Random black screen mid game

Every now and then my screen turns blank mid game for up 5 second, while all functions stay intact. I can still hear the game and actually also move around and use abilities.

I read on the forums that other people had similar issues in the past and also tried the fix with the task-scheduler, but to no success so far.

To be honest, the issue only started after I installed my new 144hz monitor.

I’m on a Radeon R9 390 with the most recent drivers.

Any ideas how to take this? Every help is highly appreciated.

Do you have a Razer Chroma?

If not, this could be related to the full-screen compatibility issue that some 144Hz monitors experience.

I don’t have a Razer Chroma, but maybe it is the second issue you mentioned, even though I’m on Win7. What definitely speaks for it being a similar issue is the fact that I also occasionally get that described flickering in the main menu (only on special screen announcements, like “new hero” or similar things)

I’ll give the solution a go and let you know if it works. Thanks for your help anyway.

Edit: I tried cleaning up my driver for my GPU but I am still experiencing the black screen. A shame your tip didn’t help, Nicole. Thanks though .

Maybe somebody else might know a fix to this issue?