😡 Why are Symmetra players Angry at the "Rework"?

The orb is a zoning tool, not a damage tool.

But even then, a lot of maps have some great spots to throw orbs though very tiny openings in the map geometry that the orb will appear to the enemy only at close distance, or from an unexpected angle. Hollywood is one of the best maps to understand that concept because she can fire through the security room and below the car you can see from those doors. The orb will hit people running back from spawn on autopilot, and the enemy team is usually fighting around that area looking the other way.

If she is not shooting through spots like those, she do not want to kill you with her orbs. She wants you to get off her lawn. She is scaring you and making you hesitant to push through that path. Kinda like Junkrat, but with the main difference being that shields are useless against the orbs. You need to use D.va to eat those orbs, and that means arriving at the point without defense matrix.

Yup. What the OP says is pretty much it. Symmetra is getting a complete rework so that she only vaguely resembles her original incarnation. I’m okay with her current version. But Blizzard thinks that because people have constantly stated that they hate having a Symmetra on their team that the character must be changed across the board.

Oh, well. Whatever Blizzard does, we have to abide it.

I think they aren’t afraid of the change but of the fact that they know Sym will be OP and then nerfs will hit her just like Mercy…
But from what i’ve read and heard Sym sounds fun - I MEAN TELEPORTING A D.VA BOMB SOUNDS CRAZY!

My issue is none of these to be honest.
It is that they made a rework for her and did not increase her survivability one iota.

arcade is not the same as quickplay is not the same as comp.
Ult economy is a huge part of the game, so not being able to keep building ult past death is huuuge part of the game. doubly for sym as dying removes your telly, so you rarely get all 6 teleport, and never get to use it yourself. as sym once you have telly up you can afford to play risky and die, because you will come back, not so in random.
Having a team that works with what you have also is a huge part that random heros won’t give you a sense of that as half the time you have like 5 dps and no healers. sym pairs great with several characters to give her huge advantages. Torb sym defense is great for armor shield combo
If you play say Reinhardt in random, you may think hey Reinhardt is super bad because i don’t get enough healing to stay alive ever.

I am personally rather excited for the new changes. Symmetra still has a beam primary fire and an orb secondary fire, turrets, and her teleporter is still there. That’s almost her entire original kit, just heavily tweaked. But those defining abilities themselves still exist.

Symmetra’s rework didn’t work. It did very little to make her more viable in more situations. She -needed- something this drastic. I would think most Sym players would understand that.

Thats like saying modern military isn’t that different from napoleons army. you still have guns, uniforms, and bayonets. her beam is now a zarya beam, her ball doesn’t penetrate, she has half the turrets, and her teleporter is now a weird team version of shadowstep, a pretty mediocre ability, instead of being used to reduce effective re-spawn time for team. she loses her shield throw, and she loses her shield gen

It is a viable strat because I’ve done it many times before on maps likes first point Anubis, Hanamura, Volskaya, and King’s Row, and it has WORKED.

Just because it isn’t seen or played in OWL doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and doesn’t work. The playstyle of high-level professional play really only belongs to and is achievable by a small percentage of players in the public Overwatch community.

Also, by no means do I mean to make this a personal attack, but I have 700+ hours of playtime on Sym across all seasons on PS4, and you don’t even play her. I think I would know better about how she plays and what works best for her than a Lucio main like yourself.

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Geoff said it was like Hanzo’s ult in that it spans the entire map. “Infinite” in size also means it would be infinite vertically as well as horizontally.

Yea I think another thing people don’t realize is the orbs get lots of kills by traveling through say reinhart who can see the orb coming, but can’t dodge because he has to keep his sheild up because your team is challenging, or maybe he barely sees it coming and dodges, but the people behind him can’t see through him and don’t hae time to dodge. So you end up killing the Ana behind the reinhart with a high damage orb that she didn’t know was there until it came out of reinhart a back and hit her and three other players in the face for a total combined damage of like 600 damage in one shot. It’s soo good against ball of death for that reason. I once pentakilled with it on Anubis as the whole team followed reinhart down the center and took an orisa damage boosted full charge ball to the face


As an OG-Mercy main, welcome to the club. Here are things you can expect in the near future:

  • Increase in Symmetra threads
  • A Symmetra megathread
  • Infighting among Symmetra mains
  • Radio silence from the devs
  • Nerf after nerf after nerf after nerf

The following are things you can expect to hear from other players (note: these players will not have many, if any, hours on Symmetra):

  • “Git gud”
  • “Cry more”
  • “You just don’t like change”
  • “Sym was op anyways”
  • “Sym was brain dead no skill”
  • “Now you have to aim”
  • "Sym was antifun"

I do hope things turn out differently for Symmetra players that fell in love with Symmetra’s kit, but I highly doubt it. I’m sorry this is happening to you.


