Rank Tracking Question

so like, this is fully just directed at anyone on the overwatch team. For determining the rank titles granted at the end of the season, does the system use my actual SR or my rank? Because I’m diamond 4 right now but went like 6-2 and decided that I would stop playing that role for the rest of the season so I could guarantee getting a title. I know my real SR number isn’t diamond, but my rank on my profile and the rank shown when queueing is diamond. Will I get the title or not?

Neither. It is based on your MMR, the hidden rank, which could be anything.

The titles are definitely not based oin your MMR. MMR is for matchmaking. The title you earn is based on your rank. I’m imagining whatever rank is displayed in your profile (e.g. D4) is what it would be based on. Otherwise it would be super confusing.

I suggest you read up on all the people who placed in a rank at the 7th win, didnt play more to jeep that exact rank, but didnt get the reward.

Then go read the posts by devs in response to the outcry, where the devs said visible rank isn’t your true rank, as true rank is your mmr.

Or watch any of the youtube content creators on this topic.

I think you’re confused about what they were talking about. MMR isn’t a rank. There is no MMR that corresponds to diamond or top500 or anything like that.

On the other hand, what you see in your profile isn’t your exact SR rating because that changes after each match and doesn’t update until after the certain number of wins/losses.

So in the last two seasons when you FINISHED your 7th win, got your rank update, and then played no new games so no further adjustment to your visible rank occured, please explain how the visible SR rating isn’t always what was used for rewards?

Start with that.

I do not know the underlying details of how they update their ranks, but they’ve stated in the past that MMR is not SR. Modes outside of competitive don’t even have ranks, but still have MMR, because it’s an unrelated number. There’s no such thing as a diamond quickplay player, for example.

Why are you so adamant that what I posted is wrong then?

Your argument fails at the first step. Prove that something other than MMR was used for end of season rewards, as at this point you are saying they have hidden mmr, the visible ranking, a hidden SR, and another super extra hidden ranking just for end of season rewards.

Because MMR is not rank, as I said. The two are known and confirmed by the devs themselves to not be directly related. It is why after the decay from the start of a new season that you can be placed in a match of much higher ranked players, and the same reason why the old decay that allowed you to decay down to 3000SR would still allow top500 players who decayed to be in matches with other top500 players.

MMR is for matchmaking, rank is what you actually earn over time.

That’s not how it works. You have to prove that MMR IS used for that, since yours was the initial claim. What I said as a counter argument has been true for many years, and unless it for some reason literally just changed, then it holds true today as well.

Take a read from posts like this:

Put forward an explanation on how the example, actual fact, occurs.

Read the quotes from the post I linked above.

MMR stands for matchmaker rating. SR stands for skill rating. They are two different things. Just because your MMR isn’t visibly shown to you doesn’t mean I’m “making up” some sort of super secret magical number. It’s been discussed many time sbefore, and your ignorance on the subject doesn’t make it less true.

Explain how the example works.

I’m not sure which part here is confusing for you. Your MMR is how it actually chooses which matches to play, and your SR/rank is adjusted to it based on wins/losses. Like, dude go actually read the post I linked. It’s not hard. I’m not going to spoon feed you years worth of dev quotes. I’ve already given you other examples of how it works – e.g. rank decay and why people are able to quickly climb back.

SR or rather (your rank) and MMR are different. I don’t know which one they use for titles, but I would assume it would be your rank?

The bit where end of season rewards do not match your visible rank.

The entire point of this thread.

Not on how the match maker works, or how MMR works, which you’ve somehow conflated into this.

Explain how end of season rewards do not match the rank shown, when that was the rank shown on update and no further games made.

I think one season they had screwed it up. Or people had played games after their 7, and didn’t realize that would drop them. I’m not sure though. I definitely saw complaints from people, but they had played after their 7.

Plenty had not. Myself included.

Are you saying it was just a mistake? That Blizzard somehow took the wrong number to do end of season rewards?

Well that would be the logical conclusion, wouldn’t it? Why would you be ranked in GM, and not get the GM title?

Exactly, which means there was “another number” that got used. So the question to NighthAwk was where did that number come from?

Well obviously that number would be your MMR, which is the hidden number they use to match you.

Apparently they have come out and said that your visible rank, doesn’t actually reflect your “true rank” (MMR).