Plat Chat discussing why people on ladder dislike Genji

It’s basically the first segment of the show with a fun little forum callout - slight trigger warning for a select few of you.

2:30 - forum callout of people tweeting at Bren about Genji being OP which turns into a T-mobile ad

5:05-15:21 back to Genji/meta/Brig

19:20 - they kinda start talking about Genji being overtuned and how the game has changed back into something it was initially.


This hurts to watch. How could anyone sit through two hours of this uncomfortable mumbling with the occasional screech? I can’t even be bothered to watch past the first minute :face_vomiting:


I love it, but that’s because I watch a lot of their content and like their personalities and their chemistry.


bro theres an egg…

also timestamp for the forum callout pls

ah, yes. i am also an intellectual that cannot understand the idea that people enjoy watching others have fun.


I thought about posting this here too, but decided against it. xD

Plat Chat is great.

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I’m more interested why people didn’t rant about Ashe almost at all.


Ashe is a pretty honest hero with a basic kit, and is actually fairly slow paced. Genji is working on different planes, very quickly, which makes him hard to parse to work out what’s going on and where he’s going. It’s not surprising that he and Doomfist are hated so much for such very similar reasons.

I recall one of the casters talking about it the week before the Summer tournament, it’s just how fast they can be on top of you, or behind you, it’s very hard to follow - even for professional players.


Ashe was the exact same situation as Genji - a decent pick but off-meta that received a ton of buffs that weren’t needed and went on to define the meta as a result.


It’s painful to watch, give us the time.


Cause they jump from Ashe to Genji

Well I recall a quite a lot of topics about Cree being oppressive a few months ago.

She was a hero with the crazy good pick- and winrate and also played in OWL and forums were mostly fine with it somehow. But Genji is a different story. A ton of whine about him since the buff, but Ashe was there before him! But do you remember how the half of topicks were about how busted she is? I don’t! Like, WHY?

Machine Gun McCree or Flash-Fan McCree?

Ashe is fun to play and people don’t hate playing against her.


Both. Remember that brief Cree meta, after Storm arrows nerf but before CCnerfs? When blizz nerfed a lot of dps and Cree turned out to be better than others? He was complained about a lot. Not like Genji right now, but a lot. Then Ashe was buffed and flash was nerfed so he enjoyed it not for long.

I feel bad for people who watch this nonsense.


There were more topics complaining that people were going to call for McCree nerfs than actual topics calling for McCree nerfs.

Personally, I have no issue with either McCree or Ashe being top dogs because neither one-shot most heroes at range without some sort of help. Also, their more controversial aspects have been toned down with the Flash and Dynamite nerfs.

I lasted seventeen seconds.


Perhaps as an intellectual you could also grasp that not everybody likes the same things? I tried watching in all fairness because this is the first I’ve ever seen of them and I very quickly realized I find these guys incredibly obnoxious. At 2:25 I was basically like “please shut up.”. Then there was a two minute long t-mobile commercial.

To each their own friendo, I understand. I once had a similar affection for the Outside Xbox/Xtra crew. I can not stand these people however. Perhaps had I come by them another way, things might be different. This was a bad first impression.


It’s around 2:30 for those wondering.

I had to watch at double speed to survive getting there, I’m allergic to random mindless banter in between the good parts.

For reference, I actually liked Around the Watch, and the analysis and insider perspectives it brought.


I remember it a bit differently, there was a lot of stuff like “flash-fan is easy and unfair” “Good Cree has almost no bad matchups” “His ttk is too low”, “with his RoF he doesn’t require skill anymore” and stuff like that, you know the drill. And yea, he was nerfed, dropped in winrate, rant has stopped. But he was a hot topic back then and Ashe isn’t even mentioned that much, at least it seems to me that way. Even now she’s the second picked dps in most ranks and her winrate actually exceeds Genji’s almost everywhere! But noone cares, it’s all about green ninja dude!