Reaper is officially and fully deceased

There is not a single thing he excels at anymore, other than being edgy.

Want a good shotgunner, one that comes with a speed+defense boost? Pick Torbjorn

Want a shotgunner who can actually tank damage? Go Roadhog

Want a close range fighter who can self heal and has high control close range 1v1s? Go Brigitte

Want a vertical teleporting ability? Go Symmetra

Want a niche-pick with super high DPS? Go Bastion

Reaper is not worth it anymore

  • The only shotgunner without range any range (if you count RocketPunch)
  • The single worst ability in the game, leftover from OW’s beta: ShadowStep
  • An unbelievably situation ult, that deals less DPS than his primary fire

One of the original 4 heroes, and the most important character in the lore. Has been left to rot for 2 whole years.

May he finally Rest In Peace. 9/21/18 was Reaper’s official date of death.

And for anyone who sees my with my tag on posts. I’m creating a new one. If you can spread it I would be greatful.



Hate to break it to you… Reaper’s been dead for quite some time now. He died during the fall of Overwatch.


Arguably the most important thing to excel at


I just want to point out that with Torb’s new ult, you can:

  1. Do more damage to enemies with armor
  2. Do less damage (170 vs 130) in a much larger area
  3. Do damage without worried about being focused
  4. Do damage without getting CC’ed
  5. Do damage with literally 0 of Reaper’s concerns once the glob hits the ground

i feel the same about roadhog, both are in massive need of buffs


Not saying Roady doesn’t, but at least he can tank shots, heal himself, hook enemies within his range, CC ults, or push high-hp targets into a wall and into oblivion with his ult

Reaper…shoots. That’s about it.


Reaper is pretty much a worse Doomfist right now, and front-line Reaper, an already sub-optimal playstyle, is now demolished by the presence of New Torb.

Reaper is outclassed and useless, and there is no reason to pick him at all. There is no excuse for a character to have such a terrible kit with so many weaknesses.


The devs mentioned another hero was getting reworked after Torb. I have little doubt it’s Reaper.

There’s Bastion and Mei as well, as the un-reworked members of the Big F.
I find unlikely that Mei is going to be reworked, she’s a bit weak at the moment but her kit has potential to work well, like Symmetra 3.0. So that leave us with Bastion.

I’d say Bastion’s positions requires a rework for him ASAP, though. Sentry Bastion is terrible and simultaneously infuriating to play against. He is just a cheesy hero that is unhealthy. Reaper doesn’t have the potential to harm games as Bastion.

I lost count of how many times my team sucked, and my buddy picked Orisa and picked Bastion, and we utterly rolled the enemy in Diamond.

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Its Bastion for sure, hate to burst your bubble


Reaper doesn’t have the potential to harm games in the same way Bastion does; however, he harms my mental state a lot more than Bastion ever could. Honestly, Bastion deserves a rework A$AP. Torbjorn did not even need one. His best buffs are to his base kit anyways. They just wanted an excuse to make a new ultimate and put the old one as an ability. Which, ironically, is probably the treatment Reaper will get.

Well, Armor packs being removed is good for reaper, right?

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Reaper and Pharah both the powercreep is real.

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New ult for Reaper…I kinda doubt it. Judging from the efforts they put in him recently, i.e. absolute lack thereof, I don’t think they would ever get into giving him a new ult, new voiceline for new ult, and new animation for new ult.

Besides, most of the devs probably think reaper is perfectly fine right now

And the Pharah/Brigitte nerfs help, I suppose. It is always beneficial to see the bright side of things! Happy go lucky Reaper mains are rare. A lot of people think we are just all about negativity and depression. But we can be positive too. Our character is not worthless, he is just the nearest thing to it! Hip hip, hurray!


Our character is never worthless.

In the worst situation, he can be a bad example of how to design a hero and remind Blizzard to never repeat the same mistakes again! Hip hip hurray!

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i agree that hog is in a better spot


I think he is just not as flanky as he used to be i still play him but i notice that i cant go as crazy as i use too in fact if there is a brigette on the other team i can completely forget about going crazy i can bate the mcree to use his stun but her she can push me away and buy some time to tell others or she can also stun me and either a hook a dash or a hammer is coming my way and i am as good as gone… now i play him as an anti flanker or body guard monkey wont dare to jump the mercy or the brigette wont dare to dash the rhein if i am next to him.

I cant think of any changes they could make to him which would make him better other than making him invurnable when he ults to stuns and stuff like that while you can still shield your self or run away. his ult damage is decent but he gets stunned why too often,

I dont know man i do believe it is impossible to keep all charachters alive and well they will just have to kill some every season while bring back others alive to keep the game interesting at least that is what rainbow siege does all the time

Well the devs are known for being wrong