Pulse bomb nerf a mistake

People like to say this all the time when they dont play her. So often when going for a pulse you are blinking into the enemy team to try and hit it, and recalling right away. You cant just shoot them a bit before or after pulse, thats not how it works most of the time. And lets also not forget that most pros were sitting around 50% stick rate, while aiming for tanks often. Or looking at the ladder its 2.22 sticks a comp game. That is very low for how long games are and apparently getting a bomb at least every min. And even pre nerf on ladder had the 2nd least amount of kills from dps ults, only ahead of doomfist.

Also tracer has always been a bad pick at most ranks, and people didnt even complain about pulse bomb dmg till blizz said they nerfed it cuz it was doing too much dmg vs tanks, but I digress.

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Hanzo arrow does 70 instead of 75 so he cant do a 125 arrow, and then hit 1 spam arrow. If anything that would be the reason for the 5 extra dmg, also making it do lower dmg overall at 70 than 75.

Yes, but the problem now is that with a Brigitte pretty much everything on the team is a tank. So Pulse Bomb is just trash now.

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yeah because she can just one clip them. especially with her non existent spread at the range she shoots at.

So change your playstyle…?

If the stick rate is bad, how is changing the damage going to help that? Change the blast radius instead… Increase it by a bit.

75 damage would still keep him out of damage boost one shot potential and the rest somes up the reason of 70 damage, hanzo’s overpowered right now so he’s an easy one to make your point with but what about ana.

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Yes, 75 would not let him 1 shot, but still allows him to get 2 arrow kills with bodyshots only and without any discord or mercy dmg boost. As for ana idk why they didnt want to bring it back up to 80 and only left it at 70, even if it was 80 tracer can still take the 2nd shot and just recall once she is taking some of the tick dmg. Id take any buff to ana.

I agree ana needs anything she can get and on a somewhat related note i think these nerfs would be better for hanzo, i’m lazy so i’ll just copy paste my old post😑

Still not a fan of him ever doing 75 with storm arrow, due to the 125 bodyshot then spamming 6 arrows and only needing to land 1, that feels very cheap and leads to very fast kills. Totally on board with storm arrow having a longer cd. Id like his projectiles to not be so fast, but idk if they would do that, they wanted to make him more consistent, and that speed sure did. Maybe nerf it down some, faster than before, slower than current.

But I think the main nerf he needs is in the form of his leap, giving him that mobility made him so much stronger, and made heroes that used to counter him no longer be that good against him. 4 sec is way too short, id like to see it at least at 6.

I don’t think it would be cheap because the arrow speed would be slower and he would have a 10 second cooldown, besides plenty of characters have an ability killing combo such as: soldier 76 helix rocket primary fire combo, junkrat mine primary fire combo, mccree flaah bang primary fire or fan the hammer combo, i could keep going on but you get my point, also if a hanzo is hitting you with nothing but body shots their probably a bad hanzo and if their a bad hanzo it wouldn’t be that hard to dodge storm arrow and i don’t see much of a problem with hanzo’s mobility.

Edit: i forgot to respond to one point of interest, his arrow speed was fine before and it wasn’t even slow it just prevented him from being a long range sniper like widowmaker it was his only weakness and it separated a good hanzo from a bad hanzo but he doesn’t even have that weakness anymore.

there are silver level players calling it a bad part on the devs decision making but i think it needs to be undone and a possible buff to the radius i loved taking out campers with pulse bombs but i see the nerf is a way to protect campers and i know it can damage D.va becuase i play both Tracer and D.va as those are honestly the characters im best at

You do not kill anything with pulse bomb lately. yesterday still I pulse a grav with 4 people in it, noone dies on the pulse itself.

That is not what’s called doing fine. If you died to that it’s pure luck more than anything else. Storm arrow is better than Pulse Bomb, as is Shield Bash, Rocket Punch, Widow’s Kiss… There are actually loads of very short cooldown abilities which are more reliable and do more reliable damage than Pulse Bomb does.

Tbh it’s not an Ult at all. It’s just a long cooldown regular ability on the Ult slot.

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even they nerf her pulse bomb, she can still kill tanks tho


If you dont kill anything in a grav with a pulse is not because the pulse nerf damage, something was mitigating damage there or you stuck it on a zarya shield etc. Thats normal. No ultimate has 0 counters and just because you ult to a grav, you dont have guaranteed kills.

The hilarity is that now PB is so unreliable against small armoured targets that it’s actually more viable to throw it into tanks as part of burning down their health.

If they’d never changed the ability to get out of grav this wouldn’t even be an issue. Having grav be inescapable was a mistake. That said, PB does such little damage now that having nothing die to it in a grav is not entirely unsurprising.

You are overexaggerating and that doesnt help your case at all.
Once again, its not about the damage, a well placed pulse with no shields or mitigation will in fact kill a vast majority of the roster. If you dont, its because you didnt place it properly or it got shielded. Period.

Its still 300 damage, dont act like it does 100.


I’m not overexaggerating. The amount of HP, Armour, healing and barriers in the game make it a pretty trash tier ult. The fact that Bastion straight up survives it and Brigitte gets to tank through it (support btw) with her perma-armour is just ridiculous.

Have you tried doing that yourself? Firstly, tracer’s pistol sucks against armour. Secondly, unless you’re sniping her from long range in which case you’re not doing anything to the armour, you are probably in close range. And which character has a close range stun and 150 damage burst?

Rule 174 of Overwatch:

Tracers ultimate has to do less potential damage than an ability that Hanzo has on an 8 second cooldown.

Thems the rules.