EU Forum Mod Appreciation

Rejuvithorn is awesome!


Saying to a woman “make me a sandwich” is the cringiest thing and I can’t believe people still think it’s funny in 2020, you can smell the neck beard through the screen.

On topic ya I love the new forum mod, always fun to see people get told exactly why they’ve been banned :grin:


Is pachimari still an mvp over there?

I can’t duplicate stupid ~WildPants

Yes! There are a lot of MVPs over there. However, I’m not sure if many are still active

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I appreciate this moderator too. Very vocal

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I thought EU forums were dead
that’s why i moved here

It is mostly dead. But it’s a much slower, chilled place. I check in from time to time.

They pretty much are dead. I am unsure why they haven’t merged the EU and US forums into one yet.

Because Americans would complain about the non-English threads that would come once in a while.

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I don’t know about that, looking at the general discussion posts over there all of them are in English

Yes that’s true. But there will still be people coming once in a while that do not speak English.

That’s why I never use them. They’re dead because the Devs never post there or speak with the community.

We have seen things like this, on the U.S. forums though typically from Jeff Kaplan himself when a player is called out, former Community Manager Tom Powers was equally helpful in such matters. Here are some examples

I once tried to apply for Overwatch CM, and while I was not selected this would be one thing that I would try to help provide the community, the ground level of relationship you guys want from Blizzard. That being said, one has to be careful to just call out anyone and has to be done in a way that benefits both the community and Blizzard. Of course, don’t get me wrong, Josh Noh, Josh Engen, and Molly Fender are all awesome people but if there is one thing I know about their role is that they are crazy busy.

There are dozens of different languages for different regions, to switch simply click the “:earth_africa: English (US)” link just above the Blizzard logo on any forum page to switch over to a different forum.

I wish they were a mod here. Would love that kind of transparency. It’s clearly understood what happened there and why. Even if you disagree with the outcome.

This. Dude deserved more credit and a better sendoff. Should be up there with Griffin Bennett on the list of cool ex ow people imo.

Just as an FYI, to my knowledge, Tom Powers left on his own accord to pursue other opportunities outside of Blizzard.

I still communicate with Griffin (he works for Bungie in a similar role). In fact he and I recently had a good exchange about the state of Overwatch’s community.

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By sendoff I meant that there wasn’t a display of community support here, even considering the nature of the forums as a platform I was a little surprised.

His departure was relatively quiet on the forum front. I only knew about it from social media myself. I won’t speculate, but perhaps that was intended given the fallout from the 2019 layoffs earlier that year (which he was NOT a part of).

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Heh…how bad are we? My guess is pretty bad…

Nope, about the perception of smurfing.