Placing much higher in Open Queue?

I’m mid gold in Damage and Support, high silver in Tank in role queue.

Just placed Diamond in open queue. The only big difference I felt were the Roadhog and hitscan damage players being WAY better than in gold.

Is everyone placing much higher in open queue compared with their role queue SRs?


Low gold players are placing in diamond while me who belongs there have to grind it to get there from plat only because i had bad luck with trash team mates at placement. Feelsbadman.


open comp is not as smurf infested as role comp. hardstuck but experienced „gold players“ have the chance to be placed correctly for now.

„it‘s not your team/enemy, it‘s you“… lol


It’s… It’s almost as if all those comments about compounding MMR stats on comp, over seasons, were not reflective of your current SR…

Like, losing all comp placements and still placing the same spot you were last season.


That would make me happy :slight_smile:

The question I will pose is… Will these gold players continue to maintain the rank of diamond and higher if all of a sudden all the RQ diamond+ players start playing in Open queue?


If this happened then who would smurf in gold reg comp queue?

Lol… The point I’m trying to make is that people hard stuck in gold do not play was well as people in diamond+ or they would climb to at least mid-plat and constantly teeter between high gold and mid plat.

In summary it’s false hope that a gold player can play actually in diamond. Except possibly tank…


Personally, I think that Open Que is very exciting bringing back the old vibes. It happens to be that not many players know about competitive play in the arcade as many only press quick play or normal comp. There is also the relief that not as much smurfs are playing on Open Que so you would be able to rank up more easily if you are hardstuck in normal comp

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This won’t happen cause it’s a bad idea to play this game in a such messy state, especially for someone that understands the game at some level. I for example understand overwatch but I have poor mechanics so I can grind to plat on some roles with specific heroes that compliment my playstyle. But if I play on open queue with genji all the time I can’t do anything and the best I can do is gold. If I were a diamond I wouldn’t waste my time on open queue, especially as a support or tank. You can argue that being the exception playing tank in OQ can land you pretty far in a messy environment like that, but only in a week where rein is playable IMHO cause you can basically make DPS useless and tilt the skill gap of your team and theirs to your advantage.

On my other Mandalorian, which seems stuck at 1800 due to non stop idiot matches, I placed 2670 in open queue. Then I win the next two games and it shot me up to 2780.

My parter and I checked to see people’s role queue ranks, thinking maybe open queue people were being ranked wrong, but actually… a lot of current diamonds and plats for role queue.

So we’re playing diamonds and plats, and it’s more fun and actually easier than role queue comp at 1800? I think due to the actual matchmaking, or something is messed up with role queue.

I think open queue is a great place to be if you’re frustrated with role queue and especially if you want something that feels like a fresh start.

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Yeah that must be it


Im a 3100dps in 2 2 2

Im a 3542 as DPS moira in OPEN

I was placed higher & my have 20 win 6 loses , Most of the lose was because i forgot that i can change roles in mid game .

Gold roadhogs… 30% hook accuracy and more self healing than damage.

The reason most of players are stuck in gold is that they are given new players on their team to play with . A new player who does not know sheet is placed automatic in Gold to drag other players back to silver .


We all know you probably don’t belong in low elo but as you can see it’s not for you to decide… Once the matchmaker creates potato teams, you’ll have a bad time even if you are good yourself.

Just remove the ban system unless we are the ones banning, you know like every other decent game out there. Letting the OW team vote on them is so stupid. Some maps you want different characters banned. Having a set ban list means some weeks you just don’t play comp.

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Arcade comp modes are always funky. T500 players were diamond in comp FFA, I’m a low to mid masters player and I had 3 accounts in GM or T500 in Comp CTF (I was a TFC & TF2 player though).

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But I wasnt really complaining about team mates, that wasnt my point. My situation was different. If he has 15+ game loss streak there is obviously something wrong in his gameplay.

We can get bad team mates in our games, I am of course not denying that. Its happening and it suck. In my case it really sucked to have bad luck in wrong moment, because result from placement is highly relying on win/loss score.

I already climbed to 2900 btw :slight_smile: in open comp.

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