Selling DLC as a separate game is disgusting

So is needing to pay for rent, life needed food and dirnks and healthcare.

At this rate, Avengers films are getting produced faster than OW content though. :sweat_smile:

It’s probably not going to be 60 bucks…

Not even OW was 60 for the standard edition.

I believe it was for console.

They honestly should’ve just called it something else. Overwatch 2 should’ve been the “Legendary” edition they sold not too long ago.


Maybe you’re right about that.

But it definitely wasn’t for the PC version. It was 60 for the Deluxe PC version, which only came with a few extra skins.

Nailed it.


My man if i sold you a candy bar at full price then put sprinkles on it would you be cool with paying full price for just the sprinkles?

This isnt an entirely new game, its overwatch, with all the same heros, maps, gamemodes, and gameplay. They only added some pve campains, thats the sprinkles.
Overwatch 2 is 70% overwatch 1 and 30% new content, why should we pay full price when its only 30% new? Im not even saying it should be free just that it shouldnt be full price. It should be priced appropriately for the amount of new content.


‘We’ve been asking for PvE’ and ‘We want it for free even if you have to spend time developing it’. How else are they going to make money, they’re a company not a charity.

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the price is still tba, it could very much be $20-30 which is good for the same game with PVE stuff, and most players who don’t even play PVE can still get the new heroes and balance

Who tf are you to tell people what they should do with their money?

There are literally legendary and iconic game franchises (Mario, Smash, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Borderlands, Halo, CoD, Dark Souls, etc, etc, etc) that can be basically summed up as just a “reskinning” of the previous version etc.

Developers, programmers, are people too, kid. These people be putting in hours and putting in work to provide us with high value entertainment. By the time I pay a ticket to see a movie for me and the gf, and the popcorn, and all that stuff, I’m out far more than I have paid for this game.

Get real, ffs.


I just…I don’t understand why everyone is suddenly flabbergasted that Overwatch decides to add a paid DLC. I mean, it’s literally only advantage over OW1 is that it was built mainly for PvE.

The main reason I am 100% positive it’s being called Overwatch 2 is because they explicitly said a while back that Overwatch will not have any paid DLC. So, to get around it, they’re branding it as OW2.

Also, like this needs to be said, and I’m tempted to just brand it on my forehead but:


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They are going back to the OLD Blizzard model of making money. Releasing expansions.

BOOTLOXES are NOT profitable from ANY standpoint. It is to be expected from the company. I am okay with it and I kinda hope it is around 20-30 bucks tbh. I gave my money for WoW B.C. (best money i spent in my life) WOTLK , CATA (regretfully cata) and MoP.

Blizzard is BUSY trying to finally take FAN hints by adopting what fans want. WoW Classic was a GOOD move on their part. Although I think they should have dropped the SUB fees down to 12 bucks per month. As well as bringing in the new WoW expansion which caters to fans.

I am NOT claiming their innocence either. last months thing… yuck.

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People like you make me wish blizzard didn’t merge ow1 and ow2 pvp. That way maybe we would have a couple less people whining about “needing” to buy optional content

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So I have to buy an entirely new game just to get the story for the game I’ve already bought?

Makes uhhh sense. This better be like $20.

I dont know if you replied to the wrong person but i literally never did that.

Yes and people make fun of it all the time. If you reskin content, it shouldnt be full price.

Thats cool and all but i dont see what that has to do with overpriced content. The devs get paid regardless of what the game is priced the only ones who suffer are the CEO’s and shareholder who already have their pockets stuffed.

Good for you. This is an entirely different industry with different practices and expectations.

My man youre the one literally arguing to pay more.

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Is there a competition for the most whinging post I missed out about? :open_mouth:
Mm… I will give you a 6 out of 10. Not too bad, good effort, but lack common sense.

Yeah, I hate it too when people try to get me to pay them for their work!
Don’t they know who I am?! :open_mouth:

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My first experience of this was reaper of souls… =|Never played WoW because I’d probably end up like the guy from South Park (I’m getting there even not playing wow >_>).

The most egregious thing in terms of pricing is essentially anything Nintendo releases. Currently they’re selling Baldurs Gate 1+2 and Planescape Torment+Icewind Dale in packs of two for $70 =_=“

If you don’t like it don’t buy it, your gonna get multiple heroes, maps and a revamped engine and graphics for free