Seriously the issue has been around forever. Lost 50 sr, basically wasted my past 2 hour grind. We were all in match chat and stuck on main page with rejoin match button that didn’t work.
Is it so hard to make it not mark as loss? I know expecting the issue to be fixed is a far cry.

We were in the same game. I literally just came here to post about the same thing. The Twitter account didn’t even bother replying to me.

I’m not going to let go of this though. You can’t just penalize others for your own mistakes. btw, this server crashing has happened third time in a week now. At least the last two times it just left the game and didn’t get stuck like this time and no sr was lost. Game is just becoming worse by the day.

Same thing happened again and got banned for 30 mins. Seriously this is bs lost 100 sr so far.
When there aren’t toxic people, throwers or leavers, blizzard servers take over to tilt me.

Hey all, I understand this is frustrating, but penalties apply whether it’s your fault or the server’s. The first few are very lenient penalties. More info on this system here:

If you want this system to change, i.e. you have feedback, please address this in the General forum where it is more likely to be seen by developers. If you can’t post there, please see this thread.

Alright sure but what about the server issue any clarification on what’s actually going on? I see same threads on eu and us forums both with no explanations

I’m a forum MVP, not a member of staff, but we have not been notified of any ongoing server issues. I saw a mention of an EU hub issue that connects many ISPs to Blizzard games (but this was not info from the staff). If you’re in the EU, I recommend communicating with the EU staff on the forums, or via ticket, as they will have more insight than the US support team.