😡 Don't delete Symmetra, Make a New Hero instead #SaveSymmetra

Now i had to summarize the topic cause i’m not gonna read all these replies, but i seriously want to know if i’m the only Sym main looking forward to her rework. It sounds really cool and fun and sounds like it’ll still be Sym to me. I just can’t understand why so many liken it to “deleting” her.

Because they are changing all items of her kit, to the point that all experience you gathered in the last two years playing her will be wasted. You may have hundreds of hours on Symmetra, and you’ll be in no better place than someone that never touched Symmetra before. And that is a first among all reworks in OW thus far.

Mercy still had her beam and GA unchanged. Hanzo still have the same aim and ultimate as before. Lúcio only had to play closer to his team, everything else was the same. Roadhog lost the combo, but still had the hook, and his gun still shoots the same way (albeit with reduced damage).

You can’t use your experience with Photon Projector because the gun will require aim. You can’t use your experience with orb because the new orbs will not pierce. You can’t use your experience with Photon Barrier timing because the ability is gone. You can’t use your experience with Sentry Turrets because you will have only 3 turrets, and the ability to throw them will require learning new places to set them up. You can’t use your experience with Shield Gen placements because it no longer exist. Teleporter is so wildly changed that it isn’t even comparable.

That’s why a bunch of us think it’s akin to deleting her. If you truly don’t see any issue with that, and is excited for the rework, I’m really envious of you. I wish I could feel more positive about the rework.

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Wow, what an extensive list of your own posts you have there to support your claim that Symm’s kit defines her character.

When the devs made Lucio / Symmetra interactions, they didn’t think “How does her Shield Generator affect their dialogue,” Her kit doesn’t define her, her accessibility to disabled players doesn’t define her, her relevance in OWL doesn’t define her. All of that is fluff around an interesting character all on her own. If you really want people to appreciate what Symmetra represents, play and support whatever her kit becomes.

And if you really want her to stay the same, getting people to quote that aren’t yourself would be a great start. People trust in those who are already supported.

(And another thing!) We can all always relearn a kit. As if any of us actually relied on Symm skill to stay in high ranks anyway…

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Symmetra is a must pick on defence in really low ranks.

The point of the rework is that a lot of people don’t enjoy her design.
She takes up a lot of design space, and the idea of the rework is to make her more appealing to more people.

Symmetra will be stronger after her changes, and I hope you are still with us on that day :slight_smile:

Old Symmetra: Considered trollpick, hated by her allies and her enemies, clunky is the positionning of the turrets, her ultimate too easy to trade by any character in the game, no mobility and duel potentiel in high level
New symmetra: Mobility given for her team and herself, potent ultimate only tradable by Sombra, Turrets in fire and forget mode, still low dual potential against flankers but totally eating the tanks.

… Nah, really, let’s keep the old Symmetra, she’s good in her actual state and it’s not like the core of her character is flawed from the beginning, nyeh.

Sarcasm aside, Symmetra design can’t work. A proactive support without any healing cannot work if her utility is weighted down by construction. Look at Brigitte, even if she doesn’t have a lot of heal, her CC and her ultimate give her enough utility to be considered as a “Heavy utility support” while can also be considered as a tank/support.
On the otherside, Symmetra is clunky, her utility mostly relate on her turrets (And sometimes on her barrier which is a terrible tool, wonder why it was created in first place) while her ultimate is simply a fire and forget. It should have been the opposite!
The first rework of symmetra, i claimed it, was a mistake and didn’t helped Symmetra outside of making her more oppressive in low elo by the shield gen.
But now, we’ve a new rework and while she’s not a support anymore, that new variant of Symmetra is clearly more powerful but also gives more utility to her team! She’s clearly more in support in this rework that she was during her past two iterations, that’s crazy!

So no, i’ll happily take the new symmetra, forget the previous versions and happily play my sneaky sassy Indian who’ll be able to wype a team with ease now.

Oh PLEASE. Cut this rubbish out.

They’re helping make Sym a more viable (and ACCEPTED) hero choice on more maps. It’s a good thing.

Yes some of you Sym mains will need to work on your tracking (no auto-aim anymore) but this IS an FPS game so aiming is to be expected.

Sym isn’t going anywhere and save the dramatics. Thanks.

Or you can just accept it.

we have no idea what her rework will completely be like or how it’s going to play. we only know a few bits and pieces based off what the devs have told us.

y’all seriously need to wait and to try her out on the ptr servers where we’ll see EVERYTHING that was changed, not just one or two things heard about through the grapevine.

starting this weird “sanjay” campaign is, quite frankly, silly. there’s no way to form a complete opinion on the rework when we don’t even know what the full rework includes.

People who have spent hundreds of hours mastering Symmetra, already know that the rework is nothing like Symmetra.

How the rework plays out is besides the point when everything Symmetra in the rework is being removed.

It’s as if Blizzard announced that every time they add a hero they will replace an existing one.

That is just terrible news to people whose favourite heroes are being replaced.

But shes losing her shield provision. You know, that core part of her kit shes always had since day one.

People literally call Sym the “shield support”. Shields are as much as core aspect of her kit as the teleporter, its not right for the devs to remove them.

Even if they were just reworked into a pathetic +25 shield hp aura for nearby allies, that would be enough. But just straight up deleting the SG is cold.

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We don’t KNOW for a fact shield generation is completely going away. At this point it’s just hypothesized. Maybe her ult creates a giant barrier, but all friendlies within the barrier received 75+ shields?

Out of everything her kit has, it sounds like she’s potentially only losing one thing, but gaining other amazing things. Seems pretty fair. But again, we aren’t 100% sure until she finally is on PTR, which I hope is soon :slight_smile:

No, the rework is demonstrably a net loss.

The only change so far that isnt a trade off is the SG, which is being just lost. So if the proposed rework goes thru she’ll have one less ability

And it should also be noted that they didnt mention reducing the cooldown on the turrets even tho they reduced max deployable and in reserve, so she’ll have a harder time resetting those too.

We don’t even have any real data to work with yet. It’s QA 101, you need to actually use the product first before determining positives and negatives about it. We won’t know for 100% certainty until she’s out.

To deny that is a little narrow-minded. You don’t know if a certain food tastes good or bad until you’ve actually tried it.

You dont need to have eaten deathcap to know its poison.

Some of the suggested changes I admit sound great, and I am excited for them, specifically: New tele, throwable buildables, and barrier ult.

But some stuff is just a bad idea from the get go, for example, just dropping the Syms ability to provide shields, which is a core aspect of her character.

Another demonstrably bad change is the removal of piercing orbs. In fact if u check out the sym subreddit this is the change the community is most afraid of, because it destroys our ability to counter barrier comps. It may also affect our ult charge.

The only thing im on the fence aboyt is the primary fire and less turrets, depends how they are in practice.

Nope, Geoff was very clear it’s gone. Right, Geoff?

Okay, I did. It it was even worse!
I want my Symmetra back :frowning:


The best aspect of her was her ult and her orbs that went through barriers. Both are gone. Please do not speak up on something you clearly know nothing about.


And the lock-on beam. That was very good, too

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I hope we can get her back, there is little hope, but I belive that we can