Sad thing is bliz will implement 3-2-1 no matter what

And I am sad. I hate it. I don’t like it. And I hate it so much. I am really sad. I hate this game. Everything they do is for dps. Nerfs and buffs are for dps. Only tanks and supports get nerfed to the ground, for the sake of dps.

I hate this. And I am sad.


I’m not a fan of it either bit this mindset isn’t healthy.

They do not cater to just DpS players and pretending they do is silly.
We need to be grown up about this or those for 1-3-2 will label us all as whiners who can’t adapt/scared of change or just bad at the game.


Apparently ignorance isn’t bliss, if you think this is true and are still sad.


Thats ok. They said its experimental and they’ve NEVER pushed something to live people asked them not to.

Except you know most PTRs…


I personally think DPS is on a per hero basis.

Widowmaker escapes real nerfs daily, Doomfist is awkwardly adjusted with no real endgoal every patch.


Jeff said that it most likely wont go live due to the negative responses


This makes me happy.


I already mostly play quickplay classic because of the 2/2/2, so the damage has already been done as far as I’m concerned.

At least the people who like vanilla icecream will be pleased… rofl


I agree with this more than OP. There are several Heroes who are ignored by either nerfs(Widow as you stated) or buffs(Sym, Bastion, Sombra, etc.) and thinking that “DPS are catered to” is just bonkers.


It’s good to solve dps problem… bas if you’re a tank… literally a smack in the teeth. It’s going to mean a lot of trouble playing non shield tanks. I don’t know how it’s going to work tbh

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You shouldn’t be sad for a videogame. You hate it but still here you are like the rest of us. Seek help if you’re feeling that bad because of OW.

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The only solace is when this does go live and the novelty of tank changes wears off the DPS will be back crying about queue times again in the hell of their own making.


It’s not whining… it’s the sad truth: in the experimental card for example… where are dps nerfs? Why in a patch made for them, to change comp for them there are not even compromises? Where are healers buffs for being 50% more flanked? Why the buffs to tanks make them in any case weaker than what they were at the beginning? Why Baptiste, Orisa and Sigma are still garbage, the worst heroes in the game in the smallest rosters with 0 reverts? What should I think? It’s not that I want to whine, it’s that I can’t see it differently…


Tbh I was one of those tank/supp players that stopped playing because it was so bad. Then I was saying that 132 was a bad idea but when they actually buff the tanks for this it made me change my mind. Yeah some tanks need some more buff but for now tanking feels a bit better supp on the other hand feel more of a challenge.


When I think about it, it’s such a stupid decision to keep punishing tanks and support players to please the DPS with shorter queue times, because when you push away the tanks and supports then they will just be forced migrate to classic so the queue times get longer for the DPS anyway.

I’m support main and I used to play comp exclusively. Now I barely touch it. Who’s this supposed to benefit?

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Just some people ask, and they will do it. You always gona get people who want it and those who dont. Dps out number everything else, and i do belive people who like it are mostly dps. Tho there are also tanks and healers for sure. So it have alredy propably as big following as 222 had before being added.

Why nerf dps and buff healing in a flank meta? There’s no need for that. Nerfing dps will make them deal less damage than the healers can output and then nothing dies.

Flanking is what 1/3/2 is all about. Watch your back

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It’s not a real thing yet. Just an experimental mode. <<< Just a fun fact guys.

I dont like it either but atleast I dont overreact this much about it.


Mr NOOOoooo stop trolling

It would be great if a season is Triple DPS for example. You know? Having a season theme or comp for example.
Hero bans are stall since there are no new heroes and basically you will create an “alternate meta” where the alternate picks if X hero is banned will occur.

Doing this? Creating a full season of X comp allowed or only this Z type of comp played will bring variation and versatility to the game:
Exactly what it has lost after the FORCED 222 change to introduce RQ.

Also :

He said too, first:
Seems mostly negative to me so far but that’s anecdotal.
So they really need to give this a week and see what happens. If all the stats are good and its only a bunch of people complaining … this SHOULD go live. For one season at least.

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