Please Nerf Power Creep instead of Nerfing Defense/Support

When I gave a damn enough about it, I used to frequently post all the changes from the Blizzard official web site.

I don’t anymore, because I don’t care enough anymore. This doesn’t mean the things haven’t changed like I said they have. Supports have lost power, tanks remained pretty much the same up until the last patch, and DPS have been getting buffs from day 1.


It is genuinely insane because you are literally not aware that you are actually asking them to nerf defensive abilities as that is what the actual power creep of this game is.

It honestly is

The game has had a substantial amount of nerfs more than buffs.

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Defensive options have gotten tweaks over the years, but it is rare.

Not really true. I can’t say it’s 1:1, but it’s definitely not that skewed.

No, not buffs. New additions, that is what power creep is. Sigma is a better Dva, Baptiste is a better… Ana… Moira? Idk, he is just crazy. Orisa and Doom are considered among the most busted and Hammond is basically a better Doomfist that is just more counterable. The new heroes are the power creep and all the excessive healing and damage mitigation largely comes from their designs. Remember the nightmare that was Brig? She basically ruined the game (and I did not/do not consider her to be powerful at standard levels of play) and Sigma was the nail in the coffin.

The game sucks because these easy mode new heroes that are upgrades of old heroes and concepts are insane. We have a defensive ultimate on a 20 second cooldown. That is power creep.

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No point even trying to prove it to him he’s too brain dead to understand


Mei doesn’t have insane damage but she has the best sustain in the game and has been overbuffed that is why she’s so good Because she can live through extreme damage that is also why reaper is played

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It amazes me how long Hanzo’s been left in an overpowered jack of all trades state, unchanged, while other heroes… namely support or tank, have been nerfed far quicker for what appears to be of less significance compared to Hanzo’s state.

What’s worse is the fact that Baptiste’s recent official mention was posted not on their own official forum, but instead on Reddit. Makes me wonder what purpose this forum really serves these days :laughing:, especially if you check the activity and see that most of the list haven’t signed in for a long time it seems :frowning:.

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Sure, new heroes often outclass old heroes and then new heroes get nerfed and old heroes get buffed and the meta switches. It’s just meta and balance shifts. Even if you were to describe it as power creep, it is still irrelevant. All that matters is relative balance.

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Sigma is a mechanically harder hero than DVA and its honestly not close. Baptiste is Baptiste; he is overpowered because he is overpowered (he probably got overbuffed). I do not think you understand how powercreep works, but it works when things keep getting buffed and the line of what is powerful moves forward over time.

However that has generally not happened. If at launch Genji was in the game right now he would be overpowered. If reworked Mercy were in the game right now she would be overpowered. In a world where power creep was a thing these heroes would not be overpowered because power would have reached that level by now.

For an example of powercreep you can go look at one of Blizzards other games Hearthstone. In the latest expansion cards were released that are outright stronger than cards that were nerfed only 2 years ago. THAT is powercreep.

He means that the characters that are being released are over kitted and can usually do what two old heroes can do as one hero

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I mean a hero like Sigma does too much but I would argue the same about launch heroes and the problem is that they made those heroes awful so there overloaded kits do not come into play. About 1/4 of the heroes in this game just have too large of a kit so when they are good they are too good.

No, you are using the forum definition of power creep. And it is a bad idea to listen to the forums opinion on power creep when they believe a hero like McCree is stronger than he was at launch. Hell no, all those tiny microbuffs to not make up for the old fan that shredded literally anything and anyone.

And beta McCree… Oh how I long for landing shots past 20 meters and not needed to land an entire clip.

Anyways, I digress, the big changes are what make power creep, not a game shifting. If the old cast was also improving, that would not be power creep because nothing would be left behind. Most things would still be viable.

No I am using the definition of power creep that existed for over 30 years since before it was even applied to gaming. The word has existed for decades in card game formats because of the use of printing cards that were just outright better than what was powerful before (generally to sell the next set).

The line of what constitutes what is powerful has not actually moved that much. You have heroes like Hanzo, Mei, Bap, Orisa, Sigma who are over the line and a great many who are far under it, but the line has not moved.

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Yes… Now you have the real definition… I think? There is clearly still some misunderstanding. But I am glad you are vaguely on the same page now.

Except literally most of these new heroes were considered garbage when they came out . Orisa? Was seen seen as a worse rein for ages, just a year ago people were still asking for buffs for her because she couldn’t keep up with rein. Doomfist? He got a huge nerf back when he was still on the ptr and for the longest time stayed a trollpick until he was finally fixed. Bap? Was considered the worst support after his release and got big buffs because of it later. Moira was considered trash because she had no utility, sombra was a troll pick at release, ashe and hamster were decent. Ana, brig and sigma were the only new heroes who really were op and meta defining at release but that’s a minority overall.

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I do not deny that this fanbase is not particularly bright. In some cases, the meta needed to shift in order for the character to be adopted enough to actually see play. The McCree firerate change had the best McCree in the world misrepresent the reality of the change. Never trust people, trust stats. That is my motto and it works most of the time. There is the Curious Case of Sombra. But you know, she is more the exception than the rule, I would say.

It has less to do with perception and more how these puppies perform when optimized. That is what influences the game and if it trickles down… We have a SERIOUS problem. Goats was a joke. I only had to play it about half a dozen times. Double shield? I played it maybe 3 out of 5 matches before I quit the game. I will not lie, upon my return, I saw it eased up a bit. Ironically it is more common now than toward the end of the patch, but I do not even care because, well, first of all, barriers are weaker. Second of all, people are not spamming the rest of the comp. They seemed to only get the memo that two barriers were meta. They do not even seem to know which two. Rofl.


nobody cares about playstyle in, for example, owl

if a hero is op or very good, they will be played

did we forget brig on release

sigma on release


except like, they are

soldier with 20 dpb was op back in the early days
now he’s at 20 dpb and he is considered useless for dps

are you blind??
the fact that damage which once was op but is now completely useless is the exact definition of damage creep (aka power creep, but specific to ow)

Power creep is a phenomenon present in any collectible game that uses both old elements and new ones. It is the gradual unbalancing of a game due to successive releases of new content.

Power creep is a process that sometimes occurs in games where new content (in this case damage) slowly outstrip the power of previous alternatives.

power creep The situation where updates to a game introduce more powerful units or abilities, leaving the older ones underpowered.

its still power creep

blizz also wouldve nerfed mei, doom, hanzo, and reaper but they havent yet have they

so what he says is false, which is exactly he’s the most picked dps hero right


he has a .75% pickrate out of all the heroes, meanwhile hanzo has a 9.71% pickrate

what a bot

your posts have basically said, no its not this, its this which isnt what you said so youre wrong

so tell me when any support’s healing per second increased around the goats era

and also tell me when shields got buffed and got more hp
because all i remember is shields getting big nerfs :thinking:

big talk from a private profile

no, we’ve identified several issues

you just dont seem to be able to acknowledge them

there is no point in anyone discussing things with you if youre going to say “why does it matter”

absolute 4head


complain that what other people say is subjective when you come out with

yeah that makes me annoyed as well


not with baptiste around, nothing dies with him :L

We’re not talking about OWL.

Nope. They weren’t wildly out of proportion.

I’m sure you’re trying to make a point.

That’s the opposite of damage creep. That’s survivability creep, which I explained before.

Sure, but so what?

I guess they are happy with their current state for now.

Ask the dude who said it, not me.

Nope, you’ve only identified one issue; “Waah my main is not currently meta and I refuse to switch”.

Because you don’t have an answer.