Plat Chat discussing why people on ladder dislike Genji

If I wanted to watch hAhA fUnNy rAnDoM humor I would watch literally anything else.


I agree with MrX. Genji annoys lower players because he’s jumping around out of their field of vision.

Even McCree players hated flash-fan McCree because it was just cheap af and detracted from the ‘skill’ of his primary fire.

Again, McCree players themselves complained about Machine Gun McCree because it didn’t feel right, though personally as a Tank I just felt he’d become way too much of a Tank buster.

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There were obviously some comments, but nowhere near the level of the anti-Doomfist, Hanzo, Mei, and now Genji sentiment. I remember this massive thread in particular:

For what it’s worth, my own feelings as far as Genji is concerned is that he shouldn’t get his ult so quickly, now that his base kit is stronger. :man_shrugging:

These fellas remind me of the south park episode where everyone goes around smelling their own farts, nice echo chamber they’ve got going.

“When a good genji plays against lower ranked players” - so smurfs? all the genji’s people run into are smurfs? But I thought smurfing wasn’t a big deal? Which is it?

“That’s why people don’t complain about widowmaker so much” - people have complained about widowmaker since OW’s creation. These guys spend too much time in their own echo chamber

“Let’s be real the hero is overtuned, the win rate is really high, the pick rate is really high…Genji is the most powerful hero in the game at the moment” - right…

What a bunch of nonsense.


Comparing the two, Ashe has: quite easy to land tnt with a lot of damage; auto-aimin Bob; mobility, including vertical; low ttk combo; oneshot potential when mercy-boosted. She has her own cheesy stuff and she’s more forgiving. People have reasons to rant about her. But she kinda slipped from that whine, and I just don’t understand why. I’m not discussing her or Cree’s or Genji’s balance state, I’m just curious why forums whinig about most of OP heroes a lot but Ashe seems to be an exception to me.

Ashe doesn’t hop on top of my meka to abuse fov mechanics unlike this certain ninja who never should’ve gotten double jump in the first place (kaplan regrets adding doublejump). And doesn’t deflect my own ammunition back at me if I dare to strike at him.

Then ashe doesn’t appear out of nowhere, silently and slamdunk me down instantly. I can stay in cover and avoid ashe and respect the sightlines like I can respect widowmaker sightlines, long as I back off from the dynamite explosion as well.

1vs1 against hitscans is fair, if I get burst down they earned that crit shot on my head. 1vs1 against agile game engine limitation abusers and bursty game sound bug abusers is not.

It’s not fun or fair that I have to fight against the game engine just to shoot at the enemy and try to keep them in my screen while there’s one character who can abuse it by pressing space bar on top of the enemy and just has to look down to kill me.


Yeah, but she’s on the same plane, you’re fighting her eye to eye.

That never happens against Genji, or Doomfist. You literally can’t fight Genji like that, because Deflect exists.

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Well I kinda get the stuff about Genji, Dommfist, Widow, Tracer. I just feel like Cree was ranted about way more than Ashe and he is kinda in the same category. He’s not jumping from nowhere and disappear, he’s just a guy with a gun, he shoots you, and then shoots more, he cannot run from a combat, he either kill or he’s dead. He has certain cheesy thing and so does AsheMaybe I remember it wrong or something like that.

when did i even imply having a different opinion is wrong or that “everybody likes the same things”?


When you mocked the guy for not liking the thing he didn’t like.

I think we intellectuals call that “checkmate”?


let me help you. I didn’t mock the guy for not liking the video, i mocked the guy because he said, “how could anyone sit through two hours of this uncomfortable mumbling with the occasional screech?”. what he said clearly shows that he doesn’t understand the idea that people enjoy watching such videos. checkmate? ok dude.


I’m just gonna quote this so it doesn’t change around later. Let you think about how reiterating what you said changed nothing about it.


cry about it. you seem super concerned about this post so ill let you have it.


That whole conversation felt really strange. They are (mostly) plat/diamond players who watch beyond Top 500 players play a hero that dominates in every level of overwatch. Then they say ‘well the skill ceiling is just high so it’s annoying because at low levels you can’t punish high skill mobility’. Which to me is contradictory. How can a character dominate in both gold and in OWL but still have a ‘high skill ceiling’? isn’t that a sign of the complete opposite? Like if you watch OWL most of the post genji buff games have come down to which team gets the most dragon blade kills (they don’t even use nano). Then the other team has to either burn all of their ults to stop it or just die fast and regroup.

Also ‘high skill mobility’ is a funny statement for genji because his mobility is his two passives. His double jump (press jump twice is now high skill) and wall climb (something that just happens with no player input). Isn’t one of the biggest strengths of Pharah come from the basic premise of it’s easier to shoot down than up? and with Genji you have permanent passive high group and a constantly shifting/rotating hit box. Something no other character has.


That’s only part of it. An annoying part, but every character in the game has something annoying about them. It’s easy to hate them all if they’re in every single game.

And that’s the crux of the issue. Balanced or OP, if you see him in every game, you just get sick of him. In the time I’ve played this game, I’ve probably faced Genji more than any other dps. It also doesn’t help that his players are the ones you notice being toxic/purposefully annoying. His reputation is bad, his players’ reputation is bad, his kit is boring to play against.

Tracer is annoying, too, but I only see her every once in awhile, and her kit leads to some cool moments, so I kind of enjoy playing against her.

Long story short, I think there’s a calculation between how annoying a character is and how often you want to see them in a game. Like if Bastion got massively buffed and was in as many games as Genji, that would be a nightmare. Genji is on the mid-high side of annoying-ness, and the extreme high side of pick rate(in my games), so he’s easy to hate.


And you cry about people crying LOL


Not sure that posting an OWL podcast would do much on here seeing how disconnected the two sub-communities are. People want to talk about echo chambers re:PlatChat/OWL fans in this thread but are actively participating in the forum echo chamber, both communities not at all being representative of the people who actually play the game.

They were talking about Genji mains who haven’t been able to climb because the meta wasn’t favourable to them, so they either swapped off or stuck to Genji and stagnated/dropped ranks. Nothing to do with smurfs


Genji isnt actually a problem in lower ranks as much as he is in high ranks. Hes probably the first dps to brake the 8% pickrate mark in GM and surpass Rein for third most picked hero overall and all that while mentaining a pretty high winrate to boot despite mirror matches.

People dont “hate” Genji, they hate the devs favoritism of buffing an average performing hero into the meta while leaving other heroes which actually need help in the dust. Genji didnt need a buff. They confirmed that themselves in January.

This is less about Genji as a hero, but more so about the devs not really balancing the game, but dictating which heroes are dominating on purpose, which they said they didnt want to do. A lot of backlash gets directed at Genji players who handle the situation pretty delusional and claim hes only just “playable” now.


Well those fast dashes, wall climbs and double jumps aren’t hard to execute, so they do offer a very clear advantage. It can be hard to combine all that with being accurate and securing kills for sure, but then if you’re evading then you’re buying more time to make up for that, and still causing the same frustration and distraction even if you’re not securing a kill. And unlike Tracer, you have full 3D space to move in, especially on more enclosed maps.