Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

The official statement does not have the same meaning as “its not coming back”


That statement still gives me (a little) hope. It’s too ambiguous and not clear-cut as many make it out to be.

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It does. It’s not coming back.

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edit: opp wrong thread idk how it sent it here

I have already fully clarified that the two statements do not mean the same thing

As such, I will not be continuing this side conversation on this particular item


That’s fine, whether or not you continue this side conversation, the skin isn’t returning.

People asking to bring back the Pink Mercy skin, to raise millions of dollars for BCRF, is like those youtubers filming themselves giving money to homeless people.

Do it off camera. It’s not about being charitable, it’s about getting something in return (YT-views/OW-a skin) which is really gross.

The event happened and I bought the skin, I don’t even really play Mercy, but it was for a worthy cause, so hey why not? I’ve also donated to BCRF before and after that.

Stop strawmanning by saying “it’s only really just about the charity”, just be real and say “I just want the skin”. We know it, you know it.


Pretty much. I no longer care if it comes back or not. I just want people to admit they just want the skin.

Cause some of the excuses of “it’s too hard to donate” (seriously this was an excuse somebody used when asked why not donate directly) has wiped any amount of “it’s truly for the charity” from me.


not at all

this is a simple request for a legitimate item to be made purchasable

no one here is trying to portray themselves as anything other than a player who wishes to legitimately purchase a legitimate ow-related item

Its quite clear that one’s purchase - probably in the 20 to 50 dollar range, perhaps a bit more - is by itself not a huge impact on the fight against cancer. It is only with many of us individually making this purchase that significant dollars are raised. Ergo, unlike the youtuber used in the example, no one player making said purchase is getting any glory, nor should they.

Is some good going to come from it? Yes

Is any one single one of us in the spotlight for doing so, as the example youtuber is? Not at all

There is no camera

none whatsoever

I dont see anything that can reasonably be called gross in asking to legitimately purchase an item one wishes to purchase

Transactions like this occur millions upon millions a time as day, all over this world

This is the same

The proceeds go to charity. Nothing remotely gross about that either…in fact, quite the opposite, it is a good thing

There is no strawmanning here.

One can want to help the cause and want the skin - the two are not mutually exclusive. The presumption that it must only be the latter is simply incorrect

again - there is nothing wrong with wanting the skin

further, BCRF and other charities have long recognized the existence of both groups A and B, and they happily work with group B to maximize donations. I’ve never understood how if the charities themselves are ok with this, why certain forum members cant find a way to even tolerate it


“No plans it’s coming back” just states that they don’t have plans to return it. Plans change, priorities change.



and this seems to be especially true when it comes to Overwatch.

Many plans have been made only to be undone or reversed

With Microsoft taking over, I expect we will be seeing even more of this


But what I am saying is that the Pink Mercy skin was indeed for a good cause and anyone could purchase it for a limited time.

I agree 1000%, there’s millions of things I want as well, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

And that’s what hundreds of thousands of people did! They donated during the limited time event and got the skin. I donated and got the skin as a bonus!

It’s a cosmetic, it’s there to be seen, and funny enough, not by you because it’s first person, only if you get POTG or are in it (or emoting of course).

They should bring back the event, but bring back a different skin. The Pink Mercy skin should be left in the vault. If you didn’t donate back then, well, maybe they will bring in a brand new skin, one that even the people who got the Pink Mercy skin could get something new while donating.

Much like the Twitch drops now, they are old skins from Ow1. The people that have them receive nothing from watching streamers.

Lets say 50% (just an example) of people already have the Pink Mercy skin, that means most likely those people would not be donating to get it, 50% of the people would be.

Now, if they added a Pink Ana skin, 100% of the player base would not own it because it was brand new. That would theoretically double their profits from potential sales with having a brand new skin.

I think if people didn’t get the skin while it was available, then that was totally on them. Whether they were on vacation, just lost their job, had an emergency that prevented them from spending any money, whether it was simply neglect of not logging in to the game during that time or a serious event that prevented them from obtaining it, that sucks and all, but not everything in life goes as planned.

I’ve missed out on plenty of limited time things, but I’m SOL, I move on.


These plans aren’t changing. It’s not coming back.

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If it was a Blue Mercy instead no one would give a flying F about the skin.

