PSA: Junkrat is in danger of Dying


Why though? because it is incomprehensible for junkrat? is he a storm trooper? xD


No, it just shows how dumb people are because they dont understand what leading a shot is.


He’s needs an ultimate charge increase.


So leading the shot isn’t aiming?


I can’t wait until I stop seeing the dive tanks in every game.


This… nail on the head.


Lmao thank the lord he is dying. The most tilting character beside prolly pharah. Like his whole character was designed to tilt the enemy. The voice omggg.


This won’t effect Junkrat as much as you think

Well at least good Junkrats that is


And that might be the actual case, god knows they dumped a ton of money in that pit, and honestly I don’t feel it was worth it, but who knows.


imo he’s in a good spot right now, they didn’t need to do what they are doing to him.


And like I said before, I don’t mind them nerfing his launcher, but I thought they would lower is actual damage, so he could still area deny, this is a bit crazy, and makes me think they don’t even know what they want Junkrat to be doing.


that is no way a [Edited by Blizzard] bad thing he needs to die I am tired of fighting his [Edited by Blizzard] in everymode its not fun to face it feels cheap if it scores you a win and should have never been buffed

the sooner he dies out the better

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What a constructive argument, surely you will will win over the masses with your plight of bad positioning.

Saddle in bud, what old Junkrat was doing, is now the domain of the new Hanzo.


he can turn a choke into instant death with a single clip atm he needs to die


I don’t think they nerfed I’m because people complained. O think they are trying to get rid of him and his spam so tanks have a place again, like Reinhardt. Everyone knows rein died out when junk was buffed and became king of spam.

I think they are listening to the pleas of rein mains not and tank mains to make rein viable again and have a place.

I just don’t think they’re ready to give rein a passive that everyone’s wants


News flash, that was by design. You go into a choke where damage is without a shield, you are expected to die. Tell me, where is the pity I am supposed to feel for the player that does not learn this?


but the shield instantly breaks yeah that is not design working that is abuse of broken mechanics


See, I don’t disagree with that. But the question remains, well then what is Junk’s role? Because he can still burst shield, so I don’t see how this gonna really help Rein because there is nothing Rein can do about it, where Orisa can just keep laying down shields.

But say this does help tanks, ok, but then if Junk is no longer about area denial, then what is his role. Blizzard seem to be changing a bunch of heroes, and it seems like Junkrat is gonna need a remake for him to make sense at all. His kit is all over the place in terms of what he should be doing, is he area denial with his main attack, ambush with his mines and trap, flanker with all of his mobility.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Junkrat, but I love him enough to know his kit is very inconsistent.


Tbh I don’t think its broken, his bomb just bounce a bit to much and makes to seem he’s spamming a lot of damage at once when he stops not it just takes a long time for the to explode.

And his bombs do the same base 120 damage no matter how far they go so shielding isn’t hard.

I think it just needs tweaking not the size because now it’s harder to kill and they’re promoting the spam mentality because you can’t hit a person easily


thus making him the biggest cheese hero in game