Rein is disgustingly OP

Yes. The thing is, I don’t play the game and expect only my main to get superbuffed and mandatory. Others bought the game and deserve to have fun with their favorite hero.

The problem with posts like this, they never give any sort of ideas on how to make other heroes viable. Instead they’ll say nerf x of y.

When other tanks are nerfed so hard, it’s difficult to play them and get value. Not to mention playing Winston into machinegun mccree + Mei is a suicide mission. A tank that should be great in maps like Dorado, Watchpoint etc.

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I agree with this, I’m really mad that there’s no other better team synergy alternative.

Look there’s no perfect balance for this game, specially the Tank role.

If Rein is the balance reference, than tanks can be made less powerful than him or more powerful than him.

Would you rather always play against Rein as a strong enemy team synergy or play against other tanks made stronger than him? It all comes down to a perspective, if people think tanks stronger than Rein are oppressive, devs nerf them and we go back to no other teamwork alternative better than using Rein.

It is subjective from my part, but in a competitive game you play to win, so I guess we get to play Rein team synergy 24/7 then. What my subject feeling of being tired of fighting against or having to always get a Rein synergy on team to win has to do with it, right? It’s irrelevant. So you win! Congrats.

Have a good time playing Rein synergy (or convincing people to help you with that) on competitive 24/7 to win and get SR.

Yeah, I think people should give more constructive criticism instead of whining and saying, “This hero is broken, nerf them into the ground!”
Without giving any ideas on how to rebalance said hero.


Rein isn’t disgustingly OP, they just gutted his competition. I think Steadfast is a little too strong and that’s it.

Lol what, low skill? Lmao.


then argue about this
don’t whine about something that isn’t the reason behind another issue

what is this passive aggressive child response

you were the one arguing to tune it down, yet offer absolutely nothing constructive at all other than useless complaints such as “this hero works well with the game’s mechanics so obviously it must be unhealthy”

congrats on complaining while offering nothing of value?
have a good time playing victim simulator?


hard agree

it’s pretty unfortunate that everyone’s worried about power-creep in only one direction, but completely ignore the exact same problem when it’s in reverse

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I’ve already made threads (not only one) about it, but my ideas are unpopular, I’m getting tired of this discussion with no positive feedback, so should I keep arguing?

here, here, here, and here. And there’s more.

Many won’t like my ideas and call me biased, should I keep arguing then?
I’m giving up and moving on. I used to play Orisa and Winston, I don’t play tank that frequently anymore, I guess it’s one more player keeping away from the tank queue.

Wasn’t Reinhardt repeatedly buffed into powercreep.

inb4 some retarded reinhard main comes and says ‘‘BuT hE gEtS sTunnEd jeFf LeT mE pLaY’’

I actually like your suggestion to get rid of the movement penalty if reducing barrier health becomes necessary. If you can move between cover more quickly, less barrier health is necessary.

I will say, though, that while Rein being too strong and others too weak are not mutually exclusive, it makes sense to me to buff tanks that are underperforming first, then reevaluate.

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reinhard receiving 0 nerfs and the other tanks getting screwed to hell is just…

Or is it “gloriously OP”? I guess it depends on if you are a Rein main.

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Yeah I find it hilariously foolish when people try to force dva monkey when the correct dive pair for the modern game environment is MonkeyBall.

Ironically, the only place I’ve ever seen monkey and dva work is on numbani defence, especially Point a.

Get rid of role que and he wouldn’t be :slight_smile:

if you’re going to try to make an argument in a comment, and try to make asinine comments like above when people pushback, yes, actually

it might seem repetitive, but how else do you get your opinion across if you expect actual responses

if you don’t expect actual responses, then you’re not even making an argument
you’re just expecting people to agree with you

that’s not how this works

you never brought any of these up at all in the comment i initially responded to, so i never brought them up, i’m not going to follow everything you post, nor all of your comments, if i’m only reading comments in between games

you just immediately went with some insulting/aggressive defense comment, instead

people make posts and they get ignored all the time
yet other posts of useless ideas get bumped constantly

it just happens

i’m not gonna sit and look through everything, but your suggestions on trying to make him “less team reliant” just scream problematic

the game IS, at face value, a team-based game

again, you don’t want to make people more duel-centric
when you have heroes that can support you, making a duelist strong at dueling turns them into a nightmare when pocketed

and making someone too good alone makes people want to be alone more often
but then when you have heroes that do rely on teammates (mercy, symmetra) you indirectly nerf their entire existence because they’re not getting as much support, along with more lazily used heroes that just ignore their team needing help

you want to argue against team play like it’s a bad thing or that an enemy team is too strong with it, rather than realizing that’s how the entire game is balanced and that your team should be able to do the same, and if not, then of course you’d lose, just like you would if you were playing in an all out brawl and other people were coordinating against you

not entirely incorrect, however it was also around the times when the nerfs where happening, i think?

so you can’t really gauge where his position could have been, if he was brought into light while orisa/sigma were still strong, or again, if were also strong so winston could be strong, or if hammond was… well, balanced… at all, around 222, rather than more fitting for 141/132

that’s the point i was trying to make

well, this directly contradicts my above comment

i actually haven’t seen monkeyball, uh… at all, now that i think of it, however i also haven’t been playing much recently… at all… so, kinda my fault


lol fair enough. If you play on pc you might not notice it, but it has been a recognized and frequently used tank pair on Xbox for months now, since the days of Orisa sigma meta.

In those days the (Xbox) meta comps were Orisa sig reaper and Mei/doom with random supports, or MonkeyBall with Sombra tracer or Sombra Genji or tracer doom with mercy brig, Lucio brig, mercy Lucio, or Lucio Ana.

Dive v2 is still extremely lethal on my platform and can feel oppressive of your team doesn’t know how to fight back against it.

Sleep-Ana (Long CD, easy to bait, leaves Ana defenseless)
Brig-Bash (Your in melee, your about to get hulk smashed and your whip shoot cant peel Rein)

honorable mention-IF but not really a peel

That’s it for the support cast

Sigma rock-if you get hit with this your the slowest Rein alive
Hog Hook-good job, rein is in hammer range now
Orisa halt-Decent but your playing a broken hero who is weak to melee soooooo (oh yeah and it was nerfed so it’s less effective)

That’ it for tanks

Sombra- hack makes Rein vulnerable but he can still break your face in
McCree-Stun, prob one of the best Rein counters/peels atm
Mei-Why do you think she’s still meta (looks at the sea of Reins currently in Comp)

ummmmm, that’s it? Anyone else know of a dps that has a hard CC?

Edit: Right! JR trap!

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when you feel the need to link everything back to 1-3-2 but can’t write coherently

Wait what? Rein is broken? What?
What?? How? He’s a tank. How is he broken exactly.

One of the worst abilities in the game is broken guys

This is a thing? Where to I sign up?