Role Queue Beta Season extended

(Bill Warnecke) #1

Hey everyone, when Season 18 went live matchmaking values from prior seasons weren’t being respected. We’re extending the Role Queue Beta Season while we work on a fix for this bug, we expect to be ready for Season 18 early next week.

(A side effect of extending the beta season, the competitive card will say the season is ending in less than a minute.)

⚠️ Disabled Competive
We deserve something
Beta Extended another week lol
Role Queue beta is back up?
One minute left in the season
For those who haven't seen yet - role queue has seen a delay
"season ends in less than a minute"
Having the longest minute in my life
So sad season 18 had a bug
"Season ends in less than 1 minute"
Role queue beta bugged?
Finished placements and season ending in 5 minutes?
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Season ends in less than a minute
Season ends in less than a minute