Please answer the pleas of Symmetra mains

I’ve not seen them answer a Sym post since that one about how they were progressing with her rework. And even then the info we got was drastically different to the final product.

They’re throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping something sticks. They have no idea what they want to do with her and clearly give nf about her tick rate or survivability.


Oh Honey. Warm up the stove. Blizzard need some tea.

So. Symmetra. Almost in a fit state. However, another beam user. A Russian lady. The damage dealer of GOATS Was doing too much damage. So instead of creating individual values for armour they’ve made a flat change across the board.

Symmetra already does LESS max damage than Zarya. Now she’s going to do less damage against armoured enemies.

She already has poor survivability.
All we really wanted was a faster deploying TP and slightly bigger interact radius and you’ve gone and done this.

You serious? You’ve actually nerfed Symmetra. Symmetra who was on the cusp of viable.

You already treat her like garbage. She’s the only hero who has ZERO victory poses or highlight intros with her golden gun.

Her TP is still extremely bugged and can’t handle railings. Her base charge is pitiful and you need to supplement that damage with her turrets until you hit the first charge.

Now this. Now this.

You need to make your mind up. Is she a tank buster or not because right now you’re giving Sym mains conflicting advice. Maybe when you figure out what she is she’ll be in a better state.


I wish that worked for us Sombra mains. Usually we end up getting silenced or banned.

But not those Bastion, Mercy and Sym players.

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Sweetie, now is not the time for your soapbox. Besides. Sombra JUST got a buff which is more than can be said about Sym.


Not even a teleporter bug fix. Sad days… as usual.

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I’m just. Wow…

Maybe double check stuff? She’s only been out EIGHT MONTHS

Sugar plum,

  1. I’m not your sweetie.
  2. Sombra didn’t get a buff, she got nerfed after she got reworked.
  3. Please tell me when the last time Symmetra got nerfed? She hasn’t been since they removed your left click aimbot
  4. Symmetra has been buffed twice since her re-work.

Stop trying to blow smoke up people’s butts.

It ain’t working, and you’ll get no sympathy from Sombra mains especially since we have a lower pick rate than Symmetra.

P.S. You might want to talk to the GM crowd and find out what they think about Symmetra, because I can tell you the ones I talked to say she’s… and I’m paraphrasing here, “Stronk!”

But she does higher DPS than some DPS classes.

Last time I checked she was a support class amirite?

She has one of the smallest hitboxes in the game.

Learn to Aim her beam better. Not hard for someone with experience actually having to aim at something to kill it.

As I said before, she’s been buffed twice since her rework, and there’s no justification for a 3rd buff you are going to spew out at people and expect them to agree with you.

You don’t even know the mechanical aspects of the game, let alone your own character.

It’s not supposed to.

It’s no different than Reaper.

Or maybe if you learned the game mechanics, learned to aim, and learned when you should be using Symmetra.

You wouldn’t have the problems you do?

I don’t play Sombra on maps I know she’s not good on. Even though I’d rather play her 100% of the time.

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that other characters are significantly better in certain situations.

And before you go ballistic about what I just said.

Know that I am a 400+hour one trick Sombra Main. And even I will admit that sometimes other characters are better to use in certain circumstances.

By your logic, that means Sombra needs a damage buff, a hack buff, and an ult buff is that not correct? Since she’s not viable in every situation compared to other classes, and characters?

thanks for getting the numbers up in this thread :kissing_heart:

Though you might want to make a Sombra thread. This is for SYM

700 posts, Sweetie

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What world are you still living in, Klix. She got moved to damage class at same time as she got her 3.0 version in.

Not going to even bother reading the rest of your posts if you can’t even be bothered to do even a casual research before posting. It’s okay to be ignorant of new changes, but Sym got reclassed before Brig even became a thing.

You have no excuse for this grievous error. Even if you left the game for a while and missed that change, all it would take to see that is just play a single game of OW and choose a hero to see where she’s located, or at the least notice that the support section is still small despite Brig’s entry.

are you serious? it’s the most consistent qol fix that reaper and sym mains have been trying to convince the devs to implement: for tp and shadowstep to ignore railings lol. “it’s not supposed to” how do you know? are you a dev?

you know we can still put tp there right? except that we have to be super precise so that it goes on top of the railings, which would take longer time than it would if tp just ignores railings? it’s not like they have any use anyway maybe you’re the one who doesn’t know the “mechanical aspects” of the game​:thinking::thinking::thinking:


buffs can be insufficient/unnecessary. just because a character is buffed twice, doesn’t mean they’re now 100% balanced lol


Embarrassing very embarrassing


not our fault you’re not as vocal as we are sweaty

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nobody’s asking for your sympathy anyway so


I am not a Symm main but this stuff is infuriating. If you DO put it on a railing that is over any abyss there is a 50% chance one of your team who takes it will either step the wrong way or get “nudged” the wrong way by another tp-taking-teammate. Yay.

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