Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

It was only u and one other user that took offense since you decided to completely ignore the context. Your logic doesn’t apply here since I cleared up the misconception. Simply saying “don’t use this word because I said so” doesn’t hold and is incredibly vague, especially when there’s multiple words that are used both positively and negatively. Hence why context matters

A derogatory term that is intended in a positive light by the person using it doesn’t make it a positive word

That’s not what context means or how context affects the usage of words

As stated above I believe it leads to unconstructive discussion

But once again I’m glad we could clarify any misunderstanding

I won’t respond further on this subject

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I’ll be honest, it seems like you’re only listening to respond. We agree that words have multple meanings and can have both positive and negative connotations. Example, calling someone a “man” can be derogatory if it’s told to the opposite gender. The term is only “derogatory” if it can only be used in a negative connotation. Which is not the case here. I used the word correctly, and it’s clear I used it with a positive connotation. End of story

I think that’s a separate topic and possibly a can of worms that we don’t want to open in this thread…

So I’ll leave that discussion for another time…



I have no issues with limited time skins being brought back to the game like Overwatch already has done because then more people have the chance to get them again but then I think it should apply to all skins and not most of them. Every OWL skin other than the Alien Zarya one has come back to the game at multiple occasions now and the event skins too. Pink Mercy are the only skin available through purchase in the game that hasn’t come back.


Holy smokes, that’s such a great colab idea. Nice fanart!

I write this message first of all, to make my topic alive and secondly, say THANK YOU! All of you, who write and somehow replies here - thank you so much! You are making the return of Pink Mercy charity event more likely, as developers of our favorite computer game see, that this topic is very popular and still alive. In my opinion, the hype near this topic is extremely important.

I still believe that Pink Mercy will return in the future, as Overwatch 2 is a different game, where MILLIONS of new players arrived. If they didn’t have Overwatch 1, they didn’t have the hypothetical possibility to participate in it (especially OW1, created after May 21-st of 2018). I think EVERYONE deserves one more chance to get this skin and help BCRF! Besides, this organization WILL BE HAPPY ABOUT the second run of this event (they wrote it in their massages). It’s obvious, because as many skins are sold and as many people participated in this event → than more money will be in the foundation for a good cause (more innocent live are saved).

Many gamers, say that it will be unfair for those players who had this skin form 2018! BUT!!! Blizzard can create a special gift for these people (like a special player title, sign, graffiti or something like that). Blizzard had a such experience with “a foundation” player icon form OW1. So, everyone might be happy: new players will help, save innocent lives and get Pink Mercy skin, and players who had this skin from 2018 will have something exclusive gift. What do you think about this idea?




Daily reminder that pink mercy isn’t coming back.


Thank good I was worryed for a moment :rofl::rofl:

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Pink Mercy will return when and if Blizzard decides it will return, regardless of how many forum members declare that it cant/wont ever happen


this is so cringe lmao


personally, I dont see anything in CB’s post that could reasonably be described as “cringe”

what I see is energy and enthusiasm - and both of these are very good things


Wouldn’t personally call people spamming about this stupid skin heroes. More like that one mosquito that hovers over your head but you just can’t land a perfect hit on it. It’s annoying and you want it gone, but you don’t feel like it’s worth the effort to go get the swatter.

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The more this pops up, the more people see how utterly pathetic this obsession is.


Thanks Aaron Keller, I was unsure until you personally confirmed it to us.


Ya do it for charity. Lets do some charity. Go charity!

so why are we keeping up with this insanity if it wont change anything

The reason for why they can’t bring back pink mercy is that the pink mercy skin most likely belongs to the charity. And I doubt a breast cancer charity would like to work with blizzard ever again after all the controversies. I love the skin and would like to get it too but move on please.

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many forum members have made claims like this one, but to date, no one has offered any proof that BCRF has any control in regards to a potential re-release

actually, BCRF has indicated in writing multiple times that they would love for this offer to return

Theres no need to move on

Pink Mercy is a legitimate ow-related topic, and this is a forum explicitly set up for the discussion of ow-related topics

Further, continued discussion of this topic helps keep the decision makers involved aware that interest remains strong in this skin even years after the original offer


as I said… it’s not coming back.