😡 Why are Symmetra players Angry at the "Rework"?

I think it’s because he’s just meta now for once, and like they do with all heroes, Blizzard just released new Hanzo 2.0 a little overtuned, hence why there’s some frustration now, because we are still in the fine tuning stages of Hanzo 2.0, so naturally there will be some concerns and complaints.

Guess we’ll have to disagree on that one. Sym is not effective in most situations in this game, which is why when people see someone playing her, they assume they’re throwing or not being a good team player, hence why so many Sym mains get reported and banned.

If you honestly don’t see a problem with any of this, then I guess we just see the game differently.

Your description of the situation looks like you are saying those reports are at least justified.

The anger towards someone picking a “bad hero” is justified. The reports are not, because reporting on hero picks is not endorsed by Blizzard’s own reporting guidelines.

So, if the problem is “people reporting others for playing a hero they don’t like”, the problem isn’t solved with a buff or rework. It’s solved by actually punishing people that false report. That’s why defending the rework with “you will no longer be reported” is not a good argument.


2 points. First, as a previous Zarya one trick myself, I never condone the reporting or banning of one tricks. I’ve always said that one tricking is at worst akin to selfishness, and that is not a justifiable reason to ban someone, so I’m against the way the report system works.

However, I disagree with you that the solution is to punish the reporters, rather than fix and improve upon the hero which most of the community doesn’t want on their team.

As a Symettra main, your perspective on all of this could very well be different to mine and others. If I were a Sym main, I would be in favor of a rework which makes Sym more viable in competitive play. I just don’t like her new ultimate. A big wall/shield doesn’t seem very original.

I didn’t even mentioned one tricking in my post. I was talking about reports for “throwing by picking a bad hero”.

I was talking about how the presentation of your argument seems to justify those reports because you show them in a good light, while the people picking the “throw hero” are in a bad light. It’s possible it was unintentional, which is why I tried to just point that detail out instead of accusing you of doing those actions.

Seems like I wasn’t clear enough on that, and for that I apologize.

I see them as separated problems.

If Hero X is unbalanced (UP or OP), they need adjustments. Those adjustments should be handled regardless of the hero’s popularity among the player base (although they can help decide what the devs should adjust).

If the community is filling false reports because they think the rule should be Y instead of Z, you need to either take the feedback and change the rule more towards Y, or clearly express and endorse rule Z and punish those that break it.The devs have clarified their stance on reporting players based solely on hero choice over and over again, and it didn’t worked. So, it’s time to bring out the whip.


It’s fine, I misunderstood then. No I’ve never reported someone for playing Sym or any hero, even Torb. While one tricking or playing off meta heroes can be frustrating, I’m not going to try and ban someone who paid for the game with their money. People have a right to play who they want. If people hate certain picks that much, they should stack up instead of harassing people for playing their favorite heroes. That’s my philosophy on that.

How about dealing with both then? If indeed they are separate issues. Why not improve on the reporting system and also improve sym in addition? I agree the reports or reporters need to be punished aswell for getting innocent people banned but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look at Sym’s kit ever, and figure out on how to imrpove her and make her actually viable for serious play. I think we can have the best of both worlds. Punish those false reporters (eventually) and also hopefully improve Sym’s kit, so people who decide to play her seriously don’t keep getting suspended by false reports.

I haven’t tried her on ptr yet though, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed this rework goes well and Sym players will enjoy her new iteration.

So is mine. :kissing_heart:

I’m fine with both arguments separately. I’m only against people using “you will not be reported for playing your underpowered hero anymore” as a justification for the rework.

Also, I had my own suggestion list for Symmetra. Lots of other Symmetra players had their suggestions in the same thread as well. And it’s really infuriating that the devs went silent and deaf on Symmetra for 18 months since her first rework, release a video where they say she only need minor buffs, then surprise us with a rework of this scope. No wonder some people are having issues with the new rework.


As you surely know Symmetra is the most situational character in Overwatch, any talented Symmetra will switch to another class as soon as she has not value, and perhaps will win the match with the second character, but get a stellar winrate stat for the Symmetra.

If I am not wrong Symmetra is my character with better winrate (in QP indeed) and I don’t even like her or played too many hours with it. Her winrate says nothing, unlike her lack of viability in pro scene.

If I were a main Symmetra I would be excited with this change, perhaps there is hope for her in the pro and high level scene. Not sure about it because I think she will face the same problems of short range classes like Reaper, but her kit will be original and perhaps players will find interesting tactics with the new kit. In any case nobody will whine in the future about her easy mode main gun, now she will earn her medals.

