Roadhog buffs coming. Reaper, anyone?

I actually think reaper is Balanced.

As a reaper player I think he gets the value intended, BUT everything else keeps growing in power and control. Its costing him.

I would rather the heroes with 56% winrates to get nerfs.
I WANT repear buffs, i just fear that course of action in the long term.
It reinforces the power creep mentality.
Eventually everyone will be demi-god hybrid classes, and the game will play itself.

If i have to make an example about keeping my own house in order, so be it.

Reaper is balanced. Lets use him as the measure.

Early OW he was actually balanced

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I know right?
How did it get so…derpy?

Its like everyone has a sword and a sledge hammer, and reaper is still using his childhood plastic butterknife. I watch videos of the early overwatch games when I feel sad about the game. lol. Nostalgia my old friend.

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Reaper probably needs a bit of a rework to give him more depth.

Maybe an alternate fire mode or ammo switch with a different kind of ammunition on mouse 2.

Or perhaps a passive he can activate with mouse 2 that pulls people in towards him. I kind of mini zarya ult but no where near as powerful. If a player runs towards him they speed up, but trying to get away they go 3/4 or 1/2 speed. Although now that I think about it, this would end up OP or useless depending on how it was tweaked.

Yeah, sweet memories

The part with the butterknife made me laugh.

It’s just a nail to the coffin with hog getting buffed and torb getting reworked into a better reaper.

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35 upvotes over here → (71 likes) Why Reaper s̶u̶c̶k̶s̶ and what he needs - K he still sucks 12/18/2018

Keep the threads alive. Reaper deserves some spotlight for once in this game (aside from Season 2).


Yeah. Reaper should never be an OP or oppressive character, but he needs to still fill a niche. And once Torb goes live, I’m worried that he’ll seemingly lose most of that niche (for the most part). So hopefully they have something in mind to make the flank aspect of his niche more viable/useable. Tweak/buff that shadowstep and give him some smoke nades, Overwatch team. We beg of you.

But for now, all we can do is be vocal enough to hopefully bring it to their attention. Keep these threads alive and comment in any reaper thread you see, Reaper fam


This would be great, since Reaper is bad at killing turrets, the smoke-nades could “blind” the turret for a short amount of time.

I mean Reaper sucks even at killing a Sym-turret.

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He should be a playable reliable character not only niche one.
He is one of the main characters in lore, but in game he is forgotten.


Yeah. I can’t say I don’t completely agree with that. But I’ll take more viable or even niche at this point. I think the Overwatch devs may be scared to over tune him and make him completely oppressive and OP. And if Reaper is ever OP the community would be in an absolute uproar as an OP Reaper would be scary and a terror to deal with. An unkillable beast. So with that said, I’m hoping they just tweak/buff him properly as they see fit. Hopefully see some of the many ideas/suggestions the community has thrown out there and see if they might work.


Funny thing is they how said he is the main character they base changes of others around him and he never was a must pick or at least a swing pick. Even when Ana ult gave speed buff, Rein was even better option…
They call him a duelist and he is out duelled by so many of other characters.
They call him tank buster and with all this shield and heal others are much better.
Few more Devs updates and they will call him a troll pick and this will be sadly accurate…


I agree, his niche and everything else he “should” be good at, is taken or a other hero is the better option.

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I do not disagree; however, as OP pointed out, they did not even change his Retribution voice for Soldier 24/Reyes. I DO NOT EVEN WANT THAT. It is just, if you are not going to balance him, at least give us those sweet cosmetic quality of life improvements. That is the least we could possibly ask for. I just want a third Halloween skin, probably not going to get that. You bring up a good point, but there are compromises to be made and they did not even attempt anything. It is pretty obvious that they love watching us grovel, but the joke is on them, I enjoy making fun of them more than they enjoy my suffering. Checkmate atheists.

And that’s exactly the problem, he needs to be able to shine somewhere at some role. Or have more utility overall.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I really think he’d shine as a true duelist/flanker, if they either add more flank capability or tweak/fix/buff shadowstep. Because if they add more to the brawl aspect of his kit, then why would anyone pick the new Torb? As over tweaking Reaper for that role could nearly over shadow Torbenstein, other than Torb’s turret utility (but at the end of the day, they’d be doing really similar things overall). I don’t want Torb to be useless, so they need to separate them some in their capabilities and what they excel it.

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No it is pronounced “Fapper”

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Well if they love watching us grovel, like the edgelord lovers we are, then let’s at least continue to be vocal. A la Mercy mains. I’d rather continue to repeat myself, with comment after comment, every chance I get in hopes that a dev may see our dismay and concerns. The more topics and people talking about it, the higher chance they’ll take action [in theory]. Let’s cause a civil uproar y’all!

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What if they removed shadow step and instead gave him a 2 second ability that negates armor and barriers?

Bam, he is tank buster again and doesnt change his interactions with squishies who he already destroys if he gets the drop on them.

It would reduce his mobility even more I think and he needs every bit of it.


My only concern with that route is that him and Torb, in theory, will be picked to do the same thing. Except one is bound to be better than the other, which is a problem.

Currently, Overload>wraith (both can be used to escape trouble. But overload has more options and utility)

Molten core>death blossom (both area denial, heavy dps. But one destroys armor and doesn’t put its user in as much danger)

Rivet gun>hellfire shotguns. (Rivet has fixed spread and a medium/long range option)

So the separating factor: turret and shadowstep + life leach. Shadowstep is intended to allow Reaper to flank and get to high ground. That’s where they want to separate him. If they give him just another brawler ability, he’ll either be better than Torb or worse at a really similar role, front line fighting. I don’t want one or the other to simply be the more optimal pick. And I could be way off base, but that’s just how I see things if they decided to go that route (and don’t get me wrong, shadowstep needs work. But if it’s tweaked properly, it’d be a nice way to properly more consistently be in the enemy back lines). And I know the turret separates torb. But it’s not as much his focus any more, moreso utility from my experience. And there’s what Reaper needs, utility that assists in what makes him different from other duelists/brawlers, his ability to flank