Rialto street translation issue

Salve, sono un italiano (e questa è la mia lingua) :it:

Non è errato che si dica “via”, o “viale” , ma Calle è una tipica stradina dei centri storici veneziani: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calle

Riguardo a Campo della speranza… diciamo che è un termine molto strano da usare. Noi italiani una grande area (con fontane o giardini al centro o attorno) le chiamiamo “Piazza”. “Campo” nella nostra lingua lo si dice per il centro di un una caserma militare o un luogo dove si coltivano piante. O ancora indica un luogo dove si è svolta una battaglia.

Forse vi siete ispirati al “Campo dei miracoli” del libro Pinocchio (di Collodi), ma in italia difficile che una “Piazza” la chiamiamo “Campo” (a meno che non ci sia un preciso contesto storico dietro). Infatti a Pisa abbiamo la “Piazza dei miracoli”.

PS: io sono del sud italia, magari al nord è diverso il termine.

Ovviamente le differenze regionali sarebbero strane ma sono forme normali linguistiche. Qualcuno ha menzionato la storia di Venezia e il rapporto tra la citta’ e la cultura/l’influenza della Spagna e come e’ stato influenzato il dialetto o la lingua veneziana.

(Forse sarebbe meglio dire tutto cio’ che hai scritto in inglese perche’ se non mi sbaglio quest’ e’ il forum inglese per OW. :p)

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You can get it back. The requirements are based on the last 100 days. If you go 100 days without a 'punishment’I’m sure you’ll get level 3 back.

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Italian here too.
I’m not from Venice but I spent some time there and I can confirm “Calle” is the right term, it’s a narrow street between buildings.

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there’s so many things to have a “wow, just wow” moment over in this thread

  • The fact that someone noticed this “error” and came to the forums to point it out
  • The fact that it got the attention of a Blizz employee
  • The fact that these little details are “important to (them)” - evidently more important than, oh, I don’t know… cough HERO BALANCE cough TOXICITY cough THROWERS oh my I must be getting a nasty cold

Different department. Clearly says under his name “Lead Writer”. Hes addressing an issue relevant to his job in relation to this project. Hero balance and throwers are not in his line of work. Toxicity is a social issue in general. good luck ever tackling that unless you’ve got a long term plan for social engineering.


Doesn’t change the fact that there are many other threads about the aforementioned issues that never get the attention of the appropriate department, does it?

It would be unrealistic to expect that they would. Everything is managed within the framework of their goals. They do what they can, and I wouldn’t expect more from even the people who complain for more on those issues.


Oh well, it’s obvious that the OP never gave much of a crap about this anyway, given that he hasn’t made another post in the 9 days since

Your post was quite good, thank you.

Thanks for the answer. It was driving me crazy to see “calle” in an Italian map (I live in a “calle” too and I am in Madrid!); it sounds as confusing as if the plate reads “street” and then someone tells you it is correct because they use “street” in Venice.

I have visited Italy so many times (Venice only twice) and never saw “calle”, but I was clearly not paying attention to this… I had other things to look at ^^

My apologies.

Another perfect example of the world we live in: People who didn’t even know “calle” was in origin a Spanish word complain in a topic they don’t even care about.