😡 Why are Symmetra players Angry at the "Rework"?

You are also comparing Symmetra on console to Symmetra on PC, and they are drastically different in survivability due to the fact that aiming is more accurate on KBM.

Something objective is factual. This is not a fact unless every single Symmetra player ever agrees with everyone else on the exact same topics. You can’t make opinions objective.

Who’s concerns am I dismissing? You seem to be making something huge out of small comment that is true for several people. Change is scary. It can be for the better or for the worst. It’s how you decide to cope with it that defines you.

That’s the final nail in the coffin. You’re scared. Everyone is! It’s practically a new hero! You’re afraid Symmetra won’t be Symmetra and that’s fine. You’re entitled to your opinion.

At the end of the day, this is a video game meant for fun. It’s not your way of life unless you’re a player in the OWL.

I don’t care if Symmetra is meta or not. I care if she is fun and effective to play.

Meta is fluid, what is meta today may be trash tier tomorrow. Evidence A: Ana. She was the cornerstone of triple tank meta, and now is pretty much the worst healer in the game because of a combination of nerfs, new heroes, and dive meta rising to the top.

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Just give the rework a try before going crazy. I heard about the reworks and Symmetra seems like she will be more balanced when the changes are up. Please at least give them a chance before you go on a rant about how Symmetra has been ruined.

Sorry, that’s simply a lie, WInston needs actually to aim a lot more, the target cone is simple smaller, no debate. And no, he will never kill a Symmetra unless he leaps , attacks by surprise and uses his bubble to lure her in the edges.

Yes, he tickles more targets, the only truth in your post.

Congratulations, you made me wrote a new thread so I can stop typing the same thing over and over again. Give it a read, if possible. :grinning:

You realize that they already did that and look how the hero is now. cough cough Trollll Pickk

Regarding people concerned if she’ll be fun to play… Am I the only one here who thinks she’ll be fun? Her new kit sounds like it’ll be amazing for doing cheeky stuff. Especially her Teleporter, which will let your team position itself without crossing into line of sight or getting onto high ground/behind the enemy team without them being able to do stuff.

Heck, just one cheeky thing I’m thinking is that you might be able to pull off proper flanks now, coming at previously unthought of approaches. Not to mention the projectile turrets letting you set up behind enemies without needing to physically be there or harass Snipers.

The changes feel like a -good- thing in my eye because they give Sym much needed flexibility. Her old kit felt a little too one note even when played well.

Not at all, I believe the proposed hero will be very fun, if they deliver all promises made. But then, I also find Brigitte and Torbjörn fun, but I know they are not played in the same way I play Symmetra. This rework is something I can’t see the Symmetra I played for two years on it. That is a new builder with hard light stuff, not Sym.

i’m honestly more worried about identity loss than personal enjoyment here.


Points at Mercy 2.0

That is why we are afraid of the rework.

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While I can understand it to a point, not everything has changed. She still is the only hero who can charge up by dealing damage, still has her charge up orb even if it works a lil different, and still has a teleporter and shields.

A lot has changed, but many of the basic notes are still there too, and of course her personality is kept in tact.

im a sym main and this is a lie.
winston doesnt need exquisite aim, but he does need more focus than sym.
sym has a 0.5 second of delay on detach, while winston has 0.2
also,his cannon doesnt do as much bending as sym does, and it only damages people in a 6 meter radius.
keep in mind that the visual effect during beta for his cannon was different, it looked more of an aoe weapon
the first thing people do while you ray them as winston is to spread out, so he doesnt ray many people at once. hes also incredibly easy to take down if he doesnt have proper support.

But also lost the autolock feature, which was the mechanic that actually justified the ramp-up damage in the first place. And I didn’t ran the numbers, but because most heroes only have 200 HP, it might be possible she simply don’t have enough targets to ramp it up to tier 3 now, because it requires 4 seconds of “no missing”. By that time, you dished enough damage to kill two enemies, and that is usually more than enough for the rest of your team to win the fight, so you only have to do cleaning duty.

Her orbs were a slower spammable Firestrike. Her proposed orbs are Pharah’s rockets. Its an entire new ability.

That behave in a completely different way than her current TP. It’s a new ability that share the same name/concept.

Again, same name, completely different ability.

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I’m not sure anything justified the ramp up damage to be perfectly honest, though I don’t really morn the loss of it. Lock on tends to be bad for players in general, since it doesn’t teach them basics of aiming.

Also, you’re forgetting it can ramp off of shields, will be fairly thick, and killing only two players still means theres four others as well. Not to mention the fact that tanks have more HP, and due to Brigitte and Torb, teams can have more than 200 HP by default. This is of course also ignoring healing done.

Its still a charge shot alt fire. Not entirely new.

Sorta, but again its not nearly as different as you’re saying. People here are acting as though theres absolutely zero similarities between the old kit and new one. Her kit is changed, yes, but there are definitely still similarities to her old one. Shes not entirely new.

On the other hand, you also reach a lot more players that contribute with other aspects, but that avoid FPS em general because they can’t aim really well. Symmetra isn’t the only hero that requires minimal aim, and being able to aim isn’t the final step in becoming a great Overwatch player.

