Rank Tracking Question

They have, you are spot on.

Well, if they give titles based on your MMR that’s weird to me and doesn’t make sense, but maybe that’s what they do. I guess you have to wait until the end of the season to see what rank you actually are? lol. Just have to wait and see what title they give you?

I can’t remember such an outcry. End of season rewards were awarded based on season high SR, like they always have been.
The blog post about hidden MMR that I think you’re mentioning wasn’t about those rewards.

Go look at the competitive details screen for rank rewards, it doesn’t say what you think it says.

Iirc the title will match your season highest SR.

Yet, you do need to complete your streak cause every games count so if you played comp matches after your update, the game will force an update considering those matches and may lower your SR.

From Season 2 post, I don’t know if they changed it since.

It says “Season end: [rank] - x competive points/title”. Those ranks are SR. No company, not even Blizzard, would have a reward system based on points which we cannot see.
Yes, they did write about hidden MMR, but that isn’t used for end of season titles and comp points.

It matches your ending rank. This is clearly stated in the last line of your dev quote:

OW2 has worked this way. A lot of people are confused because OW1 was based on your season high, regardless of where you ended the season.

Ah OK, you were correcting season high =/= end of season, my bad.

S3 post mentions “highest Skill Tier”.

The S2 posts I quote tells your SR can still change if you don’t end the winning streak until the update ; that every game counts, even if you didn’t receive a visual update.

No, hidden rank is also a thing.

Your true rank is not your displayed rank, even if your last game played did the rank update.

100% nuts. But it’s what they did. Completely fact, and I experienced it myself.

That’s between your 3 different rankings, Tank DPS and Support.

Ok nvm, the dev post says it :

I hope we’re not still talking at cross purposes, but this sounds unintentional. Like, if this is true, that’s 200% nuts.

The only “hidden rank” I’ve read about is MMR. MMR is not the same as SR, but it isn’t (shouldn’t be) used for rewards either. Every description I see about rewards talks about SR (rank).

Quite possible. At this point I believe the game actually working at all is pure luck.

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ah, okay. Thank you so much for the info!

They can’t hear see or speak. It’s all feel and they feel like animé collabs.

That’s the Keller way.

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