Please Nerf Power Creep instead of Nerfing Defense/Support

The more defense support is weakened the more it enables power creep, which I find more oppressive than buffing defenses.

Stop listening to DPS whiners.


Power creep is a forum meme.


I’m afraid you’re gonna have to cite examples.

“nerf it but don’t nerf it if it’s mine” is the vibe I’m getting here


Easy to execute-creep needs to go down.
Which covers all-creeps creeping into the game which are too rewarding for the effort.

No example mentioned, go figure yourself.
Its not straight up 1 hero/ability.
The whole game needs a big look.

I kinda hope we’re getting basically a huge overwatch 2 ptr (the live ow game, as we play it)

Which ends in a better world at ow2 release, and the game is ready with balance, to start with it on a good balanced patch.
We still have time.


Power creep is most definitely a thing. For example, Soldier had 20 damage per bullet back in the old Triple Tank days, but got that nerfed down to 19 due to how he was considered to be an absolute shredder and one of if not the best DPS at the time.

But now? They literally buffed his damage back up to where it used to be and he’s still considered one of the worst DPS because everyone else was just buffed so much more. Powercreep is most certainly an issue across all roles, not just DPS.

That said, even though we do have Tanks and Supports, the whole point of this game is that players need to die. If we focus on letting the supporting roles go free and do their job of keeping their team to its fullest, this game literally can not function. I know it’s “oppressive” and “unfun” to have DPS that can burn through your heals/shields, but it literally needs to happen eventually.



also pro players talk about powercreep. the meme is continue buffing heros.

blizzard should stop the logic the “buff the counter to fix the balance problem”.


Power creep exists in every role. Look at Winston and Mercy, they have been power crept by tanks and supports. It’s not just Hanzo, Mei, Reaper, etc., it’s Ball, Orisa, Bap too, let’s not play favorites.


I know what power creep is, why is it an issue?

The problem is that sustain mechanics and spammable AoE heals facilitate the need for one shots. Once these are tuned damage over time will get more play.


I agree with scaling power creep back but Baptiste really did become overpowered and has to be nerfed for the good of the support roster.

Also, Sigma probably needs his damage scaled back to avoid being a better DPS than the DPS once they get nerfed.

The issue is that instead of fixing problems, we’re just adding more to the pile to hide them, which eventually just makes the game as a whole worse and worse to play.

Widow has always had one shot capability and that has never changed. That’s already the peak of power that no other hero can compete with. Until other heroes overtake widow in power, then powercreep is a meme.




Well that was a very concise and factual explaination… :roll_eyes:

Ah yes because it’s impossible for any character that isn’t tank or support to be overpowered, by all means it’s the dps fault


How about we stop blaming the roles that we don’t play…
Tanks blame dps blame heals blame tanks
This is so petty and needs to stop.
Stop being part of the problem with overwatch.


Widow and hanzo have counters they’re just unplayable from how strong orisa, bap and mei are lmfao


Meta issue, not powercreep.

Kinda is, widow and hanzo have gotten several nerfs already, they’re forced into viability since hps is too high for sustained damage to get the same value