’t think anyone denies they are a problem. But they are definitely no where near the level of issue some of the forum criers claim.

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Sorry but I do smurf. Many players do.

Reasons are simple:
1.Queue times are unreasonable
2.Its fun haha

Bronze queue DPS time with the ticket is 10~15 minutes. Now imagine what is the timer for masters and above.

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Can you at least call the ‘Master’ rank by its right name. It isn’t Masters… lol.

Outside that.

I agree, you should be playing for fun. Fair play.

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I don’t say they are a problem, im destroying smurf Widows as Hanzo for example but its still a thing unlike things like Elo Hell.

It is.

But as you say, if you learn to improve you can beat anyone.

Same with hackers. They exist, but they are just as easy to beat.