Please Nerf Power Creep instead of Nerfing Defense/Support

enter mei consecutive buffs
enter hanzo rework (primary faster, better e on low cooldown, and he has a jump
enter doomfist and general boost in burst dmg abilities over the years
enter more and more cc per character being added to the game

almost every system in overwatch, be it shields (to a certain point in time having 2 tanks with shields wasnt feasable at all), burst dmg, hard cc, soft cc has seen general buffs. even heal with the intruduction of moira, the ana buffs to help her keep up with that.

compare the intensity of those systems to 1 or even 2 years from now and you got some powercreep in almost any role. dps was bufft bc tanks where to shieldheavy, now shields are nerfed, but dps is still in the old state.

thats the very definition of powercreep

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To everyone saying this is ¨completely wrong or doesn´t make sense¨ it very much does.
The buffs given to dps to deal with goats, and in 2-2-2 havent been reverted.
The reaper lifesteal specifically
Soldiers damage increase form 20-21 ( was reverted though)
An example: The double shield meta
When shields are nerfed it means less shield uptime.
But the dps´s damage was kept the same.
and with less shields more damage is going into damaging the
actual heroes and not just barriers.
Which means while the same amount of damage is getting outputted it just seems like so much more because its being focused on the team more instead of the shield in front of them and yet no patch had been made adjusting the dps outputs and in the same patch supports were also nerfed.

kinda forgot about those lol

Mei consecutive buffs that did nothing for years and are only making her a B+ tier hero used for the nerfed ability she has.

This is true, but its mostly the exception to the rule.

Doomfist has actually been nerfed more that anything, and he is obnoxious due to a lack of clear counterpicks, but thats just what happens when your latest hypermobile abomination is tankier that the other 2.

Its an hypermobility lacking clear counterpicks and counter mechanics issue more that powercreep.

The only recent heroes that have CC are tanks, though.

The only reason people are screaming ‘‘CC creep!’’ is because Mei has a decent pickrate in comp for once, and Mei dont like to think about counterpicking and counterplaying against Mei because ‘’:(((((((( Mei is unfun because she stops muh gengu plays’’.

Where is Bap’s hard/soft CC? Where is his burst damage? Where is Ball’s soft CC? None of the heroes that have been added relatively recently are nowhere near as overloaded as you think they are. None are anywhere near Genji levels of overloaded.

A lot of heroes have been nerfed over the years, and the only reason why ‘‘powercreep’’ feels like it exists its because people are angry that staple picks like Genji and Soldier arent the do-it-all heroes they were for years.

But the kicker is that none of the heroes pushing the meta are new, aside reworked Hanzo. Any new hero being played are just filling in for overnerfed meta symptom heroes, like Baptiste filling in for Moira.

It’s really not. If you didn’t say shields were nerfed then it would be power creep but even so, why does it matter? As long as a semblance of balance is maintained and general flow of gameplay remains relatively constant, why does it matter what the numbers are?

The other thing is… Powercreep only really matters in PvE games where NPC opponents remain fixed stats while player power increases relative to them, which can cause problems in certain types of games. In a PvP game where heroes are buffed relative to eachother, it really makes no difference at all. It’s a forum meme.

thats pure bs. increase in power levels directly influences how the game is played and what potential value a hero in certain situations is gonna get. balance is tied to metacomps. whenever there is powercreep related to meta or to balance, everything that is not part of this balance is gonna end up getting out of control. for example: if dmg gets buffed because shield is strong, you HAVE to play shield or damage is out of control (just a simple example, i dont say this is the case in ow, its obviously much more complex)


You’re talking about meta shifts which are determined by nerfs and buffs in general, or by introduction of new mechanics like 222. Powercreep is irrelevant.

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God this thread is so toxic

Power creep is real literally just look at soldier used to be a must pick at 20 damage then it got nerfed, now he’s back to 20 and is literally the worst hero in the game

Who cares? What is your point? That balance changes happened since release? Well good, the game would be pretty stale without them, don’t you think?

The fact is that time to kill has gotten so high from power creep that if u don’t play one shot heroes or extreme burst nothing dies

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Subjective and false. Try again.

