PSA: Hammond can transform faster than Bastion

Can’t find any cast time on his transform.

Meanwhile Bastion has a 1 second cast time on his transform (to a stationary target, mind you).

Now I’m not going out on a limb and saying that Hammond, er, wrecking ball, is OP, but rather Bastion is so UP that it takes 4 bullets to destroy 1 of Hammond’s mines.

Combine that with Bastion’s “can’t-hit-anything-beyond-2nd-dimension” spread, the need to track 10 M/S movement speed, and Q=area denied and you have another hero that Bastion sucks against.

Also, it’s funny that an instakill ult that takes skill has a longer cast time than an ult that kills you in 2 and is hard to destroy. :thinking:

In case you want to know why I’m making this post:

With the amount of time those 2 threads, alone, not counting all of the other threads attempting to get the Dev’s attention, have been listed point blank on the front page of these forums, but have gone ignored and unresponded to since March of this year. Name me 1 thread that has this much support carried across 2 megathreads, with a total of 620 total likes across just those 2 threads, and a combined total of 13,000 responses with not 1 of those being any of the devs.

At this point I’m drowning in my tears because I have no will left to help Bastion, because of the amount of degrading I feel compared to the effort I’ve put in to getting Bastion just talked about.


I simply cannot believe it by this point.

I am in Genuine Disbelief About how long this has gone on, without being addressed.

Am i expected to continue talking to the void, that i have since befriended?
I put my heart into playing my favorite hero, and… I have gotten More depressed as a result.


Hammond doesn’t do nearly as much damage as Bastion, and Bastion is not a tank that utilizes mobility.


generic “point went over your head”.jpeg meme.


At the required ranges, Hammond probably does more damage… And i’m not even kidding.
(Both extremes of super close range, and longer than 30 meters)

That, and at least hammond actually functions in the role he’s designed for.


Try debating the post and get mocked. Thanks, bye.


You tried debating a random point that didn’t have anything to do with the Topic at hand, and got called out for your lack of understanding, regarding the Original post.

Please, if you would Like to continue discussing the actual Topic at hand, we’ll be here to explain it in Extreme detail.


To me, Bastion feels really strong against Hammond. Hammond can’t knock him around, and his Quad Cannons are garbage against armor. Bastion can just hold right click and take basically zero damage from him.

Meanwhile, Bastion has an easy time shredding Hammond’s enormous, circular hitbox, even if he’s moving fast.


This is pretty sad to be honest… bastion is the weakest hero in the game for over a year now and torb and sym getting reworks and even rein but bastion? Nope.

“Bastion is fine because… I think he can hit shields? Something other than that? Maybe winston…”



I would say a Bastion who could transform fast and relocate too easily would be OP.

He needs to have a downside to all that damage he is capable of, and that downside is the need to be babysat by your whole team.

450 Dps at point blank range, with a bullet spread the size of Reinhardt at what… a few meters or whatever?

Reaper outclasses that dps btw.


You mean incapable. All that damage is wasted because of his spread.

Heaven forbid a hero is viable without everyone on the team agreeing as to what hero you get to play.


His downside is that he is immobile. He is utter garbage right now. Revert his sentry and give him faster transformation time and he is fine. Not good but fine. He is the worst hero in the game for a reason.


Oh yea… I almost literally forgot about that one.



And because of his spread he does just half the damage at 20 meters… so on the end he can’t hit anything with his brutal 400+ dps because… I dont know because Ironclad is almost useless… where is the upside for that?


Assuming he has an aimbot, and never misses half of those bullets, in the Strange cone he fires.

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Last time I checkt it was 76 the guy with a aim bot… Blizzard? Did you miss yo implement this feature?

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I’ve been in games where the Bastion was completely oppressive because his team did an incredible job of keeping him alive.

I’m not saying this is the norm, but imagine if he was a lot more self sufficient and didn’t need good teammates. You’d then have a character that singlehandedly destroys anyone entering his range radius.

All I’m saying is the lack of mobility forces players to think and predict when to relocate, and that’s the skill element. I really don’t think it would be healthy for the game if he was made more lethal, even less team reliant, and viable on every map.

It is a team game. There will always be an element of this. Even if you want to play Rein a team may choose all dive heroes, do you still play Rein and shield nothing? No, the team has decided what you get to play.
Only one healer on the team and you’re the last person left to choose? Looks like the team decided what you get to play again.

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NO ONE Said they wanted this.

Oh my god.

Do you realize how quickly Bastion is burst down in ANY 1v1, when alone?

No damn hero in this entire F-ing game, needs ALL FIVE Players on their team, to pick Specific Heroes… Just to be viable.

He wasn’t like that before.