Rialto street translation issue


I am not native Italian speaker (but a Spanish one), but from what I know and after doing a little bit of research it seems that the street plates displaying “calle” are wrong. It certainly means street in Spanish but it is not the case in Italian who use terms like “strada”, “via”, “viale” or “corso”.

The second mistake is about the prepositions: “campo de la speranza” would be “campo della speranza”, “riva de le pescherie” would be "riva delle pecherie etc…

Can you double check this and correct it?


Yes, I think they got it all wrong… Calle is Spanish, and it looks weird on a Venetian map :confused:

Please, fix it.

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Getting these little details correct is important to us, so I did a quick check with our localization team, using the term “Calle” is a Venice-specific thing and appropriate for a small street.


Oh snap son, nitpicking backfired.


Destruction 100

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I’m born and live close to Venice.
“Calle” is a local term for small streets of Venice.
The term is correct. Nothing to change. Don’t ask to change translations if you don’t know what you’re talking about.



What about “de la” to “della”?

“De la” is like “Della” but in Venetian dialect.


Thanks. I miss my trust level 3.

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How’d you lose it ? :o

So weird that this was worthy of a blue post. A simple google search shows calle being used in Venice all over the place.


This is not the place to talk about “particular” things that happens to the accounts in the forum. My posts history will give you the answer.

Honestly, thanks for putting in the work.

You can lose it for posting a joke. Its pretty comical.

EDIT: Just tested, I still havent gotten mine back. So gg to my level 3, its dead and gone I would say.

Yes, the names are all ok. The streets and the specific name in dialect!

I’m Italian native and I can confirm that in this case, u’ve done a great job indeed.
Usually street is translated as “corso, via, viale “ but in this case we are talking about a city who has been occupied, ruled and influenced by the Spanish Domain for many years.
Sorry for my eng, still working to improve it


I graduated with a degree in Italian language but I spent a lot of time learning to recognize Napolitano and siciliano because of my sociolinguistic emphasis so this just made my day!!! Thank you team for teaching me something new :slight_smile:

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This is the perfect example of the world we live in right now. Basically, “I’m not an expert in this subject but here’s a bunch of stuff I think you got wrong based on my non-expertise.”