How is it false when the meta is literally Orisa sigma Mei zen bap and Hanzo the reason it’s meta is because they have insane damage and so much sustain because if u don’t play sustain characters Or one shot characters u insta die Or can’t kill anything literal fact . Power creep is real

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Speak for yourself. I can kill with any hero just fine.

Because ur low elo it doesn’t matter down there

Subjective and false.

Ok ur a troll and brain dead good to know


Yeah, you’re not looking at things correctly.

Hanzo was always a threat up-close with Scatter Arrow being able to one-shot Tanks for a time in addition to everyone else. The issues with Scatter Arrow were consistency (as well as general consistency with Hanzo) and the inability to relocate as quickly and reliably as Widowmaker could. Reworking Hanzo’s Scatter Arrows to Storm Arrows and boosting his projectile speed addressed consistency concerns. Lunge was an attempt to address mobility, and while it’s not nearly as good as Widowmaker’s. is available more frequently. Hanzo’s generally picked more frequently due to his Ultimate over Widowmaker’s more utilitarian Ultimate. Hanzo isn’t strictly better than Widowmaker.

And you’re wrong about Soldier’s power. Largely put, he’s has remained the same, as have other damage heroes, but it’s becoming incredibly obvious to the playerbase that mitigating damage and healing support are so incredibly powerful and easy to apply that any damage-based hero that can’t kill a target in short order is pointless to pick.

It’s not that Soldier got worse or remained the same while everyone got better, it’s just that the flaws inherent in the design of Overwatch’s heroes and maps are becoming more apparent to the playerbase.

Until Blizzard figures out that combining Defense with Offense into one super group as Damage, and until Blizzard understands that Support shouldn’t be offering both utility and massive healing thoroughput, and that Tanks can’t be borrowing mobility options from Offense on top of all that crowd control and damage resistance and mitigation. This is the result.

Ever bother to take look at all the patch notes throughout the game’s history and note how often damage has gone down instead of up?

Players continue to mention somehow, someway that damage was buffed up to compete with GOATS, and never shown to be true. There are no strict damage upgrades for any damage hero during the GOATS period other than the adjusting the armor mitigation which has since been reverted.

February 2018 (before GOATS)


  • [Endothermic Blaster]
    • Freeze (slow) duration increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds
    • Weapon alternate fire ammo cost reduced from 25 to 20

Developer Comment: Increasing Mei’s slow duration helps her freeze targets that are particularly elusive such as Genji or Lúcio. Lowering her alternate fire ammo cost allows her to more safely use it without costing her the ability to freeze enemies.

  • [Endothermic Blaster]
    • Removed all damage falloff from her secondary fire projectile

Developer Comments: The goal of these changes is to slightly reduce the impact of damage falloff on mid-range weapons. While assessing falloff mechanics across the board, weapons intended primarily for close-range combat benefited too greatly from lowering their falloff restrictions. We also normalized a couple of outliers in that Mei had a long-range travel time projectile with falloff applied and Widowmaker’s automatic fire did not have any.

April 2018 (GOATS was in infancy)


  • Endothermic Blaster
    • Now pierces through enemies

Developer Comments: This change helps Mei combat multiple targets that are clumped up and makes it easier for her to keep freezing a specific target if another enemy gets in the way. This change also helps her ultimate more consistently freeze enemy targets, especially if they are near each other. Note: While her shots now pierce enemies, they still do not pierce barriers such as Reinhardt’s shield.

All heroes can jump, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about here.

May 3, 2018 (GOATS was still in infancy)


  • [Storm Bow]
    • Projectile speed increased from 85 to 100
  • [Sonic Arrow]
    • Cooldown decreased from 20 seconds to 12 seconds
    • Duration decreased from 10 seconds to 6 seconds
    • Radius decreased from 10 meters to 7 meters

New Abilities

  • [Lunge]
    • Press jump while in the air to leap horizontally
  • [Storm Arrows]
    • Replaces his existing [Scatter Arrow] ability
    • Hanzo can now rapidly fire up to 6 arrows that deal reduced damage but are always fire at full powers

Developer Comment: The goal of these Hanzo changes is to allow him to have new options and maintain his high damage output, while removing the frustration of fighting against the old Scatter Arrow. Hanzo is now much more mobile with his new Lunge ability, and with the combination of the bow projectile speed increase and the new Storm Arrows ability he can now deal his high damage more consistently than ever before.

