PSA: Junkrat is in danger of Dying


Little reliability? Idk about you, but junkrat seems to be picked in every single game…at least to me


Because I already explained it, because I am having other real conversations in this very thread. Just hang back, and watch for awhile.


I can’t believe that Tracer ult nerf. That is complete bullcrap. It’s far easier to kill a tank with a JR tire than her ult. I wonder when they will nerd all ults down to 300.


I’ve heard it all before. After every nerf for every hero. The heroes that were actually killed by a nerf was hog which got fixed and maybe bastion. This will not kill junkrat but you are free to disagree I won’t argue it anymore


Tracer has the best damage dealing kit and the best tank busting ult. One of those had to go. Be glad it’s the ult.


They do, though. This change makes is more difficult for him to land shots at range.

The problem junkrat players face is his frag launcher’s projectile speed. Because his grenades are so slow, there is a range at which landing shots depends on your target rather than you. What the frag launcher nerf does is reduce that range by making it easier to dodge his grenades at a distance.

This reduces his effective range, AND reduces his effectiveness as an area denial hero by making bouncing grenades easier to avoid.

I’m not a fan of the frag launcher nerf. If the goal really is to make him less frustrating to play against, and not make him weaker, it should have been compensated somehow. By something to specifically counter the impact to his issues at range, like a slight projectile speed buff or an explosion timer increase, or a “bounciness” buff to keep his misses in-play for a bit longer.

This is a nerf, and I’m not sure it’s supposed to be one since there’s no verbage to suggest the devs think he’s too powerful. Just frustrating.


But I would argue that Hog was never the same, and most people look at him with disdain. Mark my words, at 91 hours walking into this, it felt like garbage. I’m not the best Junkrat, but damn I flex enough to know how this is gonna interact with other characters. If I saw a Junkrat after this, I would not be scared of him unless his mines were up.


He is picked because of tire. Tire charge quickly and can pretty reliably get a pick, which snowballs the team fight. Junkrat’s primary is very balanced.


Feels like you’re overreacting.


woah, they actually nerfed junk? i uh. didn’t expect that. These seem like a lot at once, but then again i don’t play him at all.
Also I thought this thread was about killing him in lore fdljkskgj


Did you play it, do you main Junk? Because I would be curious to hear from another Junkrat main, and most of them are on PTR laughing about how bad this is.


As a master Junkrat main, the no aim thing is not true. To hit a Tracer or Genji that knows to dodge spam is very difficult. Mine will not be enough. Junkrat need to at least land a grenade to survive. With the projectile speed, it is very hard to aim. Now the projectile is nerfed 33% roughly the size of Genji shuriken, Junkrat is now free kill to flankers.


Might as well. Maybe this was what Jeff was talking about. Lol.


My point exactly, Junkrat is fine, even with the nerds. As a sniper main, it’s frustrates me to hear people complain about aiming, try 300+ hours on Widowmaker and 200+ hours on Ana. Sorry Junkrat mains, but just aim. Tbh you shouldn’t be at a long distance anyway.


Thank you. I’m not here being hysterical, this thread is not for non Junkrat players, this is a Warning thread to other Junkrat players. Be prepared as our boy Illadian says.


It’s a nerf, but like I said, it’s a nerf that’s targeted at his skill floor, not his potential, nor his ceiling.

He’ll still be able to do everything he can currently do on live, it’ll just be trickier. But if people think it’ll cut down on his major strengths, especially against Brigitte when she comes into competitive, they’re sorely mistaken.

These nerfs as a whole are targeted at taking extraneous strength from heroes. Tracer is no longer as strong against Tanks, but largely the same against squishies, and Junkrat will remain equally as strong against Tanks and being able to spam in chokes or other confined areas, but weaker in open areas and against agile targets.

I have a LOT of hours on Junkrat, and the nerf is annoying, but it’s really not the end of the world.


We’re going to reduce the range of Reinhardt’s hammer swing from 5 meters, to 3.5.

How bad would that be for Rein?

His projectile size is getting cut by 33%. While I don’t think this is going to “kill” him, it’s not going to be good. Junkrat already has issues dealing with the skinnier heroes like tracer, mercy, and symmetra, and now it just got even more difficult unless they’re right up in his face.

Additionally, he’s had problems with range since forever because his grenades are so slow and they just got 33% worse.

On the bright side, after this goes live, you will know for a fact that anyone who complains about Junkrat killing them with “random spam” will be absolutely correct. Except it’s not the junkrat that’s random. It’s the person QQing being an absolute bonehead and trying to actively tank grenades with their face.


Ok so when I was on PTR earlier I tried Hanzo and lucio, and figured I could imagine the tracer change, but I didn’t try junk. After reading this I went back and tried him.

If you can aim and were good with him before the “no self damage” buff you will be fine. He doesn’t get as much of the additional spam elims and damage he used to, but he is still effective.

I even managed to kill a Pharah out of the sky and rubbed it in :stuck_out_tongue:
“damn pharah you know they made those balls smaller right?”


I will try it this evening, and no, I’m not a Junkrat main, but I face Junkrats a lot, and the biggest difference I’ve seen between good ones and bad ones, if we ignore positioning because it’s quite universal, is the tire usage.

Now the bad ones will have trouble doing 120 damage by just holding Lclick and the good ones will still be good.

As for your question about killing my main:
I’d sure be happy if my main got more difficult to play after getting such a significant buff beforehand.


To back this post up a bit. Hanzo had a projectile speed increase. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in Blizzard right now.