Sad thing is bliz will implement 3-2-1 no matter what

I really doubt it. The next season starts in the middle of OWL. And also this terrible game mode will literally suck and ruin most high levels of play.


3 dps can’t deal enough damage? Do you even play overwatch dude? Do you even read the patch notes with all the healing nerfs? And now we have 1 more dps, less healing and less shield and you still complain that anything would die if we lower a bit the damage? This is why you won’t ever have shorter queues

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I hope this remains this way, but the experimental card keeps getting cool stuff to keep damage players away from the regular 2-2-2 damage queue

To be honest, the more the game strays away from the idea of flexing, the more stressful it becomes. 2-2-2 balance was easier to adjust to. 1-3-2 has been not so much for tank and support roles. Playing DPS though I have a much easier time because one less tank to deal with.

Sadly history proves you wrong mate.
OWL has had a lot of Triple DPS rotations and they are playing “custom” games anyway so that does not matter at all.

I can guarantee you in high levels of play people can play Triple DPS just fine. It has been proven so, it is what it is :man_shrugging:

Yes, DPS needs to be threatening. Lowering the damage and upping the healing will make dumb saves happen on and on and on.

You know what happens when you weaken damage across the board? Heroes that kill in one hit MUST become the norm, and then we’re back to sniper comp. Does that make sense to you?

…asking me if i even play the game, get real


3 dps is more threatening than 2. Healers are getting smashed by it. Zen and Ana are no fun to play at all.


This should hopefully calm you down.


Double sniper had low healing and tanking.

1-3-2 has low healing and tanking.

In both cases, snipers dominated amd continue to dominate.

You avoid sniper comps by nerfing the snipers.


Yeah that makes sense. 1/3/2 is oriented toward flanking after all

It’s not about lowering the entire damage, but nerfing those insta/fast-kills abilities/weapons like widow, mccree, hanzo, doomfist, junkrat, etc… And buffs to healers doesn’t mean increasing their healing, but if a healer like Ana has to fight against more flankers she would need less cooldown on her granade or sleep dart, the defensive abilities, not the healing

How many of these dps bad posts will come out of the woodwork


Yeah, more defensive abilities sounds much better to me than upping the healing, but you specifically mentioned past healing nerfs in your first reply. Healing nerfs were partially because the sustain was out of control with double barrier, GOATS, and other comps that were tank-centric. That can change with less obnoxious barrier spam.

One of the best parts about this change is getting to fight the enemy. It’s better now in 222 than it was in the GOATS era (getting to fight more instead of dumping ammo into barriers all day long while tanks and supports shout for shield break, and then complain that we aren’t doing enough damage), but even 222 still feels incredibly predictable. Certain tanks go together, some support players in the forums have noted that in 222 they can turn off their brain half the time.

Flanking takes us back to Overwatch at release, and just like how some tanks and DPS are the wrong choice, Ana and Zen are the wrong choice for now in 1/3/2.


EXACTLY. You cant nerf a sniper that far without making them useless. The way to reduce sniper comp is to have viable alternative dps

Sustained damage will never compete with burst damage if the latter is just as reliable and consistent. Which it is.

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Even their special “experimental PTR” in which they said how much they wanted our feedback, and how the changes were “crazy, and probably won’t last a week”. Everything went through as is, and we got Season 3 D.Va, and the following disaster that caused because they didn’t listen.

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Infact… if we already have less healing we can afford to lower the high damage of some abilities/weapons, mostly if we have 1 more dps in game. Unfortunately when we talk about buffs to healers the first thing that comes to mind is the healing, and people (main healers first) forget that they have also other abilities.

Sure, but maybe the solution is not dying instead, but rather fight and defend themselves with a bit of help because of the 1 more dps in game. It’s an fps game there can’t be free kills after all… And if you have a bit of coordination with the other flanker it won’t be difficult to kill a healer anyway

No… absolutely no dude. That time has passed by. The goats era where heroes were buffed instead of nerfing the problems ended (I hope so at least…)

Ssshhh its oke dw.
There are more games more stuff in life😊
(E:)Idk u sounded very frustrated just wanted to help.

You don’t need to lecture me on what players can and can’t do. I already made a post about how a 1/3/2 meta works: Let's Chill About 1/3/2 and Consider A New Mindset