May 22nd, 2018

  • [Storm Arrows]
    • Damage reduced from 80 to 70

Developer Comments: Hanzo’s Storm Arrows are doing too much damage considering his other changes, such as Lunge and projectile speed. This damage reduction will give Hanzo’s enemies a more reasonable chance to react and fight against him while using Storm Arrows.

(so less than a month and damage was reduced).

July 24th (GOATS was in full-swing at this point)

  • [Storm Arrows]
    • Duration reduced from 6 to 5 seconds
    • Cooldown increased from 8 to 10 seconds

Developer Comments: Hanzo’s new kit has proven to be a bit too powerful, especially his new Storm Arrows ability. We’re lowering the frequency that he can have this ability available to make it more reasonable to play around.

(Storm Arrows was again reduced)

Can’t find anything in the patch notes that indicate increases in burst damage. Doomfist still does 100 damage at now 1.4 seconds instead of 1.0 seconds and up to 150 damage in case of collision against objects.

Cooldowns were lowered for Seismic Slam and Uppercut by 1 second (still active today), and Seismic Slam also had a range reduction. No damage increases here.

Mostly from the Support and Tank catagories. Every new Tank has some CC-measure ability introduced. Orisa, Wrecking Ball, Sigma. On the Support section we have Ana with Sleep and Brigitte with Shield Bash.

Both Doomfist and Ashe (BOB mostly) have some CC-controlling effects, but are substantially more precision required like Sleep.

Triple Tank Meta with the introduction to Ana.

Before Moira… Ana was reliably putting out 80 healing per shot. It has since been adjusted.

Again, damage was being lowered even during the GOATS period you can see this in the patch notes. Cases of strict damage increases in Overwatch are incredibly rare with only two to three direct increases in its nearly four year history.

You guys need to start realizing that power-creep is not coming from damage output.

Reaper had souls originally that restored 100 health. Reaper can’t even life-steal for half that amount reliably.

17 to 20 was in 2016. 20 to 19 was in 2017 and 2019 saw it go back to 20.

There were no buffs to damage to deal specifically with GOATS other than a change in armor mitigation which has since been reverted. Tweaks were made specifically towards Supports (Lucio, Brigitte, Zenyatta) to address GOATS concerns.

All this is false.

Not quite true. Better options doesn’t necessarily mean something isn’t viable, just irrelevant. GOATS pretty much made the Damage role irrelevant, and even now, much of the cast in the damage role is largely irrelevant.

All of this is false, Doomfist hasn’t received more tuning down or tuning up than any other character and there are still clear counters to Doomfist.

Partially true, but Genji isn’t being played because he’s irrelevant right now.

Irrespective of Baptiste, Wrecking Ball’s soft-CC is in his mines ultimate. He’s largely unstoppable and the fastest moving character in the game (faster than Tracer, Soldier or Genji), who can bump and displace entire teams just by ramming into them.

Genji has never been overloaded.

This is pretty false.

Also incredibly false.

Only partially true. Meta compositions are largely player-based creations and not based on the overall balance of the game. Players can assume X or Y for whatever reason and completely ignore Z because it doesn’t fit in their perceptions.

See above. This isn’t really true at all.

They have since rectified a number of issues with regards to TTK. It’s still a problem, and that’s an unfortunate, but inherent flaw with the way Overwatch was designed and has been with the game since launch. Overwatch 2 will hopefully address those issues.

Mei doesn’t have insane damage. And this meta exists because that’s what the playerbase perceives to be the best composition right now.

Metas change with rebalances. Power creep is irrelevant to overwatch. Anyone who uses power creep as an argument for balance in Overwatch is brain dead.

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You quoted me so I searched my name specifically. I’m not reading all that just to find out what you want to say to me.