Ranked still broken

blizzard fix your ranked system plz im still bronze 5 even after replaying my games like bruh i even got a promotion window and still bronze 5


it will take a few promotion windows. i got out of bronze 5 last night.

its my second promtion window tho?

Ooo and my career profile on PS4 still shows the profile from PC. Merge bugged and I think I will never get a fix for it…just ignore us Blizzard you guys are so good on that!

bruh i feel you ive played 19 ranked won 16 and still nothing

42 wins is how long it took.

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Guys this is … what is this… i win 28 game i was the best dmg, and kill, got play of the game etc… and still in bronze 5 why… why… why… ??? The last update isn’t fix this please do someting… reset the ranked or i don’t know… but this is NOT GOOD… And even i can’t climbe… And i think its not enough… “we fix it you can climb” because i don’t wana climb i wana the right ranked… and not bronze 5… Thx a lot

pls tell me when you will fix it

This is my 5th round of bronze 5 on support.

I have won 42 games and im still bronze 4, because i am not getting an uprank and my friends, who are silver are getting double or even tripple upranks so i cant play with them anymore.

and then i dont want to play cause i need to play solo all the time, so i can maybe play with my friends. But i cant even do that cause i cant get any rank ups.

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happens to me too i’ve ranked up twice but everytime i open the game it restarts , ranked is brokennnnnn

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I have the same issue. Had 21 wins and about 10 losses and still in Bronze 5. Wont move.

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It is still the same i have 49 wins now and im still bronze 4, my friend is gold 4 now because its working for him and i cant play with him now. GG Blizzard

Still happening to me even after their so called fix I hit bronze 3, 3 times in a row today. It’s an absolute joke. Confirmed it’s still bugged. Blizzard fixed it only for select few. Bunch of usual lies.

I had the B5 bug [I’m ex masters], Promoted to Bronze5 after winning the 7 games TWICE. From there I won 7 in a row, Got B4 won 7 in a row again, skipped to S2, then promo to Gold5, then I won 7-1 promoted to GOLD5, then i won 7-3 DEMOTED TO SILVER1.
THE RANKED SYSTEM IS STILL BROKEN cuz that’s some BS. I feel like I’m wasting time at this point.

BRUH THIS DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE I DID OVER 20K DMG IN THE LAST 7 GAMES 3 TO 4 DEATH PER GAME AND STILL I DON’T RANK UP RANKED IS BROKEN YOUR GAME IS BS BLIZZARD OW1 RANKING WAS SO MUCH BETTER BRING BACK SR PLS . and no it’s not your bad or anything this is like my 4 time where this happens my friend got rank up only by dealing less than 8k dmg and a lot more deaths than me FIX YOUR FKG GAME BLIZZARD PLS

Pretty sure this hasn’t actually been fixed and is linked to the stats not updating bug, which they still haven’t acknowledged as a problem. I haven’t even touched ranked yet because of all the problems, but my QP match making is just as bad, getting put with people way below my OW1 SR in almost every match.

I’d quit playing if I hadn’t bought the Watchpoint pack TBH, it’s so frustrating and I just can’t enjoy the game.

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i have the same problem its my 3 update on rank and im in bronze 5

I still have the same issue. Nothing has changed. I have won 21 on tank, 39 on dps and 15 on support I am still on bronze 5. I ranked up on tank and dps since the update, nothing changed. I assume the same will happen on support. 75 games won total. 57 lost. That’s 18 game difference. My friend did his placements, lost like 14 games, won 7 and received Silver 3? He is a new player too, this is completely unfair. Everyone I play with has ranked up and I can no longer play with them. I will have to solo-queue too which infuriates me. The hope to rank up is prolonging my suffering I might as well quit comp.