PTR Speculation time!


PTR patch incoming next week! :tada:

What do you think Blizzard will tackle next?
What changes do you guys think we’ll get?
And which heroes are getting them changes?
What about that special surprise?

Feel free to post what you think it’s gonna come next patch! Will someone nail a change? We’ll see!

Important: Don’t overhype yourselves. We may get the fabled anti-GOATS patch or we can get a list of bug fixes for Ashe reaching unintended locations. :upside_down_face:

Edit: So far we’ve gotten these guesses for the upcoming PTR patch:

  • Symmetra Buffs
  • Reaper Tweaks POG
  • Possible nerf
  • Wrecking ball buff
  • Soldier Buff
  • Doomfist buff
  • Mercy healing buff
  • Junkrat Buff
  • Rally nerf
  • Pharah Buffs
  • D I S A P O I N T M E N T

And for the special surprise we’ve got:

  • Role Queue
  • Nintendo Switch Port
  • New map
  • UI Changes
  • OWWC Viewer for OWL
  • New skins + Skin event (Like Nano-Cola event)
  • New Game mode / New Arcade Game mode
  • E V E N M O R E D I S A P P O I N T M E N T

Edit2: Patch notes:


We introduce the next big new awaited feature : Private Btags
After the incontested and ggiant success of private profils this will make another big step to “protect palyers”

Buy lootboxes



Rally/Brig nerf
DVa nerf
Hammond buff (hopefully)


I think we’re getting the forbidden Symmetra buffs.

I remember reading somewhere that Sym’s rework was meant to make her a GOATS counter. But she struggles a bit with that because her TP’s deployment time is kinda long-- and she’s quite squishy …

I just want her to snag my wig hard.


Ok that got a laugh out of me ngl

All battle tags will be changed to ■■■■■■. Unless you consent for you BTag to be public, it’s going to be all squares.

Controversial. I like it.


Is there a confirmation somewhere of the upcoming PTR patch (sorry if I’m just blind. Just excited to hear it and want to make sure it’s real haha)

To answer the question though:

Reaper buffs:

-tweak/buff shadowstep: Lower voiceline range/volume. Lower cast time. Teleport is instant from cast location but still takes .7 seconds to load in at selected location.

-new ability! Smoke grenade: smoke obstructs enemy vision and turrets. Reaper gains corrosive armor piercing rounds while firing in or through smoke.

Sym buffs:

-Lower teleporter cast time

-weapon primary fire now has slight lock on

Soldier buffs:

-healing field increased range by 4 meters. Teammates gain added healing from your healing


-revert FTH buffs

-buff deadeye. Any target hit by deadeye that wasn’t killed is “marked for dead”. They can’t be healed for 4 seconds and McCree can see them, a la widowmaker ult, for said 4 seconds

Doomfist buff:

-people can no longer move as much after uppercut


-teammates see a sugarskull icon above hacked targets


No idea, but here’s a giant list of what I want to happen:
📝 Patch Notes for 2019, idea

Also this simplified RoleQ idea would be nice:
🌟 [RoleQ] Maybe 2-2-2 is the answer


That may be one of the lowest quality gifs I have ever seen.


Doomfist buffs

lord knows he needs em



Dude, would you stop spamming other people’s threads with links to your posts? So far I haven’t seen you engage in a single discussion, just posting links.



I have been known to discuss things on occasion.


Do you think the big surprise is a role Queue? I mean, i can see it happening but that’s gonna make the casual audience sooo upset.


I have no clue what the surprise is, because I know they are trying to rush out “something” this month before OWL.

That said, one of the surprises, I think it’s gonna be a port to the Nintendo Switch. But that might not be until at least March or May.


A new map. Maybe some new base cosmetics if we 're lucky.

  • Mercy
    Caduceus Staff Primary Fire increased to 51 HPS.


Damn that’s too strong of a buff my dude. Imagine if we patched that! Minimum 4 months of mothra meta.


It’s possible. Geoff said on a stream that role queue is a hot topic for them but I honestly don’t see this being implemented for another 2-5 months, if they do decide to make it. role queue will literally change how competitive is played so it’ll require a lot of play testing.

As for balance. I remember Geoff saying they’re looking into how much CC is in the game so possibly a universal CC adjustment.

But I’d personally like to see:

  • Mercy’s healing increased to 55hps (if not 60).
  • Sym’s TP is set up a lot faster.
  • Sym’s shields increased by 50 (100 health and 150 shields).
  • Moira can heal through barriers again.


Do you have any non-speculation evidence to back this up? Blizzard have never been quick on the draw with any changes, even for OWL.

The only times they did quick changes were for Bastion and Sombra, IIRC.