We also need to always remember that many pros (especially western pros) have a bias against Symmetra as a concept, and don’t even try to create strategies that involves her. Many people prefer to stick with what they know that works (even if it isn’t working right now) than trying something new.

Korean teams were running a full Sombra meta to the point that korean Zenyattas got a conditioned reflex to use Trans when they see a Sombra translocating above his team. Meanwhile, the western competitive scene was regarding Sombra as a niche, useless pick.

Teams like Dragons, Mayhem and Fuel, that are absurdly low in the tables still try to out-skill the better team playing in their terms. IMO, those low-rank teams are the ones that should be creating new risky strategies with unusual comps and see if it works. That’s how things work in every traditional sports around, its not the top dogs the ones that brings new stuff, because they are already winning on the old stuff.

(That is also why I was on the fence about nerfing Mercy. For all the stuff she enabled in competitive play and made the matches much more exciting to watch. Sure, you had one support slot locked, but now we have four slots locked…)


Mercy mains were pissed at her rework and people told us that “its fine, she balanced now”. So take the advice people gave Mercy players.

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I’m not really sure what people are feeling sorry about… ???

LITERALLY EVERYONE (Sym mains and Non-Sym players alike) have been asking Sym to be changed. Whether you liked her as a hero is besides the point. The fact remained that she was not keeping up with the state of play of Overwatch. SHE. NEEDED. TO. BE. CHANGED.

We asked. We begged. We received. Is it EXACTLY, 100% what EVERYONE asked and wanted? Of course not. You can’t please every single person no matter how hard you try. It’s impossible.

Honestly, at this point all Sym players should at least be grateful that she is getting attention and being reworked, albeit again, but certainly into a state where it seems like she can be viable and usable for the foreseeable future.

Does it suck what happened to Mercy and her seemingly-out-of-nowhere-rework? YES. Everyone agrees about that, and I’m pretty sure the Devs recognize and acknowledge it.

It’s apparent that now with Sym they’re doing their best to take the time and iterate in house first, before pushing any changes on her onto the PTR. I’m sure they want to avoid another Mercy fiasco.

We should all just be appreciative of the time and attention they’re giving to Sym, simply because it’s honestly the first time in forever that she has gotten any spotlight from the devs or the community since her last rework.

Not true. Many ways they could have made minor tweaks and made her viable.

A) Imagine if the old Sym beam ramped up healing when used on a teammate like it ramped up damage on enemies?
B) Imagine if the Sym beam had no ramp but stayed auto-lock with slightly higher starting damage but a long range so she didn’t need to get close?
C) Imagine if the photon barrier instead of moving stayed hovering like 2-5m away from Symmetra instead? She could use it to avoid being ranged down while getting just close enough for her beam to lock on.
D) Imagine if the beam stayed short range but instead of dealing damage would cause an enemy to be stuck in stasis while on like a perma stun but required Sym to keep the lock for it to work?
E) Imagine if the sentries instead of dealing damage would cause a stun similar to McCree flash and would refire once every 2-5 whatever seconds.

Any of the above could have potentially made Sym viable as a support without radically changing her kit or requiring a move to defense class.

Now, I am not saying I hate the changes, because honestly have not yet seen them even in PTR. Just saying that you are wrong with your claims. There were plenty of ways to make Sym viable without dramatic reworks.

Yup. Simply put, Symmetra is being deleted. There’s not one mechanic that’s moving from Sym to Hero 28. Don’t get me wrong, 28 sounds like a lot of fun, but why does Sym have to be deleted for them to be released?


I think the rework looks cool! But the proposed no more lock on beam is gonna make me have to aim now… rip my SR… Other than that I cant wait to test the new changes out!

What is wrong with tuning down overtuned heroes?

Did you read the first post or any of my post? Nobody, nobody and let me repeat nobody has said don’t change her. We just disagree on how to change her. The primary arguement of this post is that they have gone beyond changing her to the point they have removed what she was entirely from the game. We have suggested other changes that don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Even mercy’s changes which where big come nowhere close to the level of changes this suggests. They literally only changed mercy’s ult. Symetra is having her primary and secondary fire completely changed. She is having both her shift and he e changed. And her ult is completely different. This is not buffing symetra it is removing her from the game and replacing her with a weird dps zarya. That is he fundamental arguement that is being made.
For some reason the approach for reworks has been to make lots of massive changes at once.
I would prefer making one change at a time and seeing how that works. Throw the turrets changes on the ptr and then go hey does this change her enough to be viable? No ok we’ll add the next change now.
They did the same thing with junkrat instead of removing self damage and seeing how that went they gave him 2 mines and no self damage at the same time which was way tooo much and now he’s in a bad place and they’ve been slowly undoing it. Why not slowly change it in he first place instead of rolling the dice with 20 changes and then slowly reverting them?


Because now they can’t choose her as a troll/throw pick since she has actual useful abilities.