Not having many hours in is the major factor here. I mean, I have 100% winrate on D.va in comp right now, and I only used her twice to stall the point on overtime.

I know about the “swap after point A” argument, and while I agree it have an impact, I’m not talking about her high-as-heaven winrate here (where the argument might applies). I’m talking about the comparison between winrate amongst all tiers. If people swap off her, as long as everyone in all ranks also swap off, is not an issue here. And we have no data to declare how much each individual player swap in each match, nor how much each specific hero swaps off in each match.


I mean, i don’t really see the issue when Orisa has a support ult.

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they need to aim now

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The thing is, Symmetra’s kit was so wonky that simple number tweaks would never have made her a well balanced picked in any meta.

I agree man. I just wanted my favorite character to be better, not removed and replaced with a clone. A face and name we once knew, but a spirit now lost to time.

Okay, dramatics aside, I do wish they just found a way to make old Sym work, and I’m not sticking around for this Sym. She could be fun, but it’s not the Sym I fell in love with.

Still will make hella drawings of her though. She’s the best OW character.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look through that for sure :vulcan_salute: Out of curiosity, did any of these new changes come from that megathread full of ideas? I’m finding it hard to believe that people seriously suggested just a big wall/shield for her ult :expressionless:

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Because they don’t know how to click on people’s heads. 4Head

Speed-up alt fire, throwing turrets, and TP-as-ability were mentioned often there. But most of the latter two were also paired with a “secondary weapon” slot to hold her buildings, letting her with an extra open “action” ability slot. No one ever suggested her losing Shield Gen or Photon Barrier, since those were her most powerful features.


i’m a symmetra main, and i’ve watched symmetra’s gameplays even before i bought the game.

i can say she sucked, was very easy to counter. her abilities were very weak, and it didn’t apport much to the team.
i mean, tp from spawn is a huge help, but i’m talking about teamfights. she just didn’t feel right.

You say this like it’s somehow a bad thing to have characters with easy to play kits, or characters who don’t inherently reward mechanical skill over all else lol.

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They are mad cause now others players will want to play there little one trick pony.

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This is the great problem of the community. 5% of the playerbase puts its own competitive point of view as the only existing reality. Damn the rest of the playerbase for them. Damn if it is viable in the rest of the 95% of the playerbase, but not in the 5% of the playerbase. You just listen that it’s not “viable” in the high ranks, and only. And then they say that everyone wanted the changes. And instead of the devs creating a mega topic for rework, they simply decided not to create. Meanwhile, Mercy’s mega topic comes back from limbo for no apparent reason (is there anything else to be discussed about this?)

“Viable, viable, viable”. While 95% of the playerbase talk about some hero DPS is OP, and there is only silence of the devs. No news that these people do not get more pronounced in the forums. Have already moved to other games a long time. Meanwhile, 5% playerbase loves making a fuss to look like they are in the majority. For this, they are experts.

Being is viable or not only exists at the head of the competitive community. For us, casual, everything is viable. We adapt to the game (to say that “it is not viable” is a beautiful excuse of high rank to say that does not want to adapt). We do not have the cancerous attitude of thinking that it’s all about winning and being a pop star using ult teamkill to get PotG. We prioritize mechanics. We prioritize fun through various experiences. We do not consider fun this mentality of wanting only to “win, win, and just win.” If that’s fun for the competitive peoples, fine. But any change in the game affects both sides. And we’re being crucified and used to entertain people who think we’re the cancer of this game.
In the end, the problems are in the minds of the competitive people. And they want to force it to turn Overwatch into generic CS/CoD/Battlefield. And it is worth mentioning that this game is an FPS class hero. Not everything will be “viable” (winwinwinwinwin! JUST WIN!) In the competitive.

Well, it would be good, at least, they (OWTeam) to be honest with us casual gamers, that the game is no longer for us. Make a video and talk about it. Casual can be bad with aim, but it does not mean that we are a bunch of stupid people and we like be treated like cattle to gratify the game. If some casual player appreciates being cattle, that’s fine, it’s his choice . But honesty for those who think differently.

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But this to they. They only think about their own gaming experience, not about others. And that’s what OWTeam is cherishing. OWTeam used “to everyone” to sell well to popularize the game. Now they are using other features, such as E-Sports, to sell more and profit from championships. The “to everyone” has served its purpose and is sliced ​​and thrown away in the trash.