Reaper is officially and fully deceased

hog is a veteran a 600 hp self healing come over here hooking mortal kombat kind of fighter and the only think that makes him easy to kill is zen or ana if you think about it. if you are half way decent with him there is litterly no one that can stop you other than reaper… even then if you can hook you will be able to cook

umm he has the 2nd worst winrate in the game and has not had a positive winrate since the 2nd of june…so yea he is obviously OP :stuck_out_tongue:

Most Reaper mains just agree with what needs to be done. We have slight disagreements, but for the most part, we know what is good. That is why we came together and got the wraith cancel the developers were against. That is basically all we have accomplished. However, at least, if they do decide to change him, they have the unified voice of everyone here. Not that it changes anything, but like, if they ever decide to address Mercy, what are they going to do? Almost every person has an entirely unique position. With Reaper, it is as simple as, “um… did you try buffing him?”


I for one would like reaper not to speak so loud when he is shadow steping


Nah don’t ever improve him we wouldn’t want the bronzies to get upset even though they added brigitte :thinking: :t_rex: ignore the rex

By “speak” do you mean “yell.” That is a good idea. Stop screaming your position Reaper! This is not your band, this is a tactical decision. Fam… What is wrong with him?

Difference is Reaper excels at close range than Symmetra. Swapping to Symmetra is a downgrade since Reaper is a tank buster.

prolly just completely zips it when he teleports xD. and a 50 perecent damage decrease during animation or or just cancel animation or just maybe able to do it mid air or something but it would be a terrible idea if they make it as fast as mioras he will be insanely op

Yes… But she can teleport the entire team. And then return to the prior location. That is a pretty decent trade-off considering she actually IS a tank buster once she gets charged… Which she could do in the time that it takes Reaper to address one of the two tanks. Not only that, but her orb can more or less negate armor. But who is keeping track of facts like that? Not me. :sunglasses:

wait until she reaches full charge with her gun that is not funny anymore…

Don’t forget that the release of a new hero can make certain heroes more prevalent. Orisa was the go to anchor tank before brig came out, and since her release nobody really plays orisa unless it’s a specific shield break comp, Reinhardt fits into way more comps now.

Good reapers a trash hero anywayz

everybody kept screaming rhein is dead he still has the highest pick rates in tanks and he is still the best tank in the game imo next to zarya and look at wrecking ball newest release he is even worse than roadhog lol for me.

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Who melts tanks faster? I rest my case.

Which pro would let her? I rest my case.

No not really, I remember playing Torb pre- rework and giving him armor in order for him to survive a 2 vs 1 and for him to get the picks he needs to, so he doesn’t die from one shot, or being able to get away in time.

Symmetra is just a better character with more utility. If you are running Reaper solely for a tank buster… Run Hanzo instead. I rest my case.

Stop talking about symmetra

Or have Reaper and Hanzo on the same team without the Symmetra. I rest my case. Do not start with me Moreheroes. You know better than that.

I am not even that committed to Symmetra. I am just saying, if Reaper had Symmetra’s kit, I would probably play it over this current kit. If Symmetra had a Reaper costume, I guess I would use her over Reaper. She is just a better character. I rest my case.

If Reaper had Symmetra kit then you totally mess up two heroes for something useless. You’re better off with long range heroes than a handicap that can’t even contend at close range. I rest my case and I see my line took effect on ya or else you wouldn’t be repeating my words on every post…:roll_eyes:. Now enough.