Please Nerf Power Creep instead of Nerfing Defense/Support

Well go do them. You are dismissed from this argument.

Its not their fault, be nice.


Great arguments guys. Come back when you can actually identify a problem, k?

Power-creep in terms of damage output does not exist. Power-creep in terms of healing and mitigation does, and it’s taking a while, but it is being curbed downward.

Power-creep as new heroes are introduced is where the problem lies - especially as new tanks and supports get introduced offering more utility, healing, crowd control and mitigation.

Ashe and Doomfist did not introduce anything new to the overall balance. But Sigma, Orisa, Wrecking Ball, Moira, Ana and Baptiste did.

Blizzard in general, has very odd balancing objectives when it comes to introducing new Tanks and new Supports that must include new utility options in addition to healing options. Or new damage mitigation options and crowd control options. Damage heroes don’t get any of this.


What if you’re openly pro power creep? I legitimately think the game cannot handle adding more characters without either creep or significant overlap.

Lol 76 seems weak with 20 damage per bullet because other DPS heroes are stronger? What?
The reason 20 damage isn’t as impactful as it once was when he had to be nerfed is because of all the additional sheilds, armor, and healing in the game since 76 was nerfed to 19 damage. With the introduction of new heroes and game tweaks.
It has nothing to do with other DPS heroes being strong.
If you nerfed all the DPS Heroes to be at 76s level, then every DPS hero would have a hard time killing enemies with long TTK’s because of all the shields, armor and healing that we have now in the game.


I mean everyone wants Immortality Field on a 20 second cooldown to get nerfed while there are so many abilities that can one shot you or burst you down in 2 seconds on a less than a 10 second cooldown…

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This argument would work, if not for the fact that since the beginning of the game, there is a tank who has had the largest shield health pool in the game, and until role queue double shields was never a winning combination. All support healing from release Overwatch until now has decreased in size and duration. Exceptions to this are Ana and her bio nade which has anti healing and Bap’s Immorality Field, which we could really just call poor man’s mass rez.

The only group that has increased in total raw power is the DPS roster. Most of which came during GOATS era. TTK today is higher then it has even been.


Except if you were to replace the first “it” with the word “Sombra” and the second “it” with the phrase “everything that is not Sombra”

It makes more sense.

I don’t deny Supports and Tanks have been a part of it. For example, Mercy was fine until Ana came along, at which point Mercy had to be buffed to compete, and that’s where we started down this trail, especially within the support roster. But power creep in general is an abstract concept about the overall strength of the hero, it’s not as simple as “slightly bigger numbers than the others”.

For example, Widow can one-shot consistently on top of having good mobility, but her close range was her weakness. Regardless, she left Hanzo in the dust, who only could really only oneshot since his mobility wasn’t really good for “heat of the moment” stuff. So when he was reworked, they gave Hanzo more mobility and close range power on top of his long range oneshots. Of course, that meant Hanzo is now better than Widow, even though the core power of their long range damage never changed.

And again, that’s what happened to Soldier. He was the best before, and now he’s in the exact same spot as he was before, but now virtually every single hero has been buffed to over take him to the point where he’s practically viewed as a troll pick. Hanzo got reworked, McCree got improved firing speed, Mei got her fall off removed, etc.

That’s what power creep does. It makes heroes constantly one up each other until they’re all out of hand, damage output is only a single way they can do that. Thinking about it strictly in terms of “Well we already have people doing 200 damage, so 150 isn’t that bad” is way, way too simplistic for a game with as many complexities as Overwatch.


Fact of the matter is Soldier was viewed as the meta shield shredder back in the day due to both his versatility and damage output. Based on that, Soldier should be one of the best heroes right now, in a meta literally about shredding shields.

But he’s not. He’s almost a throw pick because everyone else just does it better while offering more.

As I said, there is an issue of tanks and supports being crept up as well, and if we don’t fix that, this game literally can’t function. But people who deny that DPS aren’t creeping up in power alongside them simply do not know what they’re talking about, and especially with Supports/Tanks getting brought down a peg, the DPS who were buffed to keep up with them are now starting to show signs of over performing.

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So you’re saying shields and heals are fine but DPS has been buffed too much… then go on to say TTK is higher than ever. LOL…

Looks like someone’s caretaker brought them back from ice cream and let them play on the computer some more.


Looks like someone still doesn’t know wtf they are talking about. It doesn’t matter, I figured your problem out on my own. “I’m a rein one trick who refuses to adapt or switch”.


there has been power creep over the years for basically all roles besides tank (apart from sigma release arguably). i agree on reverting some of the power creep, but only on selective dps. hanzo, reaper and mei atm are by far the worst offenders right now. everything else is fine.

sigmas release and him replacing dva in every way is the only jarring problem with tanks right now.

I know that you can only see the pictures, and reading is fairly rudimentary for you so I will put this in a way even you can understand.

Orisa: Seventy-six hours
Mercy: Seventy-five hours
Moira: Sixty-four hours
Sombra: Sixty-three hours
Winston: Fifty-five hours
D.Va: Fifty-four hours
Bridgette: Thirty-six hours
Ana: Thirty-five hours
Zenyatta: Thirty-three hours

In my top 10 heroes played, not counting competitive mode, I have Four hundred thirty-six hours played on heroes not Reinhardt. Of which, only one of them is a damage dealer. Yes, I have Six hundred eighty-three hours on Reinhardt, but I also have an approximate Sixty percent win rate over that amount of time. I must be doing something right to have such a high win percentage.

A one trick doesn’t swap so often as I do. Just making sure you know that for next time, I am aware it can be tough for you to understand certain things.


Good for you. You’re still clueless about game balance and are still yet to identify an issue with the power creep in this game.

We tried. Unfortunately I don’t think you have the capacity to understand what it is. You saw a shiny new word and decided to have a discussion with people about it. I don’t blame you, its kind of cute watching someone…with your special abilities try to keep up. Don’t worry, I do not hold it against you.

Good job and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I would understand if you had identified a single problem. You know it’s fruitless to try because everything you say will be cut down.

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Soldier isnt strong because the strongest dps right now is Hanzo, who he has really nothing to do against, and overall he has no role or niche that is relevant in this meta.

Soldier quite literally has no business being meta anyways, because he is the newby friendly generalist and the only way he could ever be meta is by outright being overtuned because he has no niche beyond ‘‘throw ult to kill pharmercy’’.

Its a smilar case that when Mccree was useless and out of meta because snipers just destroyed him and cqcs werent even close to meta picks before that. And currently all 3 viable (rip Sym) CQCs are kinda just B+ to A- tier at best, which is why Mccree sees some use as a mid/close range specialist.

Factually, there hasnt been powercreep. What happens is that staple dps picks like Soldier or Genji arent as effective in a meta where Hanzo is king and CQC are picked to completement the nerfed tanks and the need to stop the oneshots coming from snipers.

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