Season 10 meta:

Looking at the pickrates, the further up you go the more it transitions from the Brigitte meta to the Double Sniper Meta.

And the longer the season continues the more apparent that will become. Brigitte is steadily dropping out of the meta looking at the pickrate trends.

I think a big part of it is the threat of Brigitte.

Dive can keep snipers down. Perhaps Hanzo less so since his rework, but all the same, dive could touch him and deathball can’t.

However it just takes one swap to Brig and your dive stops working unless you dive at a professional level. That’s just not a risk worth taking, better to mirror match. She may not be the best hero during deathball, but she is certainly great at enforcing a meta.

As shown by the pro level the buffs Widowmaker got made her able to function both with and against dive due to the shorter cooldown on her grapple which made her able to consistently escape when being dived unless the diver was a very persistent Genji.

Combine with Hanzo’s new power and he would slot right into dive as well as against it since he can melt the dive tanks easily. In fact at the pro level that is already happening even though they have old Hanzo.

Also shown by the pro level is that even swapping to Brigitte is not a sure thing, as we have been getting more matches where the Brigitte is unable to stop dive and only blunt it a bit. Furthermore this is also being shown by some of the more adaptable tracer player content creators they have developed tactics for how to play around a Brigitte and abuse her when she is on cooldown.

She may be good at dive, and is a dive counter, but is not a silver bullet pick this and dive is useless mega hard counter.

Which is part of why she is falling out of the meta and double sniper is steadily taking its place. The same meta that has been developing on the pro level even with old hanzo.

in b4 stunned jajajaja

Isnt the meta hanzo and friends?

1-101-1 on Lucio…

Was there any meta people didn’t complain about?

I’m pretty sure everyone complains about every meta, but has there ever been as much backlash in between as there has lately?

Dive wasn’t even really at the level of meta season 10 is at, at least with dive it was at least to some level playable to go anti-dive, pirate ship etc

That is possible in the game’s current state and always has been. That’s not how people work though.

At this point I honestly give up the idea of a non-forced meta. Anytime Blizzard have tried to change up the meta, it either goes too fast or too slow. At this point an Idea I have seen people recommend is a base team that is ideal for most Circumstances with the rest of the cast being subs for more specific circumstances.

The base recommended is:

All of these heroes could be potent, but they have enough of an opening that you can change a piece to counter it if needed. If Zen is doing damage, then pick Tracer. McCree? Get some ranged damage such as Widowmaker. Genji? Bridgitte. You can also swap to a different comp to exploit a specific weakness, ex Dive to get the backline or bunker to reduce effectiveness of the frontline, etc.

I find it rather fun being flung around. It’s so much extra attention.

Is that the best you can do? ~Reinhardt

once i got stunned as moira, used fade, and got stunned immediately coming out of fade… i just let myself die after that

Considering his most playtime is with Lucio by a wide margin, and he has 0 wins, yes. He’s a dirty deranker.

Sort his stats by elims per life or weapon accuracy for more evidence.

It’s a shame we cannot report people for this behavior directly from the forum. This guy needs out of the game permanently.

Am I seeing things or did you literally throw games on lucio from diamond to bronze?

He did.

These are the threads that Blizz needs to pay more attention to.

Not mistranslations of street signs.

Can he even be reported for that on here

No. It’s one of the reasons I miss the old forums, with their “other” option with a text box to explain why you’re flagging a post.

So you know how stuns in this game tend to include a bit of a white flash?
Every now and then, there is so much stun that half of my screen goes white.
Not even joking. It’s like someone took the corners of the screen and beveled them so much that the screen was basically an oval.
I LITERALLY lose the ability to see part of what’s happening due to the insane amount of stuns.
Here’s a list of what hit me in one particular instance:
Shield Bash
Whip Shot
Deflected Flashbang
Rocket Punch
Literally ALL in a row when my Fortify went on CD as Orisa.

Gotta love having a genuine magnesium flash effect every fight.