Punishment for game crash, frustrated

To describe what I just experienced, “10 min queue, exciting loading music, then boom, device out of memory. Followed by 10 minutes punish time, and another 10 minutes queue time”. What a waste of my half hour life.

It happens a few times to me that game crashed recently, in roughly 5% of all my games. No matter how quick I rejoin, I got punished for losing sr and wait for 10 minutes.

I also browse while waiting in the queue, for some reason everyone knows. Browsing or watching video definitely affects graphics card usage. What else can I do in the lengthy wait?

I like to sleep my system when I’m away. Apparently this makes the system unstable, like un-reclaimable memory. Is it my fault to not start system from fresh? To suffer the 30 minutes in all punishment?

This is a very unwise practice if the primary use of your system is for gaming and not basic productivity. The sleep function for Windows computers is typically handy when you have to move a laptop from one room to another when you work on things like Word Documents or Powerpoint Presentations. When you use your computer primarily for personal use and entertainment, your random access memory can get cluttered over time.

A system that does not reset will not empty the data on the random access memory (by doing a full shut down) and that can eventually cause system instability and possible corruption to the data on your hard disk if you don’t reboot your system every now and then. It is always better to fully shut down your system when you know you will not be actively using it (such as going to bed).

This sounds like there may be a RAM leak or other resources on your computer is overloading your ram. These steps may help prevent this problem in the future:

This is also a common error if your system does not meet the minimum system requirements of Overwatch.

When you leave a game at the pre-game or the first minute of play, the match will cancel out (this is for the benefit of all remaining players in that match), and you will be penalized appropriately. Only if you crash in the later part can you return (but only have two minutes to do so without penalty).

As always, all crashes and disconnections are penalized as an effort to encourage users to correct any technical issues before attempting to return to play Competitive again. If the troubleshooting steps I have provided do not help and you are still crashing, please start a new post in the technical support forum or start a web ticket for more advanced assistance.