Reaper Ult Too OP

the reaper ult is too overpowered because there is no way reapers guns go up. I’m always above reaper when he ults and he gets me every time pls nerf


reapers underpowered it does not need a nerf.


Nerf Reaper? Hahahahahahaha :joy:


it does when your 2 meters above him as pharah

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The list of things that interrupt it is quite long:

  1. Brigitte’s Shield Bash
  2. Sombra’s hack
  3. Reinhardt’s pin
  4. Roadhog’s hook
  5. McCree’s flashbang
  6. Sombra’s EMP
  7. Mei’s freeze
  8. Widow headshot
  9. Hanzo headshot
  10. D.Va’s Defense Matrix (most of it)
  11. Reinhardt’s Earthshatter
  12. Zenyatta’s Transcendence (negates it)
  13. Doomfist’s Rocket Punch
    I’m honestly probably missing a few, too :joy:

You’ve worded this quite badly, though I know what you mean.

OP isn’t actually saying that death blosson is overpowered but rather that the strange arc? range? on it can feel a bit bs. e.g. If Reaper ults on the ground before the first gate in Gibraltar and you’re stood on the ledge high above it, it will actually still reach and kill you.


I can feel that. They added a visual indicator for Mei’s ultimate so you see how high up it goes. You kinda have to guess how high Reaper’s go… >__>


its the height of the ult that bugs me

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Reaper’s spread is so wide, of course he can hit vertically


Can’t tell if serious or…

Are you actually getting upset over dying to a reaper as pharah

Reaper’s Ult behaves a lot like Mei’s Ult, however because the current choice for heroes include a lot of stuns and abilities to stop him, Reaper just falls short of being extremely useful. He is one of my most used Damage heroes recently and I hardly use my ult unless I am sure I won’t get stunned.

I have the same issue. Instead of saying that is ult is OP and requesting a nerf, how about we ask for a QoL change? Think to Mei’s ult on the PTR. Creates this ball around it so you and enemies can see how far the range on the thing is. Looks beyond adorable too.

Now imagine Reaper having something like that where we can see a ball of purple/red go around an area. Not asking for a crazy thick black cloud, but just enough so we can get an idea on the vertical aspect of it.

With this idea, we don’t nerf a hero who is already having a rough time but also provide better information to the players to prevent this issue from happening. :slight_smile:


Op, the strange upwards range isnt only reapers, blizzard does this with everyhero including

  • airstrike punch
  • Explody wheel thingy
  • Genji sword of death
  • Get off my lawn - ice edition
  • kamikaze mode activate


Its normal

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Look here my friend…

Reaper’s ult is all he has…

Does your main screech “REPOSITIONING” across the map, right there in front of Jeff Kaplan and everybody, while using his stealth ability? I don’t think so.

honestly, I hope they buff his ult to creatr a visual dome like mei ult, but also add smoke effect within the dome to obstruct players view. Only different is reaper gets a clear outline of people in the smoke.

Reaper’s ult is not “too OP”; block or interrupt or accept the fact that you screwed up and shouldn’t be anywhere near him as Pharah in the first place. He’s got the most hard counters out of any other offensive hero in this game.

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A silver pharah main complaining about reaper nerf LMAO
Heres a tip to counter said OVERPOWERED ULT. Its pretty complicated but if you can pull it off reaper wont be able to kill you.
Are you ready?
Be in the sky

Reaper’s Ult is like Mei’s. It’s AOE is more of a dome than a single radius around him