Selling DLC as a separate game is disgusting

Same heroes (even same animations) with the same abilities, same maps for PvE missions (Illios, Route 66, Busan, Paris) only new heroes skin… ugh I’m sorry - the DESIGN. And it’s separate game. LOL IT’S RESKIN
I’m gonna admit - story mode looks super cool and awesome, but we’ve been asking for it since OW release!!! And now OW players need to pay another full price to get access for a new Archives missions?

Just to remind you: Overwatch on it’s release - 60$ multiplayer only game with 21 heroes, 3 game modes (2,5 actually) and 12 maps…

And what we’ve got now? No new heroes (until OW 2 release at least), no new Archives, no new maps, no PTR updates/slower updates. Overwatch is dead. GG

P.S. I’ve never seen such low-effort cash grab game before (don’t tell me about CoD or Fifa, I don’t play this)


Are you new to Blizz games? Never bought a WoW expac for $60 or a Remastered old game? I mean, this is just what Blizz does… so, I don’t know what else to tell you.




Why do you think you should get an entirely new PvE game for free? Honestly you should be thankful they’re giving the PvP stuff to everyone for free because they really didn’t have to.


There is no source.

Just ppl babyraging against the fairy tales they’re constructing in their head.


Yes actually. Overwatch is my first Blizzard game. I bought Overwatch with Sombra release (back in 2016). But I heard about Hots 2.0 update and I also see other live service games with active support.
There’s no single reason for Overwatch sequel…


>entire PvE campaign complete with progression system and who knows what else
>low-effort cash grab


Pretty normal thing to do in the industry.

I’m pretty sure when Fortnite originally blew up the PVE stuff and such was behind a paywall. Am I wrong in this recollection? I’m pretty sure when I first dled it all I had access to was the BR.

But hey, God forbird a company make money and people spendinging hours developing get paid. Like do they not know they’re making this stuff for me? And that I shouldn’t pay for anything?

I installed steam. I should be entitled to everything on steam. Period.


People that can neither read nor think are disgusting.


I know, lol. This was the point I was trying to prove. I wish I wasn’t so into the gaming industry, so that I could spout crazyness in posts like these.

It must be so nice…


This is what all developers do.

Games like CoD and Fifa are just reskins every year. And with the ever increasingly popular “remastered” games being released I’m not sure why so many people have an issue with Overwatch 2. Seems like entitled moaning.


Welcome to expansions my friend. That’s all I got for you. If you’re expecting it to be full price, save up. You’ve got a year.

Can someone explain to me why is it exactly a “low effort cash grab”?
Overhauling an engine to make it future proof is a huge investment. Cost a lot of man power, money, knowledge.
Developing a (hopefully solid) PVE experience isn’t easy either


Well then, this is just what Blizz does. They have an IP and they milk the f*** out of it and then they rework/remaster/update it, bundle it up in a shiny new box & sell it full price. An Overwatch sequel/expansion/rework/remaster was inevitable since it proved to be a money making machine on its release.

Although, I will give credit to Blizz that they’re not making OW1 obsolete and throwing the players a bone by not only keeping up support for OW1 (for now) adding the new heroes & maps, but also allowing players to transfer their OW1 profiles to OW2. Most companies would make you start over again.

People feel entitled which they shouldn’t. We’ve gotten free dlc throughout the entirety of the first game. For over 3 years…That’s very rare in the gaming industry and yet there’s ppl like OP saying it should be free.


It’s not, they’re just upset that they have to pay Blizz now after enjoying a mostly free game for the past 5 years.

Just a bigger Archive event with more story is considering as an entirely new game?


Yup. It’s called entitlement and this younger generation appears to have a lot of it.


I’m just sad that this kind of behavior is normal these days.