I have it, its not even that special. Move on.

the limited time was and is defined by Blizzard

they could bring it back every October (BC Awareness Month) for example and it’d still be a limited time offer

in the post I originally replied to, it was described as “gross”

which it isnt

at all

in the post I originally replied to, it was strongly implied that those who are askign it do not care about the charity at all

the statement that was made: “It’s not about being charitable, it’s about getting something in return”

no, not at all – it can be (and for many of us, it is) about both

I recommend that you read about Groups A and B documented many times in many Pink Mercy threads

again, there is no “camera” showing how player A gloriously donated a whole 15 dollars of their own money to buy the skin

Nothing at all like the youtube streamer example that was cited in the post I originally replied to

bring back what different skin?

No other charity skins exist, while meanwhile, Pink Mercy is ready to go

If Blizzard were to want to make a new skin - which I am all in favor of, sincerely - they’d need to divert dev resources from the incomplete and unstable game being called OW2. I dont see that happening in the forseeable future

But for sake of argument, lets say this hypothetical new charity skin gets created. I know of no good reason not to offer BOTH charity skins, as this would bring in a bigger bag of cash for charity than either skin would bring in by itself

I disagree, with my main reason for doing so being that last I checked, a cure for cancer has not yet been found. There is strong demand for this skin, and this means a significant number of dollars added to the BC warchest

I dont doubt that a new skin would bring in money

not at all

however, there is additional money separate and distinct from all other sources that is available if Pink Mercy returns. People will buy this even if there is another skin to buy

let’s not, since we already know that about 900k instances were sold.

That doesnt mean 900k people, as some bought the skin for multiple accounts

Of those 900k, some have left the game or been banned or uninstalled or etc etc etc over the 4-5 years since the original Pink Mercy offer
so considerably less than 900k

None of the newer players (those who started playing afterthe original event ended) do not have the skin. Including all of the surge of players who came for the free to play aspect of the pay to win game being called OW2

It needs be mentioned here that many of those remaining original buyers have indicated that they wish to buy the skin again as gifts or for newer accounts

Bottom line: the 50% estimate above is nowhere near close

as noted above, these figures are waaaaaay off, and many original buyers have stated they do wish to buy it again

with it already stated that the numbers in the example are vastly off, I dont see any proof here that this theoretical Ana skin would sell more than a re-released Pink Mercy skin. Ana isnt nearly as popular a character as Mercy. There’s 0 established demand, whereas the established demand for Pink Mercy is enormous. the conclusion made here seems based on an unsupported guess.

and of course, I’ve already covered the whole “new skin” idea. It isnt likely to occur, and it can be sold WITH Pink Mercy rather than INSTEAD OF Pink Mercy

I disagree

some players werent even playing the game at the time

the Switch edition wasnt even out yet at the time

and I dont blame anyone for choosing to pay for necessities rather than buy a charity skin. 4-5 years later, one’s financial state may have taken a turn for the better

with some things, thats true

If you dont eat at a restaurant that then closes, your opportunity is gone forever

stuff like that happens with physical items or date-dependant events

thing is, tho, there is an unlimited supply of Pink Mercy. As a virtual item, it could be sold to every single account in existence, and to every new account created each day thereafter.

with virtual items, one is never “out of luck” - virtual can always be returned/re-offered

as such, there is no need to move on in such cases


Given this change of subject, I am responding

Only a person who is one of the decision makers at Blizzard can legitimately make such a statement, and even then, only until Microsoft takes over the decision making

so - can you provide us with your Blizzard employee credentials?


Semi-tangent, but this might not happen given the UK and EU’s heavy stipulation against the acquisition.

But that is a good point. IF Microsoft does buy ABK, that can change the likelihood of the Pink Mercy charity coming back. They have far more reach and can influence more charities.

This is an opinion stated as if it were a fact, when it isnt a fact

this isnt a knowable thing

this is another opinion stated as if it were fact

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

many people have stated that this is their very favorite OW skin not just among Mercy skins, but among all skins in all of Overwatch

I accept that you personally dont find it special, but many many other players feel otherwise. the ~900k instances purchased speaks clearly to that.


Don’t need to. They’ve already said it’s not coming back. It’s not coming back.


You make a good point as well :slight_smile:

It is true that the Microsoft acquisition isnt a done deal at this point, but imo I believe it will get done, and probably by the end of this year.