Roadhog buffs coming. Reaper, anyone?

Perfectly phrased, nothing to add

Glad we can agree on that. I never know if my suggestions and insights are biased and off base. Just want to give the devs insight into our thoughts and concerns as a player base. Also hopefully give some legitimate feedback as to things that we think may help Reaper. As it’s their game, they know best and have a vision as to when a hero is balanced. And in this case, I hope they see eye to eye with a decent portion of the Overwatch community.

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I’m sort of caught in the middle here. I don’t think the devs can be as ignorant as to think Reaper is fine, but I also can’t think of reasons why they haven’t gotten to buffing him either.

My faith in the dev team after 2 years of waiting isn’t exactly strong though


I really hope so, too.
They should see that he will struggle, soon.
When PTR-patch hits the live-servers.

Then, something needs to be done about Reaper.

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I’ve always thought that it may have to do with Reaper could be incredibly oppressive if they in fact overtune him. Can you imagine a nearly unkillable force able to consistently get in your backline and escape away each time? The community would be in an uproar because the best way to combat that is communication, proper teamwork, and focusing the target. Most of the community doesn’t seem to consistently know how to do all 3. So I’m thinking that might be the devs fear.
But now with the power creep that’s happened, Reaper has REALLY fallen behind and seemingly can’t be ignored any further.

Completely understandable why you don’t have strong faith. My faith has wavered myself. But there’s a decent enough sized roster that it takes time to properly balance such a game.

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I totally agree, they need to find a in between

Yup! They definitely do.

Somewhat related, is anyone else sad that there isn’t as much love for Reaper from the community as others? Not even just Mercy, but many others as well. There’s definitely topics about him, but they get lost and never blow up. Which I think might give him less chance for the devs to show love

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I really hope so, but I don‘t know what to write anymore, soon

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Yeah. I keep repeating myself everywhere, as many topics that I can. And I implore others to do the same. The more doing so (like you and me and a few others I tend to see in most Reaper posts) the better chance he has of getting love.
It’s just sad that there seems to be less of us total, creating less bloated topics. Or hell, maybe we’re just too civilized so topics don’t tend to turn into shouting matches or demanding buffs. Instead we nicely suggest changes/tweaks and have civil back and forth where we come to similar agreements, thus nothing more to talk in the topics. And then they die (like Reaper haha)

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Same here say all again and over again

The negativity you’re expressing is the main reason you won’t get a response to your thread. The main topic you’re discussing is true - Reaper needs something bigger than a buff to number to fix his gameplay. He has too many counters and no usefulness outside of point blank range. But they way you are approaching this thread is very counter-productive.

To note also, he’s received several small buffs in the last few months:

  • Auto reloading after ult
  • Bonus speed during Wraith Form
  • Passive lifesteal on every hit

These are all positive changes he’s been given since his last time in the meta. Before he can really shine again he needs a larger change. I do believe he’d have a place in the meta if it were not for Brigitte. She is a HARD counter to his gameplay, and with her in the game he’s just too feeble to warrant playing. He needs some counter play to deal with her before he finds a way back into the game.

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But a blizz hates Tanks gets noticed

Not sure I disagree or agree with you, as it feels like the devs notice and respond mostly to either negative slanted topics, or topics that have many posts. I could be wrong in this as I’ve only been on these boards for so long.
On the other hand, I know they mentioned feedback and suggestions are what would best help, more than the other way around. As many others have said though, in that case it would go a long way if they would say something in a topic (“we’re looking into it. Thanks for your feedback” kind of thing). But I do understand there are maaaany topics and they have many things on their plate.

But in most, possibly every topic on this issue that I’ve seen, I’ve personally been suggesting things I believe would help his character. And in most of those topics, many others are doing the same and having a discussion on it.

Any way, I do agree on all your sentiments regarding Reaper. Briggitte definitely is a hindrance to him and he needs something to assist his play style. Maybe if they do add smoke grenades to his kit, while he’s in them he can’t be CC’d or there’s a CC reduction?

I definitely appreciate what you said. I think it’s needed when we become biased and nigh blinded to many things we may not be considering

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Yeah, that’s the reason I chose to respond. I thought you had many different potential suggestions in your first post that were reasonable, but the way you started the post made it very unlikely the developers would respond to you. Jeff has come out a few times and asked for people to tone down the toxicity of their replies on this forum, as many of his team members feel personally attacked, etc. That was all I really wanted to point out to you as I think some of the other suggestions are good and it is certainly true that Reaper needs an adjustment.

My personal suggestion for fixing Reaper would be changing his ultimate or lowering the cooldown on Wraith Form. At the moment it is a very powerful skill, but on a long cooldown so he doesn’t have the slippery-ness of a Tracer or Genji because he only has one use. Another potential idea would be letting no longer immobilizing him when he cast shadow form. So he could move fully, but after a set duration appears wherever he cast the ability. It’d transform him by providing a risky escape ability.

Well, we don’t know what to type anymore…

Reason being an echo chamber doesn’t do much. We’ve made our point. I have to believe the devs are actually reading the forums. If they are, they must have already seen the number of Reaper posts. If they aren’t, there is no point adding more comments anyways.

At this point, they are avoiding the “tighten the spread” or “increase minimum damage of pellets to 4-7” that i do think they are scared that reaper will or will not change SO MUCH in lower tiers that the game would be weird?


:man_shrugging: if they actually cared about low ranks they wouldn’t have added brigitte, but whatever I just hope they buff reaper


Well then they can’t buff hog, too.
But they do, so do the same for Reaper.