We don’t know the final range of the beam, but if its close to Zarya or Moira, Symmetra don’t have the tools or HP to survive at that distance for long. Zarya have more HP and her Bubble. Moira have self-healing on her beam and Fade. Symmetra have ammo regeneration. Woo!

So, by that metric, Zenyatta balls and Genji shurikens are also the same thing, since they are straight fast projectiles with no gravity arc. Actually, cross that. They are more similar than the way Sym orb behave now and the way Sym orb behave in the proposal.

Maybe we can reach a happy medium point with the devs, give it back the piercing properties (maybe with reduced damage to pay for the extra speed), and keep the explosion only when it hits a solid surface.

I’m actually happy that you can still recognize Symmetra in the new hero. I can’t. Sorry.


No, but its a skill that transfers over to more of the cast than the reverse. There are only a handful of heroes with lock on. Even Moira’s lockon is less generous than Sym’s. And yes, while it allowed them to contribute, if for whatever reason, they weren’t able to play as that hero, it could lead to other problems. Especially if they one tricked.

Sym also has a team that can help her.

Zen’s balls can charge, yes. Genji’s shurikens can not. Though I wouldn’t mind that compromise personally. Its the sorta thing I was hoping Sym would have, or at least be able to detonate the shot manually.

I know, but its really not that hard. She has a lot of the core features that made her unique, sans lock on.

Not really. Even within heroes that require aim, there is enough diversity that the aiming style is different. The skill required to play a good McCree is different than the one to play a good Sombra, Pharah, Hanzo or Reaper. On hitscan, tracking x flicking is a huge difference, and on projectile heroes, projectile speed and arcing projectiles rarely transfer between heroes.

IMO, the only direct transfers on aiming are betwen McCree/Widowmaker, Soldier/Bastion and Tracer/Sombra.

Whole game concepts like team synergy, positioning, map knowledge, enemy reading, cooldown/ult tracking and general game sense are much better skills to work on, and are actually useful for literally every hero in the game. Aim as a skill is severely overrated in Overwatch.

I myself don’t care about the lock-on on itself. I play Torb and Orisa, I can aim if needed.

But by the way I see the game, I see five abilities being remade from the ground up, to work very differently than they work right now, and the only ability that kinda resembles her original kit (turrets) is also reworked to the point that all the knowledge you earned by learning proper turret placement will be deleted and we have to start from scratch again.

Which is why I think this rework is more akin to deleting Symmetra from the game, and giving Hero 28 all her cosmetics. If you can still see Symmetra on that hero, I’m really envious of you because I want to believe my favorite hero is not being substituted because people cried her out of the game.


The point of the rework is that Symmetra stops being bad.

She had TWO main flaws that prevented her from doing the defending (she should NEVER have been support in the first place since she was about zone denial…)

First she needed to farm her teleporter before she could do anything significant and get value.

NOW she can deploy her tele INSTANTLY and set it up like…you know, a proper builder.

Her melee weapon was never her main draw and the fact she needed to not get instantly dove on in order to farm her ult and be useful was the only reason why she is basically never used in GM.

Now she becomes more viable in every sense of the word, her photon barrier was basically pointless its cooldown is way too long and its not wide enough to warrant the replacement for a char like say…Reinhardt.

Also her new ultimate lets her actually set up a defensive perimeter where its relevant instead of giving her team a dummy you need to seek out and destroy.

Her orbs exploding also give her an interesting amount of crowd control and her throwable turrets make a good in-the-heat-of-the-moment placements.

I´d say the Symmetra rework is a good one, tbh.

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She still has a photon projector beam
She still has energy ball
She still has sentry turrets
She still has teleporter
She still has photon barrier

She’s still Symmetra for crying out loud. They’re taking every aspect of her and making it better / more versatile because in her current iteration she’s very very bad and countered by over half the cast.

She’s going to actually counter certain heroes now and give consistent support in the form of Teleporter for mobility to high ground and her new photon barrier will be AMAZING for team fights.

I’m tired of people saying she’s no longer Symmetra anymore, they’ve literally kept so many things about her the same, just changed how they work her identity is still very much intact.

The only thing that was removed was Shield Generator and that’s okay by me. It could be destroyed in under 2 seconds by certain characters and no matter how well you hid it or guarded it its destruction was always inevitable against good players.

Seriously if you think the new Symmetra is a slap in the face then okay. Sorry but as a diehard Symmetra main who loves her character I can’t wait for these changes. I thank Blizzard for going out of their way to make her viable and versatile and actually work as a team player. I’m really looking forward to her reputation being repaired over time and not getting reported just for picking her in comp. PLUS like I said Blizzard is trying very hard to keep all of these aspects of her intact. She’s still a builder and now she’s going to be a high DPS defense hero which is technically what everyone asked for since the vast majority of the Sym community was extremely opposed to her being able to heal.

So, if we give Widowmaker a rocket launcher, but name it “Widow’s Kiss”, it means she have